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The Journey Into Serenity begins where nature resorts dot the bountiful hills of Wayanad and they come in the form of a haven away from home. The only eco friendly resort with it's signature heritage garden view villas that adorn its vast property across Banasura making it a resort that is a world apart from the rest. Set on the foot of the Banasura Hill this is one of the most sought after family vacation resort in Wayanad, Kerala. The rammed earth architecture makes it a unique construction, the only ‘mud resort’ in Asia. Spending some quality time at the Bansura Hill Resort is a feast for the nature enthusiast, with the rich flora and fauna around, he is never alone.
27 Mar 2017
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We have Created, Construction of India’s Most Durable Nature Thatched Roof - Eco Friendly Construction – Low Cost Construction - Mud House - Farm House
30 Mar 2017
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We have Created, Construction of India’s Most Durable Nature Thatched Roof - Eco Friendly Construction – Low Cost Construction - Mud House - Farm House
30 Mar 2017
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Airplane recycling pertains to the process of harvesting parts and materials from end-of-life aircraft. As the airline industry looks to become more eco-friendly as well as to cut costs, one area of increasing interest is that of aircraft recycling. With 12,000 aircraft scheduled to be decommissioned over the next two decades, recycling will play a larger role. Aircraft recyclers remove various components and materials including short and long glass and carbon fiber composites, aluminum, wires, textiles and carpet, landing gears, electronic devices, foam, fluids, titanium and steel alloys, engines, and other components. The most valuable components are typically the engines. Parts which can be reused or refurbished have the most value, and provide the profitability of recycling operations, especially if the plane has detailed maintenance records about the history of those parts. The recovery of other materials from the carcass or shell of the aircraft for recycling is less profitable than the retrieval of parts. While still early in its lifecycle, aircraft recycling is becoming a more urgent priority as more and more airplanes land for a final time.
19 Apr 2017
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More helpfull hints for an Eco Friendly Christmas.
9 Jan 2008
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Patti, the garden girls, tips for having a more Eco-Friendly Holiday. Don't forget to check out and subscribe to her newsletter.
9 Jan 2008
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Esurance, the direct-to-consumer personal auto insurance company, announced the release of a full length music video featuring the eco-friendly band Cloud Cult. The full length video expands on the thirty-second version airing on select TV networks, and is an animated adventure featuring the band's modern bluegrass ditty, "Lucky Today." As part of the company's "Get Animated" campaign, where real people are transformed into animated versions of themselves, the video features all seven of Cloud Cult's members. To view Multimedia News Release go to
31 Oct 2008
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Kelsylee of JStar Media interviews celebrated designer "M" at Smashbox Mercedes-Benz Fashion show. M was one if not the featured designer showcasing "M the Movement Eco Friendly environmental designs".
2 Nov 2008
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Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be starting to panic about what costume you'll wear this year. But before you go out to a big box store and purchase an expensive Pirate costume made from cheap materials, might I suggest a more eco friendly alternative? Costumes made from recycled materials are a great way to help the environment... and express your own creativity. If you look through the materials in your house, I'm sure you can find the perfect elements to create a pirate costume that will rival anything you can buy in one of those Halloween stores that pop up in shut down store fronts every October. And if you still have the costume you wore in previous years, find ways to use to create a totally new costume. You don't have to repeat yourself just because you're recycling, but why spend a lot of money on something you're only going to use for one night that could be manufactured using harmful materials? When you think of it that way, there's nothing more terrifying. I'm Elizabeth Chambers. Check back here for more eco friendly news and tips, right here on LivingGreenChannel.Com.
11 Nov 2008
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Carla DiGiacomo talks to Travis Yutzy from GreenMaker Supply about eco-friendly caulk, batting, and foam insulation. These insulations will insulate your home without exposing you to health risks.
1 Jun 2009
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Enjoy Newpark Resort's Eco-friendly Luxury At Flat-Rate Prices All Season Long! Newpark Resort & Hotel is Park City's newest lodging destination and is launching the first-ever "Flat-Rate" winter, giving travelers the ultimate reason to book their ski trip in luxury this year. Paving the way for a change in ski resort lodging pricing, beginning Thanksgiving Day they will offer Park City's most affordable pricing all winter long, guaranteeing no price gouging during peak periods, which have historically cost travelers 2- or 3-times as much as their "Flat-Rate". Room rates start as low as $109 per night. Newpark Resort offers travelers the opportunity to experience the environmentally conscious culture branded within Newpark Resort. Conveniently nestled among a nature preserve, Park City's newest retail space, theatres, restaurants and cafes—this eco friendly resort is the premi
2 Dec 2008
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Being a 'green' homeowner is good for the planet and good for your wallet, too. Best selling author David Bach explains how having an eco-friendly home will pay off in many ways.
5 Dec 2008
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1:52 provides you a wide variety of beautiful, eco-friendly reusable bags which are perfect for the grocery store, shopping mall, or the beach.
5 Jan 2009
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14:07 - PLANET EARTH:OUR LOVING HOME Touring An Eco-Friendly Home with Frank Schiavo. Episode: 818, Air Date: 10 - Dec - 2008.
31 Jan 2009
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Portable eco friendly study light with built in rechargeable battery backup for both solar and dc charging. Flicker free study light safe for eyes and ideal for continuous studying without any harmful effect of ultra violet or infra-red radiations
13 Feb 2009
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Watch Melissa on WNBCs Weekend Today in New York talking about her Eco-Friendly best kept secrets.
9 Apr 2009
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