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03 From Dust to Dust Full HD Video | The Destroyed Nations
5 Jan 2018
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The Destroyed Nations - From Dust to Dust
18 Jan 2018
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NY Cake provides the tools that you need to create amazing confections. Now you can create sexy shoes with easy to use molds from NY Cake. You can create 3-dimensional shoes and handbags that are completely edible. Just fill the mold with chocolate or modeling paste and decorate with edible paints and luster. Shipping is free on orders of $75 or more. Visit us or give us a call at 800-942-2539 today! "For More Information Contact Us: NY Cake 170 Ludlow Street, Yonkers NY, 10705 Telephone No: 914-613-3998 Toll Free No: (800) 947-7539
22 Jan 2018
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Dusted Off Beat i made yrs ago! Revised Added Cuts and a short video! Produced by: LiT 2017 (Lendy instrumental Technology)
24 Dec 2017
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The nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan has provoked fears about radioactivity and the implications to your health. Many anxious patients and readers called in last week to inquire about the health threats of radiation. This article is an attempt to address any radiation concerns you may have, relating both to the reactor meltdown and everyday exposure in normal life. Read on to discover natural ways to protect yourself from exposure and reduce radiation load on your body. First, you should know that radioactivity from Japan has little impact on U.S. citizens. Take a look at the numbers. To date, the news reports that the four reactors in partial meltdown spewed radiation as high as 500 meters or 1,640 feet, according to John Beddington, U.K.’s Chief science officer. In comparison, the Chernobyl blast sent radioactive particles 30,000 feet high for months. Although it is true that minute radiation was detected in Sacramento at the end of last week, it was so minor — one-millionth of what people get from natural background radiation — that health officials assured the public that it posed no threat to residents on the west coast of the United States. Wherever you live, avoid foods grown on or raised near the fallout zone. Dairy and spinach produced within the radioactive zone in Japan had vastly elevated radioactivity, which the Japanese government discouraged its people from consuming. Radioactivity was also found in Pacific waters, off the northern coast near the nuclear plant. Over time, this radioactivity should dissipate as the reactor is cooled and stops spewing particle ash and dust. For now it is wise to avoid seafood caught in Japanese waters. Other than avoiding potentially contaminated food, there should be no concern for American residents, so no need to panic or go out and hoard potassium iodide pills, let alone take them!
25 Dec 2017
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Skin Alley is a skin care community which is exclusively created for discussion of skin care related topics. People nowadays are more exposed to dust, smoke and other environmental pollutants and allergens which have led to several skin problems. The community has separate forums where people can communicate with like minded folks and discuss multiple topics like skin lightening, rosacea, melasma, acne, eczema etc. By joining this community one can get first hand information about the multiple skin care products which can play a role in the protection of skin health.
7 Jan 2018
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The scariest part about the 2014 chemical spill in West Virginia was that, in the beginning, no one really knew anything about the chemical that poisoned their drinking water. Ten thousand gallons of a licorice-scented chemical called MCHM had leaked from a storage container into the Elk River, a tap water source for 300,000 people in Charleston. Schools closed, hospitals evacuated patients, and the local economy of the state’s most populated city came grinding to a halt. For weeks, citizens were unsure whether they had been exposed to unsafe levels of the chemical, and what exactly MCHM would do to their bodies if they consumed it. West Virginians did eventually get a clearer picture of MCHM. Tom Burke, who served as the Environmental Protection Agency’s chief science adviser under President Obama, thinks that’s partially because of an EPA program called the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), which assesses the health risks of thousands of chemicals across the country. “When there is a mystery like West Virginia, it’s those world-class scientists in the IRIS program that do the exposure assessment and risk analysis that lead to future decision-making about the chemical,” he told me. Congress is well aware of its value. “From the dusts of the World Trade Center and the faucets of Flint; to the toxic waters of Katrina and Harvey; [IRIS scientists] are there, working selflessly to protect our nation’s environment and public health,” Burke said in September before a House Science Committee hearing on the program. “Our health depends on them.” We may not be able to depend on them for much longer. On Monday, the Republican-controlled Senate released a spending bill that eliminates IRIS. The bill asserts that IRIS’s functions would be maintained, just transferred to the agency’s Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) program. But Burke and others say the TSCA program is not large or well-funded enough to handle all the different types of chemical risk assessments
10 Jan 2018
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Chevy Chase Floor Waxing Service Bethesda, MD, 20816 (301) 656-1810 In Chevy Chase Floor Waxing Service we do burnishing and polishing, buffing, urethane and polyurethane wood floor finishes, all work done by hand using old fashioned paste wax method. We use special residential equipment no sanding and no dust. Floor Cleaning, Floor Care, Floor Cleaner, Residential Floor Cleaning, Cleaning Company, Cleaning Service, Wood Floor Cleaning, Residential Wood Floor Waxing, Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing Chevy Chase, MD Floor Waxing, Wood Floor Waxing, Wood Floor Polishing, Floor Buffing, Floor Waxing Company
16 Jan 2018
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Rest assured at Around the Clock Cleaning, we don’t just do windows. We make sure that they are so clear you won’t even know they are there. Whether you need window cleaning in York PA, call us to find out how we can help you get windows that won’t distort your view of the world through dust and dirt accumulation. Address : 304 north 4th Street, Wrightsville, PA 17368, USA Phone : 717-495-9365
23 Jan 2018
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This is my chinchilla taking a dust bath.
3 Oct 2006
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New Joint Compound Produces 'Heavy Dust' For Less Mess And Faster Cleanup With every home renovation or new construction project, whether done by a professional or a weekend do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), comes the inevitable mess from drywall sanding. Now there's an innovative new way to reduce airborne drywall dust with SHEETROCK(R) brand dust control joint compound from USG. Source: USG
18 Oct 2006
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One Man's Dust Sting
13 Nov 2006
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