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*******www.gogreen-clean**** Better Life house cleaning products are so safe that I let my daughter clean up after herself with them. I love the entire line of house cleaning products from Better Life especially the "Wow".
24 Feb 2011
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*******www.pens******/eco-pens.php Visit This Url For Further Details.
3 May 2011
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A Personal Choice *******www.zimbalijamaica****. In today's world eco living has become a popular concept. Driven by high oil prices and a population which is stressing all natural resources, it is a natural step for man to begin to minimize his effect upon the world. However, eco living is at its very root, a personal choice. Here at Zimbali Retreats we have embraced the concept of eco living 100%, deriving essentially all of our needs from nature. Being located in the tropics allows us to benefit from Mother Nature year round.
20 Jun 2011
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25 Jul 2011
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Concept : This short animated film is a message to achieve a greener planet by stopping pollution. For this purpose we have used Ganesh Chaturdhi, a festival widely celebrated in India, to show the pollution done by the devotees. During this festival, the devotees immerse Idols of Lord Ganesha in fresh water so that they would be blessed with wealth and prosperity. Devotees, instead of buying idols made of clay and biodegradable colours, buy idols made of harmful materials like Plaster of Paris, chemical paints etc. Such idols made of harmful materials are not biodegradable and damage our fresh water resources. Story: A rat in its hunger steals some food from the festival and hides in one of the Lord Ganesha's idols. It is eating inside the ear of the idol when it hears lots of splashing sounds in the surroundings. Disturbed, the rat comes out to have a look. To its surprise it is in the middle of a lake also the entire lake is filled with other Ganesha Idols. The Rat is surprised and dismayed to find itself in such a predicament. The distressed rat gets distracted by the sound of an idol falling in to water behind it. In the mean time, an Eagle is searching for food with its sharp eyes and notices the rat below on the Lord Ganesha's idol. The eagle dives straight towards the rat and grabs the distracted rat with its legs. Message : If we ignore the danger of pollution and go against the nature, then it will attack us like the Eagle, which attacked a Rat in this video. Make Ganesh idols with natural soil and harmless colors.Pledge to protect our mother nature!
30 Aug 2011
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*******www.ChoiceCookery**** - Traditionally, most cooking has been done in water. Unfortunately, cooking in water often eliminates many of the nutrients, as well as the flavors of the food. A method to avoid losing the natural nutrition of the food is to cook it in a near-waterless environment, using the food's natural juices. This usually requires special surgical stainless steel waterless cookware.
2 Sep 2011
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Discover the advantages of earth-conscious flooring materials, like bamboo and cork, and see the beauty that these floor choices offer.
23 Sep 2011
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Are you currently looking for a good sleep solution? If you are, look no further than the Englander Mattress because this is the finest sleep solution money can buy. Look at *******www.englander-mattress****
5 Jan 2012
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At the Panasonic Center in Tokyo, Japan we got to see some of the technology being developed to do more with less!
12 Mar 2012
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If you are planning to have a unique and stylish bunk house,then the BunkHouse Plans can give you by providing a good looking small cabin at very low price.Visit us today! At www.BunkHouse Plans****
24 May 2012
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18 Jun 2012
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18 Jun 2012
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Renovate your kitchen with modern cabinets available at Domain Cabinets Direct. Find a huge range of cabinets, visit us and give a new look to your kitchens. Make your home more spacious and clean.
17 Nov 2012
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######### *******recomm.firstezarticle****/info/?teslasecret ##### FREE ELECTRICITY Home Generator Zero Point Electricity Away from the Grid
7 Jan 2013
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Bamboo Fencing is an enviromentaly friendly alternative to yard decorations and décor. This beautiful and renewable resource can dress up any backyard and instantly trasnsport you to a tropical location. Visit *******www.foreverbamboo****/bamboo-fencing.html to learn more about bamboo fencing options today. Easy to install, easy to maintain, and it looks great.
7 Feb 2013
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Conceptually, it has been designed to be the most energy-efficient fusion reactor. Effectively, a clean, safe, dense and environmentally friendly power source to supply the world's energy needs, with no greenhouse gases, no neutron emission, no radioactive waste, no thermal waste, no large land areas, no environmental impact, no interruptions by the weather or time of day, no nuclear meltdowns and no proliferation. It is to be the ultimate energy source, an affordable answer to the world’s energy problems; the right path to a more sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future for our planet. Potentially, the CrossFire Fusion Reactor can produce directly and efficiently an enormous quantity of electricity with less cooling water than conventional thermal power stations, releasing only the non-radioactive, non-corrosive, inert, and safe helium-4 gas. *******www.crossfirefusion****/reactor
19 Feb 2013
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