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How you can do pokemon go cheat
24 Mar 2017
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Pokémon Capitulo 040 - Los Belicosos Hermanos Eevee
2 Feb 2013
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*******www.drawingnow****/videos/id_20554-how-to-draw-eevee.html Learn how to draw step by step in this simple video tutorial that teaches how to draw Eevee. Visit *******www.drawingnow****/ for more easy free video tutorials. You can change the play speed for a closer look and try it yourself too.
3 Dec 2010
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*******www.drawingnow****/videos/id_20554-how-to-draw-eevee.html Learn how to draw step by step in this simple video tutorial that teaches how to draw Eevee. Visit *******www.drawingnow****/ for more easy free video tutorials. You can change the play speed for a closer look and try it yourself too.
3 Dec 2010
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*******mediahangout.blogspot****/ pokemon platinum english usa american walkthrough guide eevee bebe hearthome fantina wayward mira gible Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Apr 2009
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TBFP Episode: ******* TBFP Channel: ***********/user/TheSw1tcher My Channel: ***********/user/2Snacks My tumblr *******2snacks.tumblr****/ Soundtrack Tugboat - 8bit Remix Medley ********myspace****/tugboat/music/song/remix-medley-1-27036697-26837882?play=1 Vectors press hat by craftybrony cave background vector by bakabrony wonderbolts academy flying field by ambassad0r cloudy sky background by goblinengineer Ponyville Road Side View by BonesWolbach lord solaris created by Trotsworth Eevee girls by Takeshima ******* Sprites Snap Sprites Ripped by Mr.C Original luna and celestia sprites made by Urimas *******urimas.deviantart****/ Ruby/Saphire Intro Ripped by Shadow Sora Sonic Rush explosion Ripped by Chaofanatic
19 Jan 2014
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Facebook: ******* Subscribe for Red: ******* My Pokemon Store: ********www.districtlines****/pokemonbattles11 Get Text for every New Video: ******* Follow me: ********twitter****/maxezzy_ Red says hit the LIKE button, it'll help the channel grow and thanks for watching! :) So guys I decided to make this video, from all the comments I was getting in my Battle with Red video. Please let me know what you guys think and if you have suggestions, leave it in the comments. Please note, that the story below is only a summary made from me, just so you guys can get the general idea. Red's Story Chapter 1 - Red's Journey begins when he saw the legendary pokemon Mew one night at Pallet Town. He decides to start he's journey at 11 years old, with Green and Blue. As he's journey unfolds, he encounters Team Rocket several times and goes through many obstacles. When he arrives at Celadon City, where Team Rocket unveiled a new biological experiment on Eevee. Which gives Eevee the ability to transform into Jolteon, Flareon, and Vapreon at will. From there the journey got even worse. Again encountering Team Rocket, but this time they caught all 3 Legendary Birds and merged them into Zapmolcuno. Red teamed up with Green and Blue to defeat Zapmolcuno. The 3 of them have an epic showdown and puts Team Rocket to rest. From there Red goes to Virdian City to defeat he's last gym. Which he later finds out the Gym Leader is Giovanni and has one of he's most dangerous battles in he's life. He manages to win the battle and later enters the Indigo Plateau Champion Tournament. He faces Green in the finals, they say the battle was intense, mind blowing, and very close. Red emerges as the Champion of the 9th Tournament in the Indigo Plateau. Chapter 2 - 2 years after the Indigo Plateau, Red receives a letter, a challenge from a man named Bruno. Red goes to meet up Bruno and goes missing afterwards. Pika returns to Professor Oak's Lab, severely injured. A young female trainer named Yellow, goes looking for Red. It is than later revealed that Bruno's letter was a trap to make Red participate in the Elite 4 corrupt scheme. Red immidently refused and wanted to go back. He then was frozen at Mt.Moon, by Lorelei's ice handcuffs maneuvers. Some say he was frozen for days or weeks. He later was saved by a mysterious man, they say it was Giovanni, but nobody still knows. Red later joins up with Green, Blue, and Yellow to a 4 on 4 battle with the Elite 4 at Cerise Island. Chapter 3 - 1 year after the Elite 4 collision. Red finally completes he's promise that he made to Yellow, on competing the test for the new Viridian City Gym Leader. But unfortunately he's past injury at Mt.Moon, prevented him from becoming the new gym leader. He embarks to Johto, at Mt.Silver to get therapeutic treatment. He later finds Sabrina at the same place and going for the same thing. Later Red gets informed that the Magnet Train in Goldenrod City was going to crash, it was out of control. He stops the train with Snor and later meets up with Green at Ilex Forest. Where they find Blue fighting Lugia and Ho-oh with the other 3 Legendary Birds. Red and Green team up and help Blue fight. It's then later revealed that all of this was the work of Neo Team Rocket and it's leader the Mask of Ice. Red and the gang eventually put them to rest. Chapter 4 - 2 years after the defeating Neo Team Rocket and the Mask of Ice. Red and Green return to Pallet Town at Professor Oak's request. When they get there, the lab is completely empty. They learn that some weird events have been happening on the Sevii Islands. They soon find out that Giovanni has resurrected Team Rocket and a mysterious pokemon named Deoxys. Red decides to face Deoxys on he's own, but later gets punished like never before and almost losing the will to battle ever again. He later realizes that to fight a team he has to have a team. So he teams up with he's companions and the psychic mutant Mewtwo to defeat Team Rocket. They go out into a intense battle, that lead them into a airship. Red has he's most memorable rematch battle with Giovanni at the top of the airship. While Mewtwo and Deoxys have an epic all out psychic battle. Red claiming victory, by a slightest mistake that Giovanni makes. But then a internal conflict among the Team Rocket Beast Trio happens and quickly the airship goes out of control. The airship was falling at a rapid pace, out of no where Mew stops the airship from crashing. But things didn't stop there, a mysterious attack was unleashed by Team Rocket's Beat Trio member Storc. The attack collided with Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Silver. It turned them into stone! Go to *******pokepals****, for last the last chapters Background Music: EndureRibbon - Pallet Town (Remix) Fairuzons- SS Anne Remix DJTheFishhead - Trainer Red Epic Orchestral Remix
29 Dec 2013
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Before making the final decision, I decided to evolve it into everything I could and then SR to revert it back to Eevee. I snuck in my older video of my SRed LG Eevee Celtic Sol for the Espeon one. Just one less I didn't have to record over again. So here's how you evolve your Eevee into one of it's SEVEN "Eeveelutions": Vaporeon: Use a Water Stone Jolteon: Use a Thunderstone (In the video it may still look yellow but it's actually green) Flareon: Use a Fire Stone Espeon: Make it love you / max out happiness, then Level Up during the DAY Umbreon: Make it love you / max out happiness, then Level Up during the NIGHT Leafeon: Level up near the Moss Rock in Eterna Forest (Why not Leaf Stone is beyond me) Glaceon: Level up near the Icy Rock in the blizzard route. I can't remember the route number, but you get to see me go there in the video! I just use a Rare Candy to evolve my Eevee during those moments to save time. So, what is your favorite Eeveelution, and what is your favorite SHINY Eeveelution? I like them all!! Even little white Eevee!!
27 Dec 2013
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The gigantic Pixelmon Update 2.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2 is finally here! With it, nearly 40 new Pokemon, 15 new looks, & tons of new features & fixes! Thanks for watching guys, & enjoy! Pixelmon is a mod that adds Pokémon to the game! It's amazing, way more extensive than Pokémobs, including choosing a starter from Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, & Eevee (you have to catch Pikachu), crafting Pokéballs with apricorns, battling trainers in a new turn based system that includes tons of moves, etc. Give it a try if you get a chance, it's very easy to install. Hey! I'm Adam (aka Swimming Bird), and I play games every day. I love you guys, and I read every comment! Please Rate and Subscribe:***********/subscription_center?add_user=SwimmingBird941 Download Pixelmon (Make sure you install Forge first): *******pixelmonmod****/blog/pixelmon-2-2-1-for-minecraft-1-5-2/ See what's new in Minecraft Snapshots: ***********/playlist?list=PL1CA6ADAC4340FA1C&feature=view_all Check out more funny Minecraft moments with monsters and animals:***********/playlist?list=PLC91E1217B1F18402 Music by Andrew Riley entitled "The Coffee Bean Incident", "Along the Way", "Just Passing By", "A Careless Trifle", "In the Meadow", & "Super Kukicha" The song "Swimming Bird's Theme" is by the amazing musician Julian Cornell. Check him out here: ***********/user/polishpunk911
14 Sep 2013
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While traveling through the woods, the group encounters an Eevee that was apparently abandoned by a tree. They take it to its address in Stone Town and find it belongs to a little boy. He left it there because his older brothers wanted him to evolve it. Misty tells him to let his brothers know how he feels, but Team Rocket show up to get the food, stones, and the Pokémon. They find Team Rocket thanks to Horsea leaving a trail of ink and they recover everything. During the fight, the small boy proves his Eevee can fight well just as it is and tells his brothers he wants to keep his Eevee just how it is. They agree and let him keep his Eevee.
10 Sep 2013
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I do not own this video! This is uploaded for fair-use and entertainment purposes only, all rights go to ShoPro, Shogakukan Productions LTD, The Pokemon Company and their rightful and respective owners. ▼Pokemon Season 16 Episode 5 On their way to Vertress City, site of the Unova League, our heroes encounter a rockslide in their path. Ash and Iris try to climb over it, and it gives way under their feet! But a young man with an Eevee comes to the rescue, and his Espeon uses Psychic to float Ash and Iris out of danger. Their rescuer's name is Virgil, and he—along with his older brother, Davy, and their father, Jeff—are part of the Pokémon Rescue Squad, dedicated to helping others in need. The squad consists of several teams, and Virgil's team is called Team Eevee because it includes Eevee and all seven of its evolutions! Soon, the squad receives a distress call from a nearby dam. Davy flies there to investigate and discovers that the entire lake and the dam's control room have been frozen, knocking out the power and trapping a worker in the elevator. He evacuates the other workers, but a wild Cryogonal's attack traps him inside the control room with the door frozen shut! That means it's Virgil's turn to launch a rescue. Our heroes decide rescuing people with the help of Pokémon sounds like a great thing, so they come along to help! Virgil's task is to recharge the emergency batteries to get the power back up and running. Iris and Cilan distract the five angry Cryogonal who are responsible for the crisis, and Ash and Virgil find the batteries and recharge them with the help of Jolteon and Pikachu. Once power is restored, Davy goes to investigate the strange noises coming from the control room's basement. There he finds the cause of the incident: a smaller Cryogonal trapped behind some pipes! He frees it with his Darmanitan's help, and then discovers that Virgil's Eevee has made a tunnel to rescue him using Dig. Our heroes, Virgil, and Davy are soon reunited, and the little Cryogonal returns to its friends, who happily float away. The dam is thawed, the workers are safe, and thanks to Eevee's heroic actions, it's promoted as a full member of Team Eevee! Before saying good-bye, Virgil reveals that he and Eevee won all eight Unova Gym badges on their journey together, and they're planning to enter the Unova League too! Ash looks forward to an exciting new rivalry as our heroes resume their trek to Vertress City
3 Sep 2013
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She only makes these noises when she gets excited about special foods. And for all the PETA freaks out there, she is only in the cage when I am not home FOR HER SAFETY, much like a puppy with a crate. In this video, Eevee tried strawberries for the first time in her life. For more info: *******www.fennecfoxes.webs****
19 Aug 2013
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This is my first mini video! Rate and comment, thanx!! :D Edit to add: Any comments about Leafeon will be marked as spam. If your too lazy to read the freaking annotation. Honestly. I'm tired of a billion people complaining that leafeon isn't in this.
7 Jul 2013
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On April 17th, 2013 (in the US), the previously-revealed Pokémon with a connection to Mewtwo was revealed in a video clip to be an alternate form of Mewtwo! No longer "Mewthree," this alternate form of Mewtwo is tentatively named "Awakened Mewtwo," according to some verbage on the Japanese movie website. I dissect some of the footage seen and talk about Mewtwo in this, as well as some more footage of the eighth Eevee evolution, Sylveon, who is seen in the Japanese Pokémon Movie trailer. Be sure to subscribe to me for coverage of Pokémon X & Y when the games come out in October, and also for tons of other Pokémon gameplay videos, such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity! Here's the official Pokémon website showing this new Pokémon, as well as the official video for this below it: • *******www.pokemon****/pokemonxy/en-us/ • ***********/watch?v=vk_YC0MXJ-0 Here's a link to the Japanese movie website: • ******* • ************/watch?v=rTyPZGdEyyc Website: • *******www.marriland**** Forums: • *******www.marriland****/forums Facebook: • *******www.facebook****/pages/Marriland/91403447445 Twitter: • *******twitter****/Marriland
6 Jul 2013
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which one will I choose? or should I stay an Eevee forever?? O.o
2 Jul 2013
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I didnt make them.Made by PEQUEDARK-VELVET. Reevon is fusion of eevee and rotom. Eevan is a new pokemon. Eevan evolves into vaporeon-e,flareon-e ... Golduck evolves into Burnduck with firestone. Tauros evolves into Magnotauro. Rapidash evolves into Orphegas. Arcanine evolves into Valhalion. Onix evolves into Cobatlix with ''Sacred Ashes'' and trade. Munclax evolves into Stronlax with moon stone. Marowak evolves into Skulmet with ''Wale Bone''. Raticate evolves into Rataspark with ''Electrizer''. Seedra evolves into Queendra with ''Red Pearl'' and trade. Sandslash evolves into Sandburn. Scyther evolves into Scykadian. Lickitung evolutions... Corsola evolves into Reefaral with ''Metal Coat''. Male Haunter evolves into Prisioneer with ''Spell Tag'' and level up in Hall of Screams. Female Haunter evolves into Preyaneer with ''Spell Tag'' and level up in Hall of Screams. Lanturn evolves into Phrodeeptor with ''Light Ball''. Misdreavus evolves into Messcount with ''Poison Barb'' and trade. Female Machop evolves into Ladelle with ''Dawn Stone''. Dunsparce evolves into Desercros with ''Aerial Ace'' and level up. Skarmory evolves into Phoembery with ''Fire Stone''. Female Flaaffy evolves into Wattyion with ''Thunder Stone''. Tropius evolves into Troribean. Gardevoir evolves into Valycross with ''Lugia's Feather''. Illumise evolves into Aluminaga. Volbeat evolves into Lordbeat. Castform evolves into Claudform. Absol evolves into Aposend. Kecleon evolves into Komodhon. Female Makuhita evolves into Kyashama. Grovyle evolves into Zardtile at night. Furret evolves into Yanret with ''Dusk Stone''. Female Taillow evolves into Sharllow. Male Skitty evolves into Prynskat. Chatot evolves into Acusteer with ''Moon Stone''. Pachirisu evolves into Voltraisu with ''Aerial Ace''. Swablu evolves into Houperill with ''Lugia's Feather'' and level up. Riolu evolves into Rushario when he learns frustration and does not have fondness towards his trainer. Female Riolu evolves into Jocario. Sableye evolves into Jewersed with ''Dusk Stone''. Luvdisc evolves into Heartlies with ''Heart Scale'' and trade. Toxicroak evolves into Hazarcroak.
6 Jun 2013
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