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*******www.Free-Photoshop-Video-Tutorials**** Learn how to create a realistic water droplet on your photos. Here we cover the use of the gradient tool, overlay blend mode, drop shadow and inner shadow layer styles, while using the liquify filter to achieve the desired effect.
8 Dec 2009
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Water Droplet in slow motion.
1 Jun 2010
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In the slowest slow mo video yet, Gav shows us the classic colliding droplets shot in liquid. Using a mixture of coloured water and milk shot at 5000 frames per second (200 times slower than real-time.)
29 Jun 2011
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Video from the paper "Bouncing Water Droplet on a Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanotube Array," authored by Adrianus I. Aria, Morteza Gharib, published online on ArXiv, Submitted on 7 Oct 2010: *******arxiv****/abs/1010.1351 The first two parts of the video show the impact dynamic of 30 microliters water droplet at different impact velocity. At low impact velocity of 1.03 m/s, the water droplet deforms upon impact and eventually bounces off completely of the surface of the array. At higher impact velocity of 2.21 m/s, the droplet breaks up into many smaller droplets and eventually bounces off completely of the surface of the array. The coefficient of restitution of water droplet at very low impact velocity can be seen clearly by dropping a water droplet on a slightly tilted carbon nanotube array. At tilt angle of 2.5 degrees the droplet skips off of the surface of the array multiple times without showing any sign of pinning on the surface of the array, as demonstrated in the third part of the video. The fourth part of the video shows the sliding/rolling behavior of the droplet along the surface of a U-shaped carbon nanotube array. The fifth part of the video shows the impact of two identical 14 microliters water droplets to one another on a U-shaped carbon nanotube arrays. Upon impact, these two water droplets, which come from the opposite direction, merge to form one larger droplet. All parts of the video were captured by high speed camera operated at various frame rates. The droplet was illuminated from behind with a diffuse halogen light. The droplet was dropped on the surface by at-tipped needle and the volume of the droplet was controlled precisely by syringe pump. This work was supported by The Charyk Foundation and The Fletcher Jones Foundation.
5 Jul 2011
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I saw this on the TV show "Time Warp" and thought that I could do that. Well it turns out that Noah and I could do it! I was a little surprised at how small the parameter space was to achieve a good series of bounces. Near the end of this clilp, you can see waves entering from the lower right. I think these are reflections of a low frequency sloshing modes set up by the initial droplet. The smallest droplet bounces off these waves and start moving off to the side. In any case it is pretty cool. The only issue is that there was some dust on the sensor (dark spots that don't move). The camera is a Vision Research Phantom v7.3 high speed video camera.
29 Apr 2012
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New Song! Colbie Caillat - Droplets (feat. Jason Reeves) Please comment!
4 May 2012
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High Definition Version: *******vimeo****/ssconcerts Shot at night on a bluff overlooking the Beach in Malibu, Colbie and Jason wanted to return to where they had written the song to make a simple music video for the song This Song/Video is NOT commercially released, you cannot buy it in stores or on itunes. Sorry If you want that to change let Colbie, Jason and their record labels know!
30 Apr 2009
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a cavitation bubble inside droplet
7 Sep 2009
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13 Jan 2013
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Watch in HD for awesome. Gav and Dan whip out their best globules just for you! This video shows you the amazing bouncing water droplet effect super close up and super slow. It's amazing to think that this happens every time it rains and we don't see it. Follow Gav on Twitter - ********twitter****/GavinFree Follow Dan on Twitter - ********twitter****/DanielGruchy Surface Tension Droplets at 2500fps- The Slow Mo Guys Filmed at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex
5 Jun 2013
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A.Donalds new tune "STOP THE PAIN" you can listen right now on my channel, from his NEW ALBUM 2010. AD official page *******www.facebook****/pages/Andru-Donalds/51919603506 WATCH HQ: *******www.facebook****/video/video.php?v=1063603626740 Taken from the singles "Mishale Remix" & "Tryin' To Tell Ya" © 1995 Capitol Records Director: Pam Thomas Produced by Eric Foster White Music & lyrics: Andru Donalds, Eric Foster White ANDRU DONALDS NEW OFFICIAL PAGE: *******www.facebook****/pages/Andru-Donalds/51919603506 There's many a day I ache for you We are oceans apart Even though my tears have dried There's an emptiness I feel in my heart (Come forward!) From the first time that I loved you I told you from the start Our love would come together If we could stand to be apart I never mean to break your heart, no The days I count without you I feel so all alone I see you in my dreams at night I feel your touch so strong I feel your pain and tears miles away I surrender my soul to you, dear Love you, love you Love you, love Mishale, what am I supposed to do Mishale, I never get over you Mishale, loving you is heaven, missing you is hell And I need for our love to be strong No matter where I find myself You're always on my mind Your photograph stares back at me Reminds me that your love's deep as mine Сoming home to you, babe Is worth living for, yeah My soul and eyes reveal my pain As my tears fall at nose I'm burning in The light is fading How much just I miss you
27 Mar 2010
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When a low viscosity oil droplet is laid onto the surface of a high viscosity oil liquid, it stays at rest for a moment before coalescence. The coalescence can be delayed and sometimes inhibited by injecting fresh air under the droplet. This can happen when the surface of the bath oscillates vertically. In this case the droplet basically bounces on the interface. We observe that the conditions for bouncing depends on the frequency, more precisely we observe resonance when the eigenfrequency of the droplet is excited. Lord Rayleigh expressed the droplet deformation modes in terms of spherical harmonics Y m. We present different experimental modes of deformation with the corresponding spherical harmonic model. In some conditions, a droplet presents a non axi-symmetric mode of deformation. That leads to a rotation of the droplet and to a horizontal displacement.
18 Jan 2012
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Sur cette vidéo on peut observer les différents modes de vibration d'une goutte de mercure posée sur un support en téflon! Le support est soumis à une excitation verticale sinusoidale.
7 Sep 2009
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Great Shot dont miss to watch
16 Jan 2010
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There is no virtual creation that can replace a real grain of sand or a real droplet of water. But while you are deeply immersed in the joy and the peace of Aqua Real 2, you will soon notice, that even a virtual world can be so real and so touching...
30 Apr 2009
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This device creates the illusion that a simple stream of water droplets can defy the known laws of physics. By controlling a set of flickering LEDs, the dripping water can appear to slow down, freeze in mid-air, and even reverse in direction. This illusion exists because the brain attempts to fill in the gaps between flashes with its anticipated motion. It is the same reason that your brain interprets the 24 frames/second of a movie to be in-motion, rather than recognizing the individual still frames . The credit for this device belongs to Nate True. You can learn how to build your own Time Fountain at: *******cre.ations****/creation/the-time-fountain
27 Aug 2008
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