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*******www.drawingnow****/videos/id_20554-how-to-draw-eevee.html Learn how to draw step by step in this simple video tutorial that teaches how to draw Eevee. Visit *******www.drawingnow****/ for more easy free video tutorials. You can change the play speed for a closer look and try it yourself too.
3 Dec 2010
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*******www.drawingnow****/videos/id_20554-how-to-draw-eevee.html Learn how to draw step by step in this simple video tutorial that teaches how to draw Eevee. Visit *******www.drawingnow****/ for more easy free video tutorials. You can change the play speed for a closer look and try it yourself too.
3 Dec 2010
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How you can do pokemon go cheat
24 Mar 2017
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*******mediahangout.blogspot****/ pokemon platinum english usa american walkthrough guide eevee bebe hearthome fantina wayward mira gible Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Apr 2009
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Pokémon Capitulo 040 - Los Belicosos Hermanos Eevee
2 Feb 2013
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This video shows you how to get the Pokemon Eevee in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and then how to evolve it into all seven of its evolutions - Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.Well, my first few videos have been a booming success, so it's about time for another one!I'm trying something different and actually using my voice to narrate it instead of just text. Hopefully I sound like a true Pokédork! :B If you prefer me to narrate using text, let me know, because I'd like input.And of course, if you need stats and info on all of these evolutions of Eevee, be sure to check out my site's online Pokedex:*******pokemon.marriland****/diamond_pearl/pokedexMuch more there than could possibly be fit into a single video, that's for sure! _ Enjoy!Oh, and be sure to comment with your favorite Eeveelution, too! :D
25 Apr 2009
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to join eevee party club: *******eeveeparty.deviantart****/ thanks for like eevee party 2 The music is called Dance,Dance by Fall out boy hello! I removed eevee party 2 while rearrange my youtube homepage by accident. so... that is one silly thing i've done today. so here i come again ^^ll sorry about that. Personal project animated during Easter. Thanks to my gf, iron-zing, tail-230 and my pet rat Suit's help I can finish this animation within 2 weeks before my school pitch, which is cool.
9 Dec 2009
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which one will I choose? or should I stay an Eevee forever?? O.o
2 Jul 2013
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I do not own this video! This is uploaded for fair-use and entertainment purposes only, all rights go to ShoPro, Shogakukan Productions LTD, The Pokemon Company and their rightful and respective owners. ▼Pokemon Season 16 Episode 5 On their way to Vertress City, site of the Unova League, our heroes encounter a rockslide in their path. Ash and Iris try to climb over it, and it gives way under their feet! But a young man with an Eevee comes to the rescue, and his Espeon uses Psychic to float Ash and Iris out of danger. Their rescuer's name is Virgil, and he—along with his older brother, Davy, and their father, Jeff—are part of the Pokémon Rescue Squad, dedicated to helping others in need. The squad consists of several teams, and Virgil's team is called Team Eevee because it includes Eevee and all seven of its evolutions! Soon, the squad receives a distress call from a nearby dam. Davy flies there to investigate and discovers that the entire lake and the dam's control room have been frozen, knocking out the power and trapping a worker in the elevator. He evacuates the other workers, but a wild Cryogonal's attack traps him inside the control room with the door frozen shut! That means it's Virgil's turn to launch a rescue. Our heroes decide rescuing people with the help of Pokémon sounds like a great thing, so they come along to help! Virgil's task is to recharge the emergency batteries to get the power back up and running. Iris and Cilan distract the five angry Cryogonal who are responsible for the crisis, and Ash and Virgil find the batteries and recharge them with the help of Jolteon and Pikachu. Once power is restored, Davy goes to investigate the strange noises coming from the control room's basement. There he finds the cause of the incident: a smaller Cryogonal trapped behind some pipes! He frees it with his Darmanitan's help, and then discovers that Virgil's Eevee has made a tunnel to rescue him using Dig. Our heroes, Virgil, and Davy are soon reunited, and the little Cryogonal returns to its friends, who happily float away. The dam is thawed, the workers are safe, and thanks to Eevee's heroic actions, it's promoted as a full member of Team Eevee! Before saying good-bye, Virgil reveals that he and Eevee won all eight Unova Gym badges on their journey together, and they're planning to enter the Unova League too! Ash looks forward to an exciting new rivalry as our heroes resume their trek to Vertress City
3 Sep 2013
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While traveling through the woods, the group encounters an Eevee that was apparently abandoned by a tree. They take it to its address in Stone Town and find it belongs to a little boy. He left it there because his older brothers wanted him to evolve it. Misty tells him to let his brothers know how he feels, but Team Rocket show up to get the food, stones, and the Pokémon. They find Team Rocket thanks to Horsea leaving a trail of ink and they recover everything. During the fight, the small boy proves his Eevee can fight well just as it is and tells his brothers he wants to keep his Eevee just how it is. They agree and let him keep his Eevee.
10 Sep 2013
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Before making the final decision, I decided to evolve it into everything I could and then SR to revert it back to Eevee. I snuck in my older video of my SRed LG Eevee Celtic Sol for the Espeon one. Just one less I didn't have to record over again. So here's how you evolve your Eevee into one of it's SEVEN "Eeveelutions": Vaporeon: Use a Water Stone Jolteon: Use a Thunderstone (In the video it may still look yellow but it's actually green) Flareon: Use a Fire Stone Espeon: Make it love you / max out happiness, then Level Up during the DAY Umbreon: Make it love you / max out happiness, then Level Up during the NIGHT Leafeon: Level up near the Moss Rock in Eterna Forest (Why not Leaf Stone is beyond me) Glaceon: Level up near the Icy Rock in the blizzard route. I can't remember the route number, but you get to see me go there in the video! I just use a Rare Candy to evolve my Eevee during those moments to save time. So, what is your favorite Eeveelution, and what is your favorite SHINY Eeveelution? I like them all!! Even little white Eevee!!
27 Dec 2013
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This is my first mini video! Rate and comment, thanx!! :D Edit to add: Any comments about Leafeon will be marked as spam. If your too lazy to read the freaking annotation. Honestly. I'm tired of a billion people complaining that leafeon isn't in this.
7 Jul 2013
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Its a Pokemon Battle between me & The Dragon Master, Lance. As you see I have 3 Kanto Pkmn, 2 Johto Pkmn & 1 Hoenn Pkmn. Hoenn - Gardevoir Johto - Umbreon, Bellossom Kanto - Nidoking, Lapras, Charizard Ok... From now on I'm not accepting any "I'm better than you" comments... Any "I'm better than you" comment will be marked as spam... People who want to know how to get an Umbreon/Espeon: First you need VisualBoy Advance 1.7.2 (if you're using roms). Trade Eevee to Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby from FireRed/LeafGreen. Then go to your house and see the clock that is in your room. If you maxed out your Eevees happiness between 12pm and 12am then you'll get an Espeon. And if you maxed Eevee's happiness between 12am and 12pm you'll get an Umbreon... Thats all you need to get those Pkmns.
21 May 2009
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some real pokemon. Are they real? ~pokemon~ (in order) 1.Psyduck 2.Torkoal 3.Pikachu #1 4.Pikachu #2 5.Umbreon 6.Nidorina 8.ZigZagoon 7.Vaporeon 9.Cubone 10.Golbat 11.Ivysaur 12.Maril 13.Moltres 14.Articuno 15.Bellsprout 16.Charmander 17.Dragonair 18.Eevee 19.Hoothoot 20.koffing 21.Lickitung 22.Marcargo 23.magneton 24.Metapod 25.Onix 26.Parasect 27.Yanma 28.arbok 29.shaymin 30.totodile 31.vulpix I hope you enjoyed watching the video. song:hellsing-techno Feel free to comment and rate if you like.
24 May 2009
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This was a VERY good battle. It was close, and you get to see some baby Pokémon in this one. I truly thought I was going to be annihilated after Tangrowth's Power Whip Took out Slowking before it could set up Trick Room. Eevee still got a Facade in, which helped out a lot because Earthquake could finish it off, along with Cacturne. I used: Slowking(Sync), Lopunny(Bunny), Eevee(Fuzzy), and Drapion. DarkLatios777 used: Tangrowth(Goomba), Doduo(Kiwi), Azumarril(Azu), and Cacturne(Calister).
7 May 2010
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It is time for the end of another era. I wanted to finish getting the rest of my shiny Pokemon off my GBA games and onto my Diamond game because I was afraid something might happen to them, like the internal battery dying in the games. (The DS cartriges use flash memory) So, it was a little emotional. Yeah yeah whatever. Now I don't really have a reason to play those GBA games I've played for so long (My FireRed has 325 hours on it alone. And that doesn't count SR time). I caught 6 shinies in 3rd gen. The first, was a shiny Beldum I SR'd (soft reset) for in my Emerald game. I got it in less than 100 resets, and since I was using the original GBA, I thought my eyes were messing with me. But I looked harder, saw a gold claw, yellow letters, and then saved twice XD, then took it out and put it in my DS... wow. That Beldum is now my big shiny Metagross, and is a staple in my team. It went from not so great to awesome thanks to a little team support. It's not featured in this video, because I transferred it long ago before I ever got the idea of recording this kind of stuff. (I named it MoonRinger since my other normal Metagross is called Saturn. Shiny Metagross does look like something Moon-ish, don't you agree?) My 2nd 3rd Gen. shiny is featured in this video and has a unique game. I got it in LeafGreen: Shiny Eevee. I was lucky to get it within 400 resets. It's stats suggest Espeon, so I gave it probably one of the best, unique nicknames of all time: Celtic Sol. ShinY Espeon is green (yah!). Espeon is the Sun Pokemon (says so in it's Dex entry). Celtic = green. Sol is the latin name for Sun I believe. = Epic name. However I decided to save it's evolution for later, so right now it's still just a shiny white Eevee. =) My third 3rd Gen. shiny came in FireRed...... I finally got it at 200 - 300 hours after a LOT of looking. In fact I was playing Emerald and FR at the same time trying to find shinies. It was a Machop inside Victory Road. I was actually trying to get Onix, but whatever: This guy is a god. As I was checking it's IVs, I went ahead and evolved it to Machamp. I wish they kept it's brown colors, but since Machamp is green, I changed his name to "Ferrigno". Ferrigno is the last name of the actor/bodybuilder who trained with Arnold Schwartzenegger. What did Ferrigno star in? He played The Incredible Hulk during the 80s! (And although sorta corny.... That show was great!) =D And Incredible this Pokemon is: It has a +Attack nature and has a 30 IV - which means it's attack will be like 393 or something with 252 Attack EVs. Chew on that a while. This guy is a contender to sack my Metagross. Terrifying! My 4th 3rd gen shiny (I think) was a shiny Voltorb in Sapphire. It's alright. I was trying to get a shiny Magnemite but it doesn't matter now. It's now a shiny Electrode, but I don't use it much, and it's not featured in the video. (I named it Sonic since it's blue and is one of the fastest Pokemon of all) My 5th 3rd gen. shiny (I think. It's either the 4th or 5th. Who cares) is a shiny Totodile! I got it in Emerald. Probably the toughest of all, I caught/traded to get all the Hoenn Pokemon in Emerald, the SR'd for Totodile for like a whole week. I did it a LOT. And I got it. I never could decide on a name until I thought of Vector of the Sonic series. 'Nuff said. My 6th and final 3rd gen. Pokemon is a shiny Scyther I got in FireRed. It heartbreakingly SUCKS. It's nature is a -Attack one..... =( It can't learn Baton Pass.... so... I'll think of something. Shiny Scizor is yellow and green so I named it Lemonlime. I don't think it's gonna steal the limelight anytime soon though as I must suck lemons and suffer the bad luck of the good luck on this one. Ok so anyway enough of the history. I encounter Scyther first, then the 2 filler Pokemon (Vulpix... = P ), then Eevee, then Totodile. Then I hop off, but I don't know the Pal park well, so I thought I'd go around to the mountainside... Wrong way, so I had to go back. Perfect time to fit in a part of a song. I think it fits. COming home. Then, it takes FOREVER to find Ferrigno. HULK ANGRY! But then I do. Oh, and another thing: You get to see another shiny Pokemon besides the ones I recapture: The Zigzagoon I SURF on is shiny. ^_^ Enjoy! The times have changed... It truely is the end of an era. Song: Mama, I'm Coming Home -- Ozzy Osbourne (Yeah. I play Pokemon and listen to him. =P )
22 Jul 2010
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