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Convert DVB-S or DVB-S2 to Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) with this DVB-T headend... and watch everything with a single DTT decoder! Convert also from ASI-TS, analogue sources or DTT. Digital to Digital conversion: preserves 100% original quality. Designed for hotels, hospitals, etc. *******www.promaxelectronics****/ing/products/fichaprod.asp?product=DigitalToTV
28 Feb 2009
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14 Apr 2011
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A video demo of customized closed captioning on the Zenith DTT 900 digital converter box.
16 Jun 2008
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See the full interview in high quality here: wounds, rabid bats, decrepit corpses and oozing crevasses, welcome in the macabre world of Studio DDT, a Barcelona based company that produces state-of-the-art special effects. It is run now by David Marti and Montse Ribe. They experienced some terrifying times but managed to claw their way back to life. Now, they are responsible for one of the most mind-boggling characters in special effects, El Fauno, from Pan's Labyrinth. But that's not the only terrifying specimen these creative geniuses have spawned. Their past is filled with such freighting successes as Darkness and the American breakthrough, Hellboy. Can you recall the horrors of Darkness? Do you have visions of Hellboys hair-raising face? As you can imagine Montse is no stranger to hard work and doesn't shy away from a challenge. She started out as a student at DDT's school, and now runs the place. Of course, she still actually gets her hands dirty, working on the make-up, costumes, masks and props. "I always liked to draw fantasy figures and imagine them. And I always wished that they were real and that I could talk to them. The only way to see and touch them and talk to them is by doing this kind of work." All their hard work paid off. Having received an Oscar for Pan's Labyrinth, Montse goes on to say; "We really suffered, as it was very difficult and we had very little time. And we didn't have a very large budget. We really didn't expect to get an Oscar for this movie. For every movie we gave all we had, always trying to do the best we can. But we never thought that a movie made here in Spain would ever make us win an Oscar. So all that suffering has been forgotten." As wonderful as this al sounds, DTT Efectos Especiales does suffer from one foul flaw. "We have this small defect, which is fine for directors but not for us, as we always do more than they pay us for. We do it because we really like it and we want to make the director as happy as possible. So we always go a little bit further. It's not wise from a business point of view. But on the other hand it makes us happier." It's made us happier too. Note to future directors: Don't dare exploit DDT's goodwill. They have an army of very scary creatures so beware. See the full interview in high quality here:
4 Sep 2009
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*******www.workingwithautism****/ Our staff of licensed, certified therapists have several years of experience working with families of autistic children in Santa Clarita. Each of our programs is customized to meet the needs of your son our daughter. Through Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Discrete Trial Training (DTT) we reduce and eliminate maladaptive behaviors while introducing, new and socially acceptable behaviors.
31 Dec 2012
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Sigla di apertura dell'ultima serie, in ordine di tempo, dedicata ai personaggi creati nel 1940 da William Hanna e Joseph Barbera. Attualmente in onda sul canale analogico/DTT Rai2.
12 Nov 2009
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General promotions and in-vision presentation from The Breakfast Show on CBBC One and CBBC Choice from 2001, with Ana Boulter, Michael Underwood and the lovely Adrian Dickson. CBBC on BBC ONE and BBC TWO was a mixture of both younger and older childrens' programming, reflected in the presenters' style and some of the presentation identity. CBBC on BBC CHOICE (now BBC THREE) between 6am and 7pm was entirely programming for younger children. The mixed CBBC was split in March 2002 into the brands of "CBeebies" (ages 0-6) and "CBBC" (ages 6+). CBBC on Choice left the BBC CHOICE channel and effectively became the CBeebies Channel, whilst a new CBBC Channel was created for older children. BBC Choice later went on to become BBC THREE, whilst BBC Knowledge was replaced by BBC FOUR at the same time as the CBBC/CBeebies changes. On DTT (ITV Digital at the time, now Freeview), CBBC shares bandwidth with BBC THREE whilst CBeebies shares bandwidth with BBC FOUR. For review and critical usage only, rights respected under UK regulation. C'right 2001 British Broadcasting Corporation
7 Dec 2009
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*******www.facebook****/pages/Carilho90-football-Tutorials/142038829161063 The seventeenth installment of the DTT series. A bunch of useful skills, have fun practicing!
7 Nov 2011
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The next installment in the DTT series. A lot better than its precedor. Features tricks from Ronaldinho, C. Ronaldo and others
23 Jul 2012
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Dribble Tricks Tutorial 19: ******* Here it is fellas! DTT 14, containing of skills requested by other YouTube users. If you see any fancy trick on TV or on the net and need me to break it down, hit me up and I'll see what I can do :) Thanks for all the support you're showing me, never thought I'd get so many subscribers! Really hope I can help you all to step up your game a bit.
2 Nov 2014
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