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Hail to the King, Baby! Doug Perry and Scott Pierce discuss everyone's favorite foul-mouthed hero, Duke Nukem.
16 Oct 2010
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Hail to the King! Duke Nukem Lives! Exclusive first in-game footage from the highly anticipated sequels Duke Nukem: Forever and F.E.A.R. 3, only on the Season 4 Premier of The Jace Hall Show. Also, Jace and Todd have moved into new offices after Randy Jackson “Helped” them out with their noise problems at the old office, but they get an unexpected guest, who happens to smell really, really good! Jace also meets up with old friend at Twitter buddy therealStanLee, Stan Lee to hopefully be able to finally work on a new project.
2 Nov 2010
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Jace and crew catch up with old friend and Stargate Executive Producer, Brad Wright on location in Vancouver to get even more insider info on what has kept the Stargate franchise popular with the fans and networks for so many amazing years. And back in Austin, TX we take a tour of Bioware to get even more sneak peaks at their brand new online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic! All this and more including the latest uncovered and exclusive Duke Nukem: Forever footage!
24 Jan 2011
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The “EPIC” Cliffy B. himself has taken up the KABOOM! open challenge on the office Atari to test if he really did put the FUN in fundamentals. And back in Canada, Stargate Executive Producer Brad Wright is getting flashbacks when he gives Jace an exclusive tour of the bridge of “Destiny”, where at the suggestion of the cast of “V”, we end up finding an uninvited guest. At the studios have come to a very hostile climax. Good thing we have “signed” waivers. Also more exclusive Duke Nukem: Forever footage and Insomniac Games’ Ted Price breaks down the Supreme Court violent games case so that even Jace can understand it. There will be tears.
30 Jan 2011
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Jace meets up with the legendary Dave Perry at his “Shiny” new company, Gaikai, that promises to reshape game delivery, as we know it. Groovy! At Sony Online Entertainment, we check out the PvP (player vs player) action in DC Universe Online. And back at the ranch, Todd and Jace are still waiting on Cung to come out the barn, I think we need some hot tacos. In Las Vegas, at the Duke Nukem: Forever shindig, Jace tracks down Randy Pitchford to confirm that Duke does indeed have a release date, which will finally let us in the Crystal Dynamics’ secret room of epicness! But first Jace has to wish a happy birthday to Randy’s son over the phone. Pubes.
22 Feb 2011
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The Jace Hall Show is back for a Season Finale so 1337 it just couldn’t fit into a single episode. In part 1 of our Jace Hall sized send off for Season 4, we take a special trip to the home of Gears of War and Cliffy B himself in North Carolina, EPIC GAMES where Jace is looking to cash in on the “favor for a favor” that Cliffy promised him. Climbing an indoor mountain can dehydrate a guy, and Jace may just need some lemonade…… Next Jace and Todd hop back on the GoodYear blimp (pwnage) and head to Texas to catch up with Randy Pitchford at Gearbox Software to FINALLY get the scoop on how Duke Nukem ended up with Randy and his team in the first place. All the exclusive info, from the CEO himself. All this and more exclusive goodness like only the Jace Hall Show can bring it on part 1 of 2 of the Season 4 Finale!
27 Mar 2011
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Play Starcraft with Kinect?! Hentai on Steam?! And Duke Nukem forever involves throwing literal pieces of shit? This is one crazy news day.
2 Apr 2011
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The Jace Hall Show closes it’s 4th season with an Epic sized finale (is there any other way?) Showcased is Exclusive footage from the new Mortal Kombat game in all of its gory goodness, as well as perfectly inappropriate Duke Nukem: Forever footage in all of its “Glory”. Randy Pitchford walks us through the yet to be released Demo of Duke while Cliffy B gives us a musical tour of the Epic Games HQ. We also learn what it means to “Chobot” a production thanks to show Producer, Todd Roy. Jace and Todd then take one last ride on the Goodyear Blimp to have Jace record a voice for the next Fallout: New Vegas DLC as a surprisingly fitting character. And finally, Jace collaborates with YOU, the fans of the Jace Hall Show, in a brand new verse for “I Play W.O.W.” All of this and more in our Season 4 Finale!
4 Apr 2011
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We're back in the studio, and back to our regular format! It feels good to be home. Although the craziness of E3 is over, the video game news train keeps on rolling, so we've got the latest on War of the Worlds, Earth Defense Force, the WiiU, and of course the reviews of Duke Nukem Forever. Plus, a new preview of Catherine! Sadly it lacks the boobs that Max felt he was promised.
16 Jun 2011
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What does Duke Nukem and Sonic The Hedgehog have in common? Let Jim Sterling, a literal graduate of the School of Cool (it does exist), explain.
1 Dec 2011
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Classic Game Room reviews iREQUIEM for iPod and iPhone, a 2D side scrolling horror survival game. iRequiem from Rapid Turtle Games is a bloody actionfest where you mangle the minions of Hell with a variety of weapons including crossbows, hammers, grenade launchers and flame throwers! Jump into the blender tractor or possess a ghoul to slaughter more ghouls, iRequiem is cool, entertaining and bloody hilarious. Simple touch screen controls make gameplay a breeze and campaign and survival modes of gameplay await you. Fans of Army of Darkness and Duke Nukem should enjoy the liberally "borrowed" one liners. This CGR review of iRequiem has gameplay from iRequiem on iPod Touch (also for iPhone) showing iRequiem 2D survival zombie, mutant and monster slaughtering.
22 Jul 2012
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Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews EAT LEAD: The Return of Matt Hazard which is available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 PS3 video game consoles. EAT LEAD is a parody video game spoofing numerous high profile action gaming titles like Duke Nukem 3D, Tomb Raider and pretty much every other game. This Matt Hazard review has gameplay footage from Matt Hazard filmed in HD from PS3, how is Matt Hazard reviewed by the reviewing LEGENDS at Classic Game Room? (and by legend we mean that we're calling ourselves legends, and that we're calling ourselves we, that we'd have the audacity to use words like we and legendary is quite audacious.) Matt Hazard is a third person shooter, or tps 3rd person shooter who moves through environments past and present and shoots bad guys with pinpoint precision. He has hot women sidekicks like QA who help him along from within a video game, like Tron. The game is well made, clever and should give a good laugh to those who remember video games from the 80's and 90's and get the jokes. How does gameplay in EAT LEAD compare to the writing, acting and style of the game? Watch the Classic Game Room review of Eat Lead, the Return of Matt Hazard to find out!! Classic Game Room reviews PS3 and Xbox 360 games because we are a video game reviewer reviewing games like Eat Lead The Return of Matt Hazard. This is a comedy video game, funny video game, parody of Halo and hardcore action shooters!
14 Aug 2012
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This week, Gearbox CEO states that Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life are virtually the same. Also, rumors fly about a Firefly reboot and Steam is coming to Linux.
21 Jan 2013
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This week, Gearbox CEO states that Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life are virtually the same. Also, rumors fly about a Firefly reboot and Steam is coming to Linux.
10 Feb 2013
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This week, Gearbox CEO states that Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life are virtually the same. Also, rumors fly about a Firefly reboot and Steam is coming to Linux.
11 Feb 2013
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This week, Gearbox CEO states that Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life are virtually the same. Also, rumors fly about a Firefly reboot and Steam is coming to Linux.
12 Feb 2013
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