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This man is so drunk that he probably needs someone to feed him as he is hallucinating to eat his sandwich even though he is just holding it in his hands.
19 Jan 2018
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If you come across a drunk driver next time, you should follow this path because this is the best and perfect way to assist a drunk driver.
25 Jan 2018
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As the title says a drunk guy singing to his pet cat
27 Jan 2018
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Watch out these guys playing and tickling each other with a taser stick in hand as if they don't even feel the shocks. It's only possible when you are drunk AF! and can't figure out whats going on with your life.
15 Feb 2018
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She had too many drinks at a birthday party.
20 Jan 2018
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Drunk native takes a fall off the roof lol ends just how you'd expect it to
14 Feb 2018
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Wait for it. The two guys on the scooter were suspected drunk.
21 Jan 2018
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Really don’t know what to think about this incident. Either they were drunk or high on drugs cause why the f*ck would anyone do that?
29 Jan 2018
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This human might be very drunk because there is no other reason for him to withstand the seagull attack on the beach.
6 Feb 2018
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You’ve probably seen wrong-way drivers in Los Angeles multiple times, and thought to yourself, “That driver is putting his safety and the safety of others at risk!” Well, you had a point. While wrong-way driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in Los Angeles – sitting somewhere between speeding and distracted driving – why do so many people violate traffic rules and drive against the direction of traffic? While the best Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles has established that drunk driving and marijuana-impaired driving can be major factors in wrong-way crashes, be warned of the devastating consequences and injuries that can result from a wrong-way crash.
18 Jan 2018
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12 Drunk Santa Claus brawl in the middle of NYC street Santa claus fighting with each other Santa Claus fight to each other Multiple Santa Claus fight in New York Santa And The Grinch Fight! CALLING SANTA CLAUS AND THE GRINCH *THEY HAD A FIGHT* OMG!!!!! COLONEL SANDERS FIGHTS SANTA!! (Public
21 Jan 2018
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** Finalist in the IndieWise IndustryBOOST Competition 2016 ** ** Accepted into IndieWise Film Festival Convention 2017 ** ** Trailer: Semi-Finalist of Miami Epic Trailer Festival ** The short film, Broken Vows, is the first short film to be written, directed and produced by Stewart Storrar. Wanting to pursue filmmaking as a career, this short film aims to be the first of many short films to be published here on YouTube (free to watch, any time, anywhere). With the short film having originally been produced as part of a HNC Qualification at the City of Glasgow College, it aims to bring you a crime, thriller and drama oriented story for your enjoyment! If short films like this one are something you enjoy watching, be sure to keep up to date with my upcoming projects. Will all that said, have a nice day and enjoy the short film! Broken Vows Short Film Synopsis: When you lose a loved one, what do you do? How do you cope? How do you handle it? For Sarah, it was her groom to be that was lost; weeks before their wedding. How? One moment of careless drunk driving by the hands of Colin. Now, a few months down the line, she does not want to wait for a verdict. She feels she has no other choice. She takes the law into her own hands... Credits: Written, Directed and Produced by Stewart Storrar Vanessa Guiliani as Sarah Aaron Clelland as Colin "Beyond" Composed by Ross Bugden "A Hero Steps Forward" Composed by Teknoaxe With a Special Thanks to Inn Deep Where to follow my work: Also on YouTube and Twitter - search for IGM Productions via YouTube and StewartS_Media via Twitter if interested!
31 Jan 2018
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