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Governments lie, corporations lie, and politicians bend the truth. O.K., so what don't we know? So what doesn't lie, and what tells the truth every time? Well that's something you need to know and that's what I call the F.T.P. market approach. I have just finished the sixth video in our complimentary "Traders Whiteboard" series. This new video shows how you can separate fact from fiction in the markets. This new video lesson shows how even the smart people can be duped by the market, and how you can avoid making many of these same mistakes. You are not going to find anything on this subject on the web, because I looked for it before I made this video. Once you have seen this six minute video lesson, you will be able to detect and avoid bad markets in the future. The F.T.P. approach makes more sense and tells the truth more than anything else I have ever witnessed in my 30 plus years of trading. There are no registration requirements to watch the video. Enjoy, Adam Hewison
3 Apr 2008
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Do you think that the "Danish Cartoons" are enough reason to cause this false flag notion "clash of civilizations"? If you are duped to think that way, think again but after you have watched this video..then run your own search on the topic and you'll get to the wonderful Truth...Never open your ears and eyes to unverifiable mass media lies.
14 Apr 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake**** You’d think news that the Pentagon secretly infiltrated TV news shows with propaganda about the Iraq invasion packaged as fact would be a huge story. It was in the New York Times which broke the story. But on TV, particularly the networks that were duped by the Pentagon, coverage of the story was short-lived. Matt Thompson of FreePress**** reports the hard questions in this scandal haven’t been answered, because they haven’t been asked.
28 Apr 2008
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18 Jun 2008
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Grapevine Telemarketing came into existence on 1st August 2007. Sandra and Patti after 10 years of working for other companies decided to do what we do best and dupe unsuspecting people out of their money. We pretend to have 10 years of telemarketing, Email Marketing Campaigns and office experience. Our services are a cost-effective for us, but they will cost your business every dime we can squeeze out of them just like a grape! alternative to creating an in-house telemarketing group.
23 Jun 2008
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*******www.mastersofmyspacemarketing**** ph# 517-639-0440 Be Wary of Don Lapre, Doug Grant, and "The Greatest Vitamin in the ..."The Greatest Vitamin in the World". Timothy Quill, M.D. Stephen Barrett, M.D.. Don Lapre is a fast-talking character who has been selling "get rich" Rip Off Report: Don Lapre's Greatest Vitamin In The World Scam Don ... Dec 21, 2005 ... Don Lapre's Greatest Vitamin In The World Scam Don Lapre and his dishonest employees got me duped big time, I lost close to $3000 over this Rip-off Report: Don Lapre, The Greatest Vitamin In The World ...Don Lapre, The Greatest Vitamin In The World, RIPOFF BULL! presented the product over 400 ... Don Lapre isn't a scam artist. I've been doing his independent Greatest Vitamin in the World Scam? World Leadership Group Scam Types of Fraud ... Don Lapre’s Greatest Vitamin in the World program is a Multi Level Marketing operation that functions by DON LAPRE – SCAM ARTIST OR NOT?I don’t think Don Lapre or The Greatest Vitamin in the World is a scam. He seems like a really honest guy, and he’s really trying to help the nation get Lapre and The Greatest Vitamin in the World Program the "Real ...So, am I to expect that his program for The Greatest Vitamin in the World is a scam in which I will not make money? 9 Responses to "Are Don Lapre and The Don Lapre and The Greatest Vitamin in the World But the business opportunity sounds too good to be true. I'm wondering if it's a scam? 14 Responses to "Don Lapre and The Greatest Vitamin in the World"Don Lapre: Is The Greatest Vitamin in the World a good business ...Don Lapre: Is The Greatest Vitamin in the World a good business opportunity? ... «Is This Another Scam? Things on my mind» INFOMERCIAL RATINGS.COM - THE GREATEST VITAMIN IN THE WORLD REVIEW Promoted by Don Lapre. The current infomercial features a woman named ... Become an Independent Advertiser for the Greatest Vitamins in the World and you'll
1 Jul 2008
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26 Jul 2008
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28 Jul 2008
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10 Aug 2008
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This over the top anti-activist and anti-communist film, Tragedy or Hope, is a bombastic moral majority inspired film from the 1970s. “Why would a normally decent person like John Smith choose communism? It’s a diabolic scheme funded by communists worldwide!” These shadowy activist leaders and subversives are planning to “destroy America.” Kids are labeled dupes to hysteria, uncivilized music, and a general lack of conformity – all these traits leading directly to communism! Anyone looking for an exaggerated and absurd conservative film that rallies against hippie culture has found the perfect example in Tragedy or Hope.
29 Aug 2008
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******* Last Monday, Adgregate Markets launched ShopAds, a banner advertising widget where consumers can purchase products without being navigated away from the page. The credit card purchases within the transactional banner ads are secure, even if the sites they are placed on are not, CEO Henry Wong told me after his presentation last Monday at TechCrunch50. VideoEgg also has a shop function that allows consumers to browse multiple products within an ad, but directs them to the site of the retailer to purchase. Transactions within Adgregate Markets' ads are self-contained, and retailers sign an agreement to let them manage transactions through their independent system. The product will open up the online advertising space from a few billion dollar market to $130 billion market, Wong told the TechCrunch50 audience Monday, according to a report in VentureBeat. The one possible stumbling block for transactional banner ads, Sarah Clark at InternetRetailing points out, is that scammers could create lookalike ads to dupe consumers into giving out personal information. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
16 Sep 2008
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A liar builds up your world, leaves with your money and your good intentions, knowing he's fooled you and walks away. He's proud of what he's done, building his and his friends' fortunes on the backs of people he's duped. What do you do with a person like that? Don't just join the crowd chanting the latest fight song. Don't allow yourself to be herded like sheep, led to slaughter by a judas goat. Filling people with hope that is based on lies is the cruelest stroke. The audacity of Hope - that breaks your heart - that breaks your bank - that breaks your family - that breaks the person <a href=***********/watch?v=H5tZc8oH--o>Find out the truth for yourself - learn and avoid the bad - choose the good.</a>
28 Sep 2008
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Another season of The Pickup artist and more girls getting duped into dating a few losers.
30 Oct 2008
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*******ConsumerReports.infoaddicts****/Fitness-Equipment Many elliptical trainer review sites are in fact sophisticated selling machines designed to dupe consumers into buying the wrong product for them. This video shows you how to avoid these sites and get targeted search results and real customer feedback, for this essential piece of fitness equipment.
31 Oct 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ India sees a new global crisis manager in Obama Barack Obama’s victory epitomises the journey of an African American to the White House. His victory has become a source of inspiration for a whole new generation. The results of US Presidential elections have raised both fresh hopes and reservations for the people across the globe. The democratic win may not sound like music to the ears of Indian BPO industry. Even though Manmohan Singh may have endorsed Obama’s triumph nothing can disguise the fact that this victory will certainly have disturbing prospects for Indian outsourcing industry. Protectionism has been riding high on democratic political agenda. Obama’s comments too have cleared the air in this context. The fact that he has pledged to include labor standards in free trade agreements can be seen as a means of shielding American companies from competition overseas. Tumbling shares of Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro combined with the cutbacks in outsourcing industry due to reduced spending by American financial services firms the going would be tough for this sector. Brazilian economy booming in spite of global credit crunch After a pause caused by the sudden crisis in the United States, the Brazilian real estate market should receive a new impetus because there are thousands of opportunities for investment in commercial, industrial and residential real estate. Only in Sao Paulo there are 755 buildings being constructed. Besides the fact that in recent years the return on these investments in Brazil overtook average of 26% annually, the fundamentals of the economy are very strong with inflation under control, lower interest rates and a surplus in government accounts. Of course,there may be a crisis in this sector in Brazil, but it would be for lack of investment, not because of credit problems, because the federal government has established lines of credit of billions to the builders and other business in real estate. The question is whether or not this pace will continue in the coming years. New Philippine law to boost ecommerce In a way to boost the ecommerce industry in the Philippines President Gloria Macapagel Arroyo signed a law that will establish a new authorized agency that will gather all financial information of a person or a corporation in different institutions to help determine their worthiness. The public act 9510 will create Central Credit Information or corporation. This could have been done long time ago since thousands of Filippinos have been duped by scammers and fake corporations and entities who run with their money even before they can be caught. There could have been a lot under too much financial pressure now. Nevertheless the new law will somehow encourage access to venture into ecommerce and other forms of new enterprises knowing that they already have a secure mapping of double checking the authenticity of every transaction. There will also be more lending firms and banks that will be providing the business capital especially the small enterprises. This will help the families prepare for any financial crisis. Lilongwe’s wildlife National Park attracts financial support Malawi’s main Wildlife Centre, the Lilongwe Wildlife Center situated in the heart of the Capital City, Lilongwe has attracted a lot of financial support from well-wishers. The Wildlife Center cares of injured, orphaned and rescued wild animals and is set up in the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary. Not only is the Lilongwe Wildlife Center a rehabilitation facility but it also serves as an education centre aiming to teach the city’s children about Malawi’s wildlife. The Centre now has new management with chairman Mark Sprong of Land & Lake Safaris at the helm and His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester as patron. Among well-known figures and companies that will be lending their support financially in publicizing the Center are Virginia McKenna, the Born Free Foundation, Kelloggs, W H Smith, Thompson Fly, and the Body Shop. In addition to animal rescue and rehabilitation, the Center has also opened a luxury tourist lodge within its premises. Part of the proceeds from this lodge will be donated to the Center’s work. Malawi and nature-lovers worldwide welcome this development. *******www.instablogs****/
6 Nov 2008
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******* Herbalife Scam - The Need To Know Truth About Make Money Online Free Herbalife 8 Dec 2007 ... Herbalife truly is a company gone international with distributors ... The Herbalife scam is real and what follows is a quick summary of why ... Herbalife International Review - Scam Or Real? 27 Sep 2008 ... Herbalife International Review - Scam Or Real? ... Herbalife International Review - Scam Or Real?. 27 Sep. 2008. EzineArticles****. ... Rip-off Report: Herbalife International ripoff, pryamid scheme ... Herbalife International ripoff, pryamid scheme, does not work, ... herbalife scam, thankfully it gave me this website to check out ripoff scams Rick ... Herbalife: Scum sucking leeches (I don't think he was trying to scam me, he was probably just an innocent dupe. ... Index to Information about Herbalife International - Includes links to ... HERBAL LIFE LAWSUIT THE STORY OF THE FRAUD DISCOVERY INSTITUTE FRAUD. Herbalife International - Minkow Fraud Story ... Sick Australian Two Ups. and Tax Scams. Latest Tax Scams ...AntBlog701: HerbalLife presentations, don't listen to those scams No, Herbalife isn't a scam. I recruit people into the business as a Supervisor. .... the International business pack, which I have just paid
7 Nov 2008
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