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Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more. Four frequency band GSM/GPRS multimedia cell phone with dual SIM, TV and FM radio, dual memory cards, and comfort keyboard as its signature features. Have you previously been frustrated with the small screen size and limited memory available in todays PIM style cellphones? Having a crisp 2.8 inch WQVGA display and built in stereo speakers, this is one functional mobile fun that deserves to be recognized for its sharp design. And if you are a fan of text messaging, then the keyboard on this phone is going to be the answer to your prayers. With native quad-band GSM capability to keep you connected all around the world and dual SIM slots (with dual standby) allowing you to have two phone numbers in the same phone, its like you can have two full featured PIM cell phones packed into one! Did we say full featured? Let us tell you what you get with this mobile phone; analog TV receiver, FM radio receiver, MP3/MP4 player, digital camera and video recorder, image viewer, portable file storage (two micro SD cards included), Ebook reader, and sound recorder. This global use cellular phone is proudly brought direct to you at a low wholesale price, order your stock today and prepare for the amount of interested customers you will get with this beauty. At a Glance... ■Great quad band cell phone and digital life device. ■Dual SIM cellphone with dual standby. ■Built in TV and FM Tuners. ■Nice touchscreen and keypad for texting and messaging. Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more.
9 Jun 2010
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Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more. Touchscreen Dual SIM Dual Band GSM Cellphone + MSN and DVB-T. Enjoy DVB-T digital TV and MSN chatting right on your cellphone! Have your ever wanted to watch digital TV on your mobile phone? Well the dream of watching TV on your cell phone is now reality! This phone plays crystal clear digital TV in the DVB-T format used widely in Europe, Africa and China. Enjoy full-screen football, news, and your favorite shows in high definition, all in the palm of your hand. This phone is also a powerful communication device one step ahead of the competition. With pre- installed MSN messenger, so you can keep chatting even when you're away from your computer. It also has robust text and media messaging (SMS and MMS) via the touch screen interface or keypad. In addition, the dual SIM card slots with dual standby let you enjoy having two phone numbers on one phone. And its Bluetooth functionality gives you the convenience of handsfree calling. When you're not watching digital TV or chatting on MSN, you can capture pictures and videos with the built-in digital camera. Enjoy all your favorite multimedia files with the music and video player. You can even tune in to FM radio! Cutting edge technology and factory direct pricing make this phone guaranteed to sell quickly! Buy one today and be the first of your friends to have digital TV on your phone. Then order in bulk for your store or online shop. Brought to you by the leader in high-quality, low-price gadgets, Chinavasion. At a Glance... ■Digital TV (DVB-T) Cell Phone ■Pre-installed with MSN Messenger ■Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Dual Band ■Highly responsive LCD touchscreen ■Unlocked phone: Can be used with any carrier and SIM card(s) ■Audio player, video player, digital camera, and Bluetooth handsfree calling Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more.
20 Dec 2009
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Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more. The Emerald is a multifunctional multi design PDA mobile phone with a flip down key pad. A truly unique hi-tech 3 inch touch screen cellphone that takes all the best attributes of the PDA, bar phone and flip phone and combines them with an incredible menu navigation system to bring this cellphone into a class of its own. With a unique user interface design that is specifically created to allow the end user to maximize effortless navigation of the cellphone features and functions. With ergonomically designed exterior and interior that utilized advanced recognition motion sensor and accelerometer along with G-sensor for input vibration feedback. The Emerald is a quadband cellphone. It works on the global standard GSM frequencies (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz). Dual SIM functionality is another feature that is complemented with Dual Standby. This means two active networks running simultaneously side by side. Accessibility is a feature that is a common blueprint for cellphone designs. The Emerald's, accessibility has been elevated to a whole new level providing end users with a phenomenal experience, that allows for the easiest of accessibility options of the cellphones features and applications. Unleashing complete landscape and horizontal automatic alignment of the display screen of the menu system thanks to the integrated accelerometer function. Holding the The Emerald in your hand, tilt horizontally and vertically and see the screen rotate. No longer will you have to be stuck with a static menu system that navigates in a singular flow. The Emerald comes with several accessibility points that allow you to access applications within the The Emerald's infrastructure, hence creating a multi-dimensional navigation route for accessing different applications. As for functionality, The Emerald will simply blow your mind! Simplicity and elegance is what best describes The Emerald, fully integrated with a 3 inch touch screen and a flip down keypad that further elevates its high status in providing the crucial usability function for touch screen and keypad lovers alike. With the flip down key pad closed, the screen automatically resizes. Complimenting this feature is a side bar within the screen that contains icons such as networks, SIM, Image Viewer, MP3 player, Clock and User Profiles for even faster accessibility. The side bar can be easily hidden and revealed with a simple one touch of the icon located on the left had side of the screen. Let's not forget, this is a fully features interactive digital multimedia cellphone. Included in with this cell phone is a bonus 1GB TF card. The Emerald cellphone is made with high grade aluminum and high-end internal components. There is no doubt about the mountain of pleasure that you will receive from this amazing mobile phone. This design of excellence surpasses the inadequate and unimaginative cellphones available in mainstream mobile phones markets today. Do not be surprised if you see this high-tech cellphone in the next Iron Man blockbuster movie. The Emerald is in stock today and available to world wide consumers and retailers at an astonishing factory direct wholesale price. At a Glance... ■G Sensor ■FM Radio ■Quadband ■PDA Tools ■Touch Vibrate ■Accelerometer ■Flip Down Key PAD ■3 Inch Touch Screen ■Dual SIM Dual Stand-by ■Auto Landscape & Portrait View Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more.
20 Feb 2011
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Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more. Unlocked quad-band cell phone with a 2.7 inch display and dual SIM card slots in a slick designed dark platinum casing with hot accelerometer motion sensitive media features and touch screen control. With native quad-band GSM/GPRS to keep you connected all around the world and dual SIM slots (with dual standby) allowing you to have two active phone numbers within the same phone, this is any frequent travelers ideal mobilephone! Of course any modern mobile phone needs to be easy to use and have plenty of easy to use media features, right? You better believe it! What you have here is everything you will ever need in a cellphone; modern phonebook + contact manager, easy to use touch screen keypad for dialing and messaging, TV and FM radio receivers, MP3/MP4 players, digital camera and video recorder, image viewer, portable file storage, Ebook reader, Bluetooth, and daily software tools. However, phone functionality and ease of use are where this baby shines. The display on this phone is very crisp given its compact size while the navigation menus are simple to use via touch or the simple navigation keys. This is one phone that truly works well for both business and pleasure. The CVDQ-M01 quad band touchscreen mobile phone is proudly brought to you by Chinavasion Electronics. Order your stock now and don't forget to look at our Bluetooth adapter section of the website for earpieces and other accessories you can utilize while you are making calls while on the road. At a Glance... ■Quad band touchscreen cellphone with two SIM slots for worldwide business and personal use. ■Unlocked phone; can be used with any carrier and SIM card(s) ■Includes a rich software environment and multi media feature set. Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more.
21 Dec 2009
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Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more. Quad Band 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Flip-Phone with Dual SIM, TV, Accelerometer. We're proud to bring you this elegant dual SIM, quad band flip-phone with TV and accelerometer that has all the premium features you would expect from a deluxe cellphone and much more. A wonderful new mobile phone for work. play or any part of your interesting life. First of all, this is an unlocked world phone with quad band functionality meaning that it operates in any of the following four GSM frequency bands: ■850 MHz (U.S./Canada/Latin America/Brazil*) ■900 MHz (Africa/Europe/Brazil/Australia/Asia) ■1800 MHz (Africa/Europe/Brazil/Australia/Asia) ■1900 MHz (U.S./Canada/Latin America/Brazil*) (Source: Wikipedia) Second, this a Dual SIM mobile phone meaning that you can insert two SIM cards into this phone. The benefit to you is that you can make and receive cell phone calls from either one of the two different cellphone numbers associated with the SIM cards. This is very convenient for business travelers whose frequent travel takes them from one country to another. Why carry two phones, when one will do - especially one that looks and feels as good as this one. Beautifully designed and purposefully constructed, this elegant quad band, dual SIM, flip-phone with TV and accelerometer comes with a vibrant 2.8 inch touchscreen. Allow us to repeat that just in case you missed it: this world phone has a touch screen! Launch programs or choose menu items by using either the keypad or the wonderfully responsive touchscreen. The choice is yours. Next, let your eyes take in the polished black exterior and elegant metal textured cover. Flip the touchscreen and lay it down. There, you've just transformed this clam shell design flip cellphone into an iPhone-like tablet phone. How cool is that? What about features you ask? We're especially proud of this phone's feature lineup which brings together everything you need and want in a great cellphone. This wonder-phone comes with a digital camera, video recorder, video player, audio player and receives analog TV and FM signals making it an excellent media station. Flick your wrist and the accelerometer motion sensor lets you change your wallpaper, switch mp3's, and even read the next SMS message. Load some movies and songs into the phone by USB cable or microSD and suddenly you have a party on your hands. WQVGA resolution and stereo speakers will ensure that your media looks and sounds its best. If you love features and great looking cellphones as much as we do, you're sure to be satisfied with the CVDQ-M43. This amazing cellphone is sure to sell out quick so buy one for yourself right away and then let your online customers in on the secret too. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale direct from China electronics - Chinavasion. At a Glance... ■Dual-SIM ■GSM Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) ■Unlocked ■Accelerometer ■TV, Digital Camera, Video Recorde Visit the website: *******www.electronicschinawholesale**** You will find much more.
18 May 2010
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Dual SIM - Switch easily between two SIM card/phone numbers in the same handset.TV-Enabled - Powerful analog antenna picks up your favorite TV channels for free!
14 Jan 2010
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[ *******www.ankaka****/allure-mini-china-cell-phone-quadband-dual-sim-touchscreen_p49.html ] Highlights... Compact yet powerful Dual SIM/Standby Unlocked, Quad Band Dual Camera - Front/Back Powerful multimedia feature set Bluetooth, MSN, Java, TV, G-Sensor, Ebook Free 2GB micro SD card Notes from Manufacturers Effortlessly switch between the phone's front and back dual camera system Fully unlocked phone! Use with any carrier, network, and SIM card(s) Loaded with multimedia features and comes with 2 GB TF/ microSD card Pre-loaded personal digital assistant (PDA) software tools; Calendar, World Clock, To-Do List, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Sound Recorder, Unit and Currency Converter Separate ringtone and picture for each caller on your contact list! Excellent multimedia functionality, including video player, audio player and analog TV Best budget cell phone on the market Notes from Ankaka Customer Service How can I install a Java application on this phone? Search the internet for Java files that have the extension .jar (these are executable Java files). Not all of them will work. Some are especially for Nokia or other brand phones. Transfer it to your phone's microSD card as you would normally transfer a file. From the FILE icon, locate your file and select it. Java will take over and ask you if you want to install it. Agree and the application will be installed for you. Enjoy! Does the phone come with a contract? This phone is contract-free and fully unlocked so it can work with any GSM service provider you choose. Does the CVLE-M102 come with an analog TV tuner? Yes, watch TV and be happy withThe Alluremini phone [ *******www.ankaka****/allure-mini-china-cell-phone-quadband-dual-sim-touchscreen_p49.html ] To see more Ankaka cool mobile phones: [ *******www.ankaka****/Wholesale-pda-touchscreen-cell-phones_c10020 ]
30 Apr 2010
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KA08+TV Dual SIM Card Phone With java & TV Unlocked White
8 May 2010
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Fully Unlocked,Works on all four main GSM frequency bands,WiFi,Check emails, connect online, Web with advanced WiFi *******www.milkhoneyland****/i999-quadband-dual-sim-card-dual-standby-cell-phone-wifi-java-10-interfaces-black-1gb-tf-card-p-7074.html Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 May 2010
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*******twitter****/marketingsurrey/social-media-marketing Dual sim mobile phones have been around for a few years now. Thanks to increased battery life and more intuitive user interfaces Dual sim phones are now finally becoming a viable option. Below are 5 advantages to owning a mobile phone with two sim slots.
28 May 2010
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KINGSUN V902 V911 Dual SIM Phone With WIFI / JAVA / TV Unlocked
3 Nov 2010
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23 Jul 2010
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N8 Cell Phone WiFi TV Quad Band Dual Sim Bar Phone *******www.minimaxdeal****/cell-phones-wifi-cell-phone-c2_187/cell-phone-wifi-quad-band-dual-sim-bar-phone-p7153.html
13 Aug 2010
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WiFi - Check emails, connect online, or surf the Web with advanced WiFi technology. Touch Screen - Easy-to-use and responsive touch screen function for smooth navigating. Java Enabled - Get the latest cool Apps on your phone with Java technology! Dual Camera - Front and rear lenses for a more versatile shot. Dual SIM - Dual working(Dual standby). Ultra-Thin - Slim and compact so it disappears in your pocket when not in use. Ultra-thin phones are smart and efficient. FM Radio - Pick up your favorite FM radio stations wherever you are Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Jan 2011
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3G ZOHO W301 Quad Band Dual Sim WCDMA GSM WIFI TV Phone Java *******www.minimaxdeal****/cell-phones-wifi-cell-phone-c2_187/zoho-w301-quad-band-dual-sim-wcdma-gsm-wifi-phone-java-p7673.html
7 Oct 2010
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With Dual SIM dual standby, JX C5000+ supports analog TV, JAVA adding more enjoyment and applications, WIFI enabling to access the internet, Bluetooth, FM and etc. Also, its quad band can be available in worldwide countries. In addition, it specially comes with a 2in1 case, designed with built-in battery, which does not also protect the phone, but also supply more power. *******www.chinabuye****/jx-c5000-quad-band-dual-sim-tv-wifi-java-cell-phone-red-with-case-built-in-battery
7 Sep 2010
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