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5 Sep 2012
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******* - Buy my songs on my page! A music video created by me for the Twilight movie. Song: Gabriel Thorn - Teardrops Copyright 2009 by Gabriel Thorn Yes, it's written and played by me. I hope you'll enjoy it! :) No copyright infringement intended, all footage from this video is property of their respective owners.
19 Oct 2012
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Breaking Dawn Part 2
19 Aug 2013
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Edited by Blog Twilight Sensation Visit now! Facebook page:*******www.facebook****/blogtwilightsensation Blog: *******twilight-sensation.blogspot****.br/ TM & (C) 2012 Simmit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. I don't want, and I don't have any copyrights about this video copy. Summit Entertrainment have all those rights. I just posted this video for the fans, and I don't want any copyright of it.
25 Nov 2013
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Titolo originale: Twilight Lingua originale: Inglese Paese: USA Anno: 2008 Durata: 117 min Genere: fantastico, romantico Regia: Catherine Hardwicke Sceneggiatura: Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg Casa di produzione: Summit Entertainment, Maverick Films Distribuzione: Eagle Pictures (Italia) © Copyright 2008 Summit Entertainment, All Rights Reserved.
28 Nov 2013
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I own nothing. All rights go to Summit, Stephenie Meyers, and all other afiiliates. Thanks. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Team Edward all the way!
3 Feb 2014
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Honeymoon sexy times set to The Weeknds High for This. Enjoyyy Disclaimer: I do not own the clips or audio seen herein. I do not make any money from this video, it is purely for Entertainment purposes.
27 Apr 2014
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lyrics to te regalo amores by rakim y ken y.. pictures are of edward and bella from twilight
29 Apr 2009
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brand spankin' new. FIRST LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! naw im juss messin witchyu its relly fanmadeeeeeee ;) well dont give me that look..evrybody puts that title i gotta copy em just to keep up psssh! newho... its kinda glitchy with the audio cuz windows movie maker can b ghetto ummmmmmmmmmmmmm its basically a trailer 4 new moon...tho its kinda long and slow and random....i wus just bored. so dont write stupid comments like 'this isnt real' 'this sucks' 'that was bad' cuz ima ...
25 May 2009
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the music is a property of Warner Music Group. i do not own any rights to this music. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.I do not own/took the images used for this video. photo on :50 was taken by Sincerely-M --------------------------------------------------- Flightless Bird, American...
25 Apr 2009
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Well Z (ItsTwilightAgain) went over to my house, and we decided to make a parody! it was really fun! Edward-Z Bella/Emmett-Me ***Disclaimer: I DON'T CLAIM ANY MEDIA IN THIS VIDEO! WE JUST EDIT THE STUFF
27 Jul 2009
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Bellas cliff diving with my own interpretation... Hope you like it! I wanted to do it sooo badly! LOL!! Please subscribe and rate! No copyright. All rights to their owners
6 Sep 2009
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Polska wersja traileru adaptacji światowego bestselleru. Nie jest to oficjalny trailer,ponieważ zdjęcia do filmu będą robione dopiero w 2012 roku. Dodam, iż nie jestem autorką tego traileru. Ja dokonałam tłumaczenia. Pragnę podziękować jego wspaniałomyślnej autorce, fervt88. Przejrzałam wiele zwiastunów Breaking Dawn, ale uważam, że ten, który przetłumaczyłam jest najlepszym. Czekam na komentarze i oceny. Podoba się Wam? Oficjalna wersja tutaj: ***********/watch?v=1l71UXPtBng To fervt88: You're a genious! Your trailer is amazing! Muzyka- 0:06 - 0:50 - I´m kissing you by Des Ree (Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack 1996) 0:51- 0:59 - Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell (Requiem for a dream) 0:59 - 2:11 - Third song: Blasphemy by Immediate Music Trailer panny fervt88, za co dziękujemy. Nie ma to jak inspiracja... xD
19 Dec 2009
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www.acesshollywood**** source-edwardandbella**** this juicy deleted make-out scene will be on the dvd! NO COPYRIGHT INFRAGAMENT INTEDED! YOUTUBE PLEASE DON'T DELETE!
12 Jan 2010
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Hot kiss scenes from twilight movie! Hope you´ll like it :) and this is my first video so comment please :D And you can watch also my second vid here: ***********/watch?v=vpAlqdmcBVY Thanks! :) song: Over you by Chris Daughtry I DON´T OWN ANYTHING!
30 Jul 2010
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love the lyrics of this song makes me feel that these are the lines in edward's head which he wants to say to bella to express how he feels for her. photos are from random sources in the internet. no copyright infringement intended. ===== I'm Yours The Script You've touched these tired eyes of mine And mapped my face line by line And some how growing old feels fine I listen close for I'm not smart You wrap your thoughts and works of art And they're hanging on the walls of my heart. I may not have the softest touch I may not say the words as such And though I may not look like much I'm yours. And though my edge is maybe rough I never feel I'm quite enough And it may not seem like very much But I'm yours. You healed these scars over time And braced my soul, you loved my mind Your the only angel in my life The day the news came, my best friend died My knees went weak, and you saw me cry Say I'm still the soldier in your eyes. I may not have the softest touch I may not say the words as such And though I may not look like much I'm yours. And though my edge is maybe rough I never feel I'm quite enough And it may not seem like very much But I'm yours. I may not have the softest touch I may not say the words as such And though I don't fit in that much But I'm yours.
10 Aug 2010
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