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José Augusto Sendim, ator e dublador, dublando o personagem Ned Stark (Lorde Eddard Stark) nesta magnífica série.
26 Jul 2011
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[English & Spanish CC] This dream of Lord Eddard Stark is missing from the HBO series. The the situation it describes is very intriguing and strange, as Eddard himself points out during his conversation with the knights of the Kingsguard. What did three knights of the Kingsguard were doing so far away from their king and prince at times of war? We believe they were sent to guard Rhaegar's lover - Lyanna of house Stark, Eddard's sister, while she was giving birth to Rhaegar's child (George R.R Martin is using the term "bed of blood" several times at other places as a medieval figure of speech for giving birth). What did Ned promise Lyanna? Did he promise her to take her child and raise him as one of his, under disguise of him being his bastard son - Jon Snow? Eddard is having this dream after Grand Maester Pycelle gives him the milk of the poppy to ease his pains from the injury he suffered when Jaime ambushed him and Jory Cassel outside Littlefinger's brothel. ** This description does not contain spoilers. Comments might contain major spoilers. ** Credits: Voice of Roy Dotrice from the 'Game of Thrones' audio book, Clips from HBO 'Game of Thrones', Illustrations by Fantasy Flight Games drawings and fans drawings published in the internet, The main music theme is "Harpa Maledicere" by PP music from their "Burn this city" album. Other music is "Dark Sanctuary" - Les Mémoires Blessées, "Libera Me" from "Interview with the Vampire" soundtrack, and "Ignis Fatuus" by Torrey Desmond Rogers.
21 Jan 2014
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1st attempt at rotoscoping in After Effects. Scene from Season 1 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones.
12 Jul 2012
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Game Of Thrones S01 E09 "Baelor"
25 Sep 2012
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5 May 2013
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Video is mirrored, they are right handed. Fight from end of episode 5 of Game of Thrones
25 Jul 2013
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Great Fight Scene. EDIT - To prevent rampant spoilers I've closed the comment section to protect people who haven't read the book yet. Don't act immature please, spoiling it for others is a dick move. -------------- Episode 5 of Game Of Thrones. All footage is the property of HBO. This is not for profit, only for the fans to salivate over.
26 Jul 2013
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This is my new favorite show and I really wanted to do a tribute to one my favorite characters Jon Snow! ---- Jon Snow is the illegitimate son of Lord Eddard Stark. He got along well with most of the family except for Catelyn Stark - Lord Eddard`s wife who treats him like an outsider. He was raised by his father alongside his true-born half-siblings, but joins the Night's Watch when he reaches adulthood. He is constantly accompanied by his albino direwolf Ghost. ---- Music : OST 'The Last of the Mohicans' Fandom: Game of Thrones (season 1 episodes 1 - 4) Enjoy ! Comments are appreciated :) ____________________ DOWNLOAD HERE *******www.mediafire****/?ncbvq5zm1gr2r5t _______________________ NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ____________________________
30 Nov 2011
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*3 Easter Eggs: *Egg 1: It's a bird! it's a plane!... Nah it's a dragon *Egg 2: Eddard's Ice *Egg 3: What goes up... (find the answers at the bottom) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Parody (The Senile Scribbles) A parody Based on the hit game Skyrim! Music By: Kevin Macleod (*******incompetech****) I love reading your comments so be sure to leave one (or two). Please like and share this video if you like it and feel like sharing it ;). AND Show love by subscribing! And don't forget you can PM me with any questions you may have about whatever. I do my best to answer unlike some lol. *3 Easter Eggs: ANSWERS: *Egg 1: (It's a bird, It's a plane... Nah it's a dragon) 0:25 You'll see a dragon fly between the mountain peeks *Egg 2: (Eddard's Ice) 0:50 Eddard Stark's great sword 'Ice' sits on the dusty weapons rack in the background (GoT Fans) *Egg 3: (What goes up...) 2:39 See another poor victim of a giant's club falling in the background... Back up a bit and look closely in the background to see him get blasted up 2:10.
30 Jul 2012
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