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12th March Biman Air Footage Incident video Dubai Airport
14 Mar 2007
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A duty free lambo inside the Dubai Airport
9 Apr 2008
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My Landing At Dubai Airport Using A380/FS 2004
24 Nov 2008
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dubai airport run way by gautam koppala
4 May 2010
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*******www.openadubaicompany****/contents/the-dubai-airport-freezone.html The Dubai Airport Free Zone is THE premium free zone to incorporate within. We are Global Incorporation Experts, of which the UAE is one of our specialties; if you require more information on the Dubai Airport Free Zone, please visit our dedicated page at the link above.
20 Jun 2011
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Dubai is the fastest growing city with the world's only 7-Star Hotel, Tallest building in the world being built, and the world's largest airport being built. With free 'Open Skies' policy - airlines from Africa, Middle East, Complete Asia, Europe, and former Russian States encounter the skies of the United Arab Emirates! If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at www.airutopia****
25 Dec 2006
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With a free 'Open Skies' policy many airlines from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and many former Russian States grace the skies of the United Arab Emirates! You'll see everything from the fastest growing fleet in the world, EMIRATES, to the rarer Eritrean and Yemenia and others from around the world! An aviation enthusiast's dream airport!
2 Mar 2009
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Awesome flash mob at the Dubai International Airport.
13 May 2012
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See those accidents in Dubai, airport tunnel...
18 Nov 2006
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This guy has no bones this was in dubai airport
17 Mar 2007
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Live departure from Dubai airport to Karachi. Dubai is really a city of lights.
27 Mar 2007
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*******www.aviationvids**** Home video of yet another in a long series of Airbus nosegear extension failures. Here's the story, from contributor Peter Metz: "This shows FG flight 709, bound from Kabul to Dubai, which left the Kabul Airport with 261 passengers on board. After departure the pilot had a problem with the front wheel gear and could not retract it. Instead of proceeding to Dubai Airport (flight time 2:30 minutes), with all relevant security measures he decided to land back at Kabul Airport." "Capt. Abdul Rahman asked the tower to investigate the problem. Kabul Airport sent an ICRC plane to investigate the problem from beneath the aircraft. After the problem was located, the captain released most of all the full tanks of kerosene and made a final approach at Kabul Airport. At this time there were still about 30,000 mines lying around beside the apron." "After the plane came off the runway nothing happened, and the fire brigades went to rescue the aircraft and passengers. The plane came to stand about 50 meters beside the runway without any problems. All passengers escaped the aircraft safely. Capt. Rahman got out of the plane, had a cigarette smoke, and took all the passengers to Dubai in a second plane approximately an hour later. ISAF than pulled the plane from beside the apron, stretched the wheel straight, and pulled it to the maintenance department."
23 Jun 2007
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Koipond in restaurant The Blue Elefent near Dubai Airport.
10 Oct 2008
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See Dubai airport and fun times there then see problems with Lufthansa Airlines. They do not demonstrate good relationship marketing. Very poor customer service at Lufthansa. Watch and see.
24 Aug 2008
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'Flight Simulator 2004' movie simulating a landing at Dubai International Airport OMDB Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 Registration Code: A4O-EB Airline: Gulf Air FS Model: Project Airbus *******www.pairbus**** Dubai Airport: product of Fly Tampa Landing: Dubai Int'l Airport, 09:20 am Arriving from: Bahrain Int'l OBBI Flight #: GF500 Flight Duration: 1:20 hrs Background Sound: 1- Gulf Air Commercial Theme 2- Real Sound Engines www.avsim**** 3- Announcements are added to the video(NOT Included in Flight Simulator) NOTE: 1- I welcome all your comments and suggestions. Feel free to rate the movie & Subscribe to my channel. 2- ADD-Ons shown in this video * Aircraft * Dubai Airport * AI Traffic * Ambient Sounds 3- Recorded by FRAPS software, Edited by Windows Movie Maker Thank you for watching! The Real Aircraft: *******cdn-www.airliners****/aviation-photos/photos/7/7/5/1280577.jpg
18 Jun 2009
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hmmm have nothing to say!silliness is a silliness hahahaha! shoot inside dubai international airport terminal 3 atrium park #52 - Most Discussed (Today) - Travel & Events #51 - Most Viewed (Today) - Travel & Events - Netherlands #58 - Top Rated (Today) - Travel & Events
14 Mar 2009
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