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It's the first humpday of 2011, and just to honor that we've got a show packed full of buttcheeks just for you. Tara and Max mourn the loss of a new friend, chat about iPads and iPad 2s, discuss Nintendo's latest innovation, and ponder universe with a He-Man videogame. There's also buttcheeks.
9 Jan 2011
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Bloodforge is a game about an antler-wearing barbarian killing monsters and using their blood for power. That sounds like a thing that could go either way.
28 Apr 2012
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There's a new Super Mario game in the works, and possibly another Rayman Origins. Batman: Arkham City has some new DLC and a Game of the Year Edition, and we wrap up Destructoid****'s reviews of Prototype 2, Risen 2, and Bloodforge!
24 Apr 2012
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If you don't have a special someone to spend Valentine's Day, count yourself lucky, because there's a metric crapton of games coming, including Twisted Metal, UFC Undisputed 3, Rhythm Heaven Fever and the long-awaited PC version of Alan Wake. Of course, the PS Vita's launch lineup is on the way too, but you'll have to catch tonight's Dtoid Show episode for the full story on that.
14 Feb 2012
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Sleeping Dogs is the upcoming Hong Kong cinema-inspired sandbox action title from Square Enix and United Front Games. Max got to go on a rampage in the open world, and he came away sounding impressed.
25 May 2012
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Aliens: Colonial Marines was being shown off at E3 and Max got a chance to chat with Gearbox's Brian Burleson, the game's producer.
14 Jun 2012
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At E3, Tara Long spoke to IO Interactive's Roberto Marchesi and his role as art director in the upcoming Hitman: Absolution.
17 Jun 2012
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This is gonna be a big week folks - it's GDC 2011! It's gonna be jam packed with news, so be sure to stay tuned to youtube****/dtoid and www.destructoid**** for more info.
1 Mar 2011
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It's Destructoid's sexiest episode ever! Well, Sessiest, anyway. Tara's out sick, but Adam Sessler's filling in. News includes interactive porno for the Oculus Rift, new Tomb Raider gameplay, and the top 5 sexiest Final Fantasy characters. Plus: Dark Souls II!
19 Dec 2012
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Happy Monday everyone. We've got a lot of news for you today - there's our last of the CES rundowns with some very lackluster accessories, the latest dirt on the 3DS' batteries and launch titles thanks to Nintendo World, and a relative TON of new info on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, thanks to Game Informer. Max also gets to talk about Jade and Goro from Mortal Kombat, so everyone's happy. In some sad news, Gearbox's Alien: Colonial Marines will NOT be seeing a release this year, thanks to Duke Nukem Forever.
12 Jan 2011
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Today on Destructoid, we've got a whole bushel of reviews for your enjoyment. Donkey Kong Country Reviews hits the Wii in a big way, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood exceeds expectations while Sonic Colors does not, and EA Sports MMA looks fomidable in the ring. In soul-crushingly depressing news, Portal 2 moves a little bit further back, and the cool looking Mega Man Online is slated to be a Korean exclusive. (BTW: If any Koreans have a couch Holmes could crash on, EMAIL US!)
20 Nov 2010
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Happy Friday everyone. No jeggings today, but Jonathan and Tara get to embrace their Super Meat Boy fanboyism with some news on Peta’s Super Tofu Boy and Mr. Minecraft as an unlockable character. Plus they chat about the possibly ill-fated Uncharted movie, the genius of Ms. Splosion Man, the potential wonder of an Adventure Time game, and the majesty of the vuvuzela. Oh, and there’s roleplaying. Everyone likes roleplaying.
4 Dec 2010
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Strap on the diapers and get ready for an ultra leaky Monday edition of Destructoid! Jonathan and Tara break down the gameplay footage of Killzone 3 that got leaked, ponder the wonders of an Android/Gingerbread powered Playstation Phone, discuss the beauty of a WoW Cataclysm dance party, and chat about Street Fighter, as usual. Also, Tara does her best Lara Croft pose, whatever that means.
7 Dec 2010
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TGIF! Jonathan and Tara prepare for the weekend by gushing about the reason they got into game journalism: Mafia Wars! They also talk about a bevy of cheap, awesome iPhone games, the official Playstation mobile app (not as cool as it sounds), the return of Conan to gaming, the declining ratings of the Video Game Awards, and a whole lot more. We've also got some eye candy in the form of Fallout:New Vegas trailer, and direct-feed Uncharted 3 gameplay! Tara was lucky enough to be at the Uncharted 3 event last weeks, and she shares everything she knows (at least for now).
18 Dec 2010
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Battlefield 3's Caspian Border map opens up to PC Beta players this weekend, but our own Hamza Aziz got to take to the sky on a few other maps. Also, we've got new details on Skyward Sword, an eyes-on preview of Max Payne 3, and much more.
8 Oct 2011
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Today on Destructoid, Tara and Jonathan take a look at some boobs outside New Vegas, check out the new Tomb Raider co-op DLC, and examine the newfound feminine presence in Call of Duty. Plus, they break down the latest on that crazy Playstation Phone you’ve heard so much about. It’s a humpday Dtoid special, so lets all get naked patches!
28 Oct 2010
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