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Think little bit and look around you, probably you may find suitable things to mount your camera in the absence of the tripod. Photographers in Dublin are experts in using various tools and accessories and they are always equipped with them whenever they are hired.
29 May 2017
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A video of what a city in Dublin Bay might well look like in years to come.....or a spoof that fooled city officials and the national broadcaster!
23 Oct 2006
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Walking in Dublin, Ireland and zooming into the scenery 1 pixel at a time
12 Feb 2007
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tARTed up video of my efforts in national diving competition 2006, NAC Dublin, Ireland
4 Aug 2007
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wet saturday night in dublin, ireland. gritty street scenes, fantastic pool game all in magical timeplapse...
14 Aug 2007
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The Dubliners playing The Octopus Jig. Amazing!
9 Sep 2007
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The Dubliners. 7 Drunken Nights
9 Sep 2007
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The Budgetbackpacker goes to Dublin
20 Sep 2007
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nissan skyline,300zx,200sx,silvia,subaru impreza,honda civic type-r,toyata turano,cruisin round dublin ireland
6 Jan 2008
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Check out EuropeanParty**** for more videos! On my way from Waterford to Dublin I stopped over at Kilkenny, had some Kilkenny beer, and saw the castle. Dublin was packed with partiers because Germany was facing off against Ireland for a World Cup qualifier.
22 Jan 2008
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Actual lifting and transporting of containers at Dublin's port in Ireland.
27 Jun 2009
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RedBull X-Fighters at Dublin ''Slane Castle''. Even rain can't stop this gays.Awesome!
7 Mar 2008
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70 million people worldwide claim Irish heritage and the St. Patrick's Festival is their opportunity to celebrate Ireland. The Feast of St. Patrick is now celebrated in nearly every country throughout the world where Irish descendents or influences have continued to reinforce its popularity. Among the countries with strong traditions of celebrating St Patrick’s Day are the United States, Canada and Australia, but also France, Argentina, Russia, Japan and even the Caribbean island of Montserrat. But nobody does it quite like the Irish at home in Ireland! While the rest of the world tuck in to Irish stew and Guinness, those in Ireland are enjoying a 5-day feast of street theatre, music, dance, carnivals, fireworks, food, film and parades. The jewel in the Festival crown is the St. Patrick's Festival Parade on 17 March: a fantastical array of pageants delight the crowds of hundreds of thousands in Dublin, adding colour, energy and excitement to parade 2008! No one knows how to have the ‘craic’ like the Irish, and what better time to start thinking about a trip to Ireland – log onto www.discoverireland**** to whet your appetite. ST. PATRICK FACTS - St. Patrick is largely credited with having converted the Pagan Irish to Christianity. - Patrick was not actually Irish! He was born in Britain around 400 AD. - At the age of 15 or 16 Patrick was kidnapped by the Irish Pirate King, Niall of the Nine Hostages and sold into slavery. - After 6 years Patrick escaped to England where within a decade he became a bishop. - Patrick came back to Ireland in 432 to work as a Christian Missionary. - Patrick founded his first church in Ireland at Saul, outside Downpatrick. It is still used today. - St. Patrick traditionally used the Shamrock (3-leafed clover) to explain the concept of the holy trinity. - Legend has it that St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes. In fact, Ireland has never had snakes - this possibly refers to his banishment of Satan, often perceived as a serpent. See www.discoverireland**** for more information. Produced for Tourism Ireland
3 Jul 2009
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Dublin Docklands Maritime Festival - June 2008. Spanish Paella cooked by spanish chef.
1 Jun 2008
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This is a 120 meters high spiral in Dublin
9 Jun 2008
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Video, slideshow and images of hostels in Dublin. Hostels include the Dublin City Backpackers, Dergvale Hotel, Isaacs Hostel & Kinlay House. To book these hostels in Dublin online,please visit: *******www.hostelbookers****/hostels/ireland/dublin/
4 Jul 2008
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