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On this date in history King edward VIII stepped down from the throne to marry american divorcee wallis simpson and became the duke of windsor in 1937, king george V of england was born in 1865, franz kafka died 1924 czech writer, 1839 opium wars began between britian and china, 1888 casey at the bat was written and published by ernest lawrence, on this date in history june 3, - www.myinboxnews****
4 Jun 2009
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The new clip from TV Rock vs Dukes of Windsor - The Others! Additional shooting & editing by Clint Wood.
11 Nov 2011
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Legendary dandy the Duke of Windsor discusses meeting Wallis Simpson, the future Duchess of Windsor.
5 May 2013
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The Windsor knot, also (wrongly) known as the "Double-Windsor" (a non-existing enormous 16-move knot), is the most well known knot in the world. The Windsor is a large, symmetrical, self-releasing triangular knot. The tie was named by Americans in the 1920-30's after the Duke of Windsor. The Duke was known for his fondness of large triangular tie knots, but didn't in fact invent this particular knot. His secret was a specially tailored tie with an extra thickness of material. There are four tie-versions that result in the "Windsor" knot; two self releasing, and two non-self releasing. This version filmed here is considered as the original (self releasing) version. The video is to be viewed as if you were looking in a mirror. -
21 May 2009
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Quoted from *******www.2tieatie**** The Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII of Britain - who chose love over power - abdicated the throne only to become such a style icon that he has a popular necktie knot named after him. The Windsor knot is wide and triangular, designed for wide spread shirt collars. It is not a good knot to use with ties of thick material, but, when well executed, is stately and elegant.
10 Dec 2009
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