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1:37 Dynamic Parcel Delivery company (DPD) show why they are the heroes of home delivery.
19 Mar 2010
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Hi. As you know this video was forbidden in many countries, for a reason and I agree, but since I have some abilities as a video maker, I decided it to make it more dynamic and normal, you can say. So now it's a load ride and hope you like it like that,. I introduce to you my version of Ld Gaga and Be - telephone. This video is just for entertainment purposes only. I do not profit from it!
23 Mar 2010
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A quick demo of the Dynamic Interactive Call Tracking System, we want to show call tracking users what our system has to offer including real time reports and call logs. Call Us Toll Free 888-422-0359 to request a demo of find out more information about our software.
25 Mar 2010
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dynamic section view animation using solid works
10 Apr 2010
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"First Light" images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, a space telescope designed to study the sun.Launched on February 11th from Cape Canaveral.moment SDO's telescope doors opened, it began beaming back. Richard Fisher, director of the Heliophysics Division at NASA,said “SDO will change our understanding of the sun and its processes, which affect our lives and society. This mission will have a huge impact on science, similar to Hubble Space Telescope on modern astrophysics.” The sun’s internal dynamics were the subject of intense interest over the last few years as the normal waxing and waning of solar activity did not follow past cycles as closely as anticipated. The solar minimum of 2008 stretched deep into 2009, raising questions about how well we understand the complex internal dynamics that drive sun spots, solar flares and coronal-mass ejections. Because solar storms can disrupt human technologies, it’s important to know when we might expect a serious event that could shut down the electrical grid, for example.
28 May 2010
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Your new Fitness Trainer, John DiDio, walks you through dynamic warm-ups to build overall flexibility and loosen you up before work-outs. If you have any questions for John, please post a comment here on the site or email John at Enjoy your workout! Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Apr 2010
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Wakeboarding free ps3 Dynamic Theme
30 Apr 2010
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Megaman 10 Dynamic Theme Number 3
30 Apr 2010
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3:05 Our FUN Summer Karate Camps give kids a great intro to the martial arts! Held in Pittsburgh PA 15236 (Pleasant Hills) and Liberty Boro PA 15133 (McKeesport - Elizabeth) for one week, they are a fun way to learn martial arts basics for kids ages 4 to 12. All classes taught by 5th degree Master Paul Czerniak, who has operated Dynamic Martial Arts since 1996.
4 May 2010
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FIDE Master Lilov continues his dissection of the Grunfeld Defense by reviewing a more recent game between strong Grandmasters. The main points of the video feature dynamic piece play, the importance of square control, and black's common idea of provoking change in white's center pawn structure... Full video available at
7 May 2010
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Dynamic Call Tracking for marketing and advertising is your money tree. Whether you just want to improve your marketing/advertising or you want to keep an eye on your sales team and customer service, call tracking software is the tool you need. Dynamic Call Tracking offers real time reporting, call logs and call distribution. Analytics about call durations, call times and dates and ROI are accessable any time you need. Need Call Tracking? Want to find out more about Dynamic Interactive? If you would like to find out more or get a demo please call 1-800-951-6599
7 May 2010
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2:33 Click the link and fill in the form for your free 7 day beginners course! Click the link for a complete A-Z system for super-human bass drum skills! It's called 'Bass Drums Secrets', it's massive and very affordable. Rock Beat Dynamics - Beginner Drum Lessons
9 May 2010
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tutorial to add dynamic visual slider to the thesis theme with the help of dynamic content featured gallery plugin in the thesis theme
8 May 2010
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1:46 Click the link for your free 7 day beginners course! Click the link for a complete A-Z system for super-human bass drum skills! It's called 'Bass Drums Secrets', it's massive and very affordable. Rock Beat Dynamics - Beginner Drum Lessons
11 May 2010
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Grandmaster Khachiyan continues his video series on the "art of evaluating" with the review of yet another game from the 2004 World Championship Match between Kramnik and Leko. In this case, Leko finds himself in a positionally lost ending, but saves the game with "dynamic" defensive moves. What exactly is the difference between "normal defense" and "dynamic defense"? You will have to watch and find out... Full video available at
14 May 2010
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UItilizes dribbling with a dynamic warmup. Video quality is a little low.
16 May 2010
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