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Spain, Dude where is my car
23 Nov 2007
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Dude, Where's My Car?
22 Mar 2013
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It's the work of Hew Kennedy's medieval siege engine, a four story tall, 30 ton behemoth that's the talk of bucolic Shropshire, 140 miles northwest of London. In ancient times, such war machines were dreaded instruments of destruction, flinging huge missiles, including plague-ridden horses, over the walls of besieged castles. Only one full-sized one exists today, designed and built by Mr. Kennedy, a wealthy landowner, inventor, military historian and - need it be said?
14 Jun 2006
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Description: Friends dont' let friends drive and trade...unless that friend is Alamo! Cruisin around in his 1969 Porsche 912, rolls out a "trade don't" on the Proshares Ultrashort ETFs UltraShort Dow Jones Real Estate (SRS) and UltraShort Financials (SKF). The bottom has been take out of these ultrashort ETFs and these have flatlined. These are garbage stocks now - no good setups to play. The trend for the market is still up, so buying ultrashort ETFs like SKF and SRS are going against the trend. Don't fight the trend. The Dow Jones Real Estate ETF (IYR) has a double bottom on the weekly charts, you don't want to go against that. At the moment (4.24.09), the market is not giving us any good setups, so you must fold fold fold and wait for a premium hand. Kenny Rogers summed this market up the best in the 1978 hit "The Gambler"... For charts and more commentary on this video, visit episode page: *******
28 Apr 2009
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Dude - where's my car?
14 May 2009
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