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Visitors can search by beautician specialty and/or beautician name. The Administrator can view and manage the appointments. The User can browse through beautician profile and read information regarding their specialty. The Administrator can manage specialization, beautician, beautician schedules, beautician time offers appointments, appointments statistics. We developed our Nail Salons Script eco-friendly to a user. This script is a web-based Tanning Salons Script that overcomes the issue of managing and booking appointments according to user’s choice or demands. The application uses PHP and SQL for a database.
17 Mar 2018
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Planning a trip in Australia is everyone's wish. Beaches RVs is the right place to hire Caravan Van and RV Service in Australia. Our expert is here to help you to get the best Caravan Van for your trip. Caravan is a very luxurious vehicle and is also Eco-friendly.
12 Mar 2018
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Packaging is usually referred as enclosing a product for the purpose of storage, distribution, sale, and use. One such packaging is flexible packaging, which is a non-rigid method of packaging using flexible materials such as plastic, aluminium, and paper.
7 Mar 2018
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Presenting the most eco-friendly vehicle in the history, a human bicycle that creates zero pollution and does not exhaust natural resources.
4 Mar 2018
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Resha, The Leading Online Indian Fashion Store For Women where you can buy ECO Friendly Women’s Clothing including Pure Silk Cotton Sarees, Long Linen Dresses, Tops & Shirts, Khaadi Kurtas, Designer Printed Sarees and Much More!
28 Feb 2018
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Benefits of Constructing your House with Shipping Containers Houses that are built from shipping container are gaining popularity because of the less time and money required to construct the house and also for the eco-friendly benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of constructing a house with shipping containers. Durability Shipping containers are built to resist harsh climatic conditions. A container is the safest storm shelter as it can handle wind speeds of 100 mile per hour. It will never collapse during an earthquake. Therefore it is an ideal building material. Easy to Construct It is extremely easy to build into a home. A container house could be constructed in 4 months. A container house can be built off site and then transported to the site. With proper insulation a container could be turned into a warm home in winter and a cooler home in summer. Eco-Friendly A 40 feet container weighs around 3500 kilograms. By building a home with 3 containers you are recycling steel worth 10,500 kilograms. Portable Containers are originally built for transport and can be easily moved when needed. Cost Effective Converting a shipping container into a home is much cheaper than buying a house in the cheapest location in the city. Customized Designs Containers can be designed in to various shapes to give it a unique look. External cladding could also be done to improve the aesthetics. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Container Houses Manufacturers in UAE i e at https://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/container-houses
22 Feb 2018
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Nviro360 is a non toxic chemical free soap.
20 Feb 2018
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Schmidty's Cleaning & Maintenance is pleased to announce we now offer green eco friendly cleaning products! Are you worried about harsh chemicals playing havoc on your life? Are you sensitive to traditional cleaners? Let us know and we will use eco friendly cleaners at your place! Call at 541-733-9525 for more information about Housekeeping Services in Roseburg OR or visit our website. Address : 185 NE Baker St, Winston, OR 97496, USA Phone : 541-733-9525
20 Feb 2018
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Karapuzha Lakeshore Resort is an Eco friendly resort in Wayanad.
8 Feb 2018
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Looking for an outdoor decking contractor for your balcony, patio, or swimming pool? Our high quality material is built to last. Get quality services for your outdoor decking from Microcell Marketing (Asia) Pte Ltd - the leading provider of Outdoor Decking Materials in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.
31 Jan 2018
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Container House Inside, Shipping Container Beach House, Shipping Container Homes Cost To Build There are many benefits to living in a home built from used shipping containers, and more and more people are starting to realise this and take action. If you are already lucky enough to have built your own and/or already live in one, you'll know these benefits first hand and will have experienced them for yourself. Much cheaper than conventional building methods of timber-framed buildings, and brick and mortar buildings, used containers are modular, flexible in design (and can be made to look absolutely beautiful!), durable, eco-friendly, and just an all-round winner when it comes to building your own home. Over the next few paragraphs I'm going to outline some of the benefits of living in used shipping containers. Economical to build... Although the price of containers is currently on the rise (due to various factory closures in China during 2009 and early 2010), you can still pick up a fairly good bargain. As the global recession starts to ebb and global trade routes begin to get busier again, the production of shipping containers will increase also. You'll start to see container prices start to dip again, or at the very least remain stable. You can currently pick up a used container for around $1,500USD. That's a base price of $1,500USD for 305sq feet of floorspace. Not bad when you compare it to the price of more traditional forms of construction. So to conclude this point, used container homes are much more economical to build than more conventional building methods. Eco-Friendly (Green Living) So how green can shipping container living be? The answer: They can be as green as you want them to be.
26 Jan 2018
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They suck blood from humans and pets and are dangerous because they may transfer diseases from other host’s body. With Tick Pest Control Perth, you can be free of them and save your family and your pets.
24 Jan 2018
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