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Skylights, whether of the rectangular or tubular selection, offer several important advantages. They send out natural illumination, they can serve as a vent to cool down a room, and they bring in warmth to warm up a space. However choosing an energy efficient skylights option that's created for a specific climate and put up properly will mostly identify the real perks accomplished. Energy efficient lighting help for your company, including support on energy-saving LED lighting and T5 fluorescent lighting.Visit our site *******www.bristolite****/sp/Interfaces/quasar-low.aspx for more information on Energy Efficient Skylights
17 Apr 2013
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*******www.aerco****/PDFs/Case-Studies/CaseStudy_GraystoneCorporation.aspx Boiler room overhaul cuts fuel and energy usage for Graystone Corp. When George T. Wilkinson Inc. replaced Graystone Corporation’s existing atmospheric boilers with AERCO condensing boilers, not only were boiler room operating costs significantly reduced, but Graystone received a substantial rebate from NStar to assist with project costs. From 2008 to 2009 Graystone saved 30 percent in fuel costs –– including therm reduction as well as heating degree days. Graystone Buildings Manager Bob Snow explained this was Graystone’s first time working with Wilkinson. Snow invited Geoff Wilkinson and Geoff Wilkinson, Jr. onsite and was very impressed with what they had to say. The Wilkinson Energy Efficiency Engineers® identified the best equipment for Graystone’s unique needs, which resulted in substantially reducing fuel costs and energy usage. Located in Cambridge, Mass., Graystone installed its original boilers during the 1970s. One of the downsides of operating atmospheric gas boilers is the inability to properly control fuel and air. Because of their significant intake of O2, these boilers require excessive use of fuel to counteract the intake –– without enough fuel the boiler is at risk to “blow out.” The nine inefficient, gas-fired Hydrotherm atmospheric boilers were replaced with two natural gas-fired AERCO Modulex 1060 condensing boilers. Constructed with cast aluminum heat exchangers, the units are able to condense without any thermal shock. The MLX-1060 combines the power of seven thermal modules, each operating with greater than 3:1 turndown to deliver a 23:1 range of operations. From the low-fire input of a single module (45,500 BTU per hour) to the unit’s full fire capacity (1,060,000 BTU per hour), the boiler matches the load precisely, without a cycling or temperature surplus by always employing as many modules as possible –– each firing at the lowest possible firing rate. Less energy is required for the group of thermal modules, each firing at part-load to heat a building. This results in greater fuel savings compared to a module requiring each thermal module to reach full 151,500 BTU per hour capacity before the next module goes online. The independent operation of two or more thermal modules increases each boiler’s turndown range while also increasing its overall reliability. Because thermal efficiency increases as firing rates drop, the simultaneous low-fire operation of multiple modules ensures Modulex boilers continuously maximize operating efficiency. “They were very, very good. Very thorough and professional. All of the service technicians were very knowledgeable,” said Snow. “The heat in the building has never been better,” he said.
19 May 2013
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Ansal Esencia made extensive use of energy efficient glass from Saint-Gobain glass. Glass windows, glass doors and glass balustrades were used to minimize energy consumption and to save energy costs.
7 Jun 2013
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Energy Efficient Oil Central Heating What makes up a good oil central heating system? A good oil-fired central heating system will contain the same controls as a modern gas-fired system. In particular it should have... read more: *******www.nef*******/energysaving/oilheating.htm
9 Jun 2013
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Video Source/ Johnson Controls: (*******3blmedia****/CSR-Profiles/Johnson-Controls) Washington, June 14, 2013 /3BL Media/Corporate Social Responsibility – Public and private sector leaders exchanged ideas yesterday to address the importance of energy efficiency in a changing economy at the 24th annual Energy Efficiency Forum, co-hosted by Johnson Controls and the United States Energy Association, held in Washington, D.C. Energy experts, legislators and business leaders outlined the importance of keeping energy efficiency at the forefront of national research and policy making to make communities and the world more secure, resilient and sustainable. Representatives discuss new bipartisan energy efficiency efforts U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and U.S. Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.), who sit on the Energy and Commerce Committee, discussed forthcoming bipartisan energy efficiency efforts at the forum. The new bipartisan efforts will focus on encouraging more energy efficiency in government and businesses to save money, create local jobs and sustain energy resources. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chair delivers afternoon keynote Keynote speaker Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) addressed the more than 300 forum attendees. “Energy efficiency is a good investment – it saves households and business owners money, creates jobs and moves our country toward a more competitive, low-carbon economy,” Wyden said. “But passing an energy efficiency bill through Congress will take more than common sense and bipartisan support. It’s going to take the businesses, efficiency advocates, consumers and government officials who are backing this issue to send a message that now is the time to bring an efficiency bill to a vote.” Pulitzer Prize winning author focuses on energy efficiency Daniel Yergin provided insight on his recent book, The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World. Yergin is one of America’s most influential energy experts, vice chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates and a Pulitzer Prize winning author. “Energy efficiency is one of our nation’s greatest energy resources. It is also embedded throughout our economy. Capturing it requires technology, mindset, commitment, and plain old street smarts. But the payback can be huge,” said Yergin. “The reason I focused on energy efficiency at the conclusion of The Quest is because of its strategic importance to our country’s energy future.” New energy efficiency research released by Johnson Controls President Dave Myers, president, Johnson Controls, Building Efficiency, shared highlights of the seventh annual Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey, which gauges the perceptions of more than 3,000 building owners and operators around the world on issues related to energy management practices, energy efficiency and renewable energy investment plans, clean technology integration and project financing approaches. This year’s survey indicated public goals and private financing continue to push global momentum for energy efficiency. In fact, energy efficiency interest increased 116 percent globally since 2010, with those who set goals making the greatest strides in reducing energy use. “We need public officials and private investors to work together to reduce the market’s uncertainty and capture momentum toward a more energy efficient global economy,” said Myers. The Energy Efficiency Indicator survey is led by Johnson Controls’ Institute for Building Efficiency in partnership with the International Facility Management Association and the Urban Land Institute. Find more CSR videos like this one by subscribing at ***********/3BLMedia
21 Jun 2013
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Feature Radiators are a leading expert in electric radiators and electric heating systems and electric heating is becoming more common in homes in the UK. So here our expert, Jason, provides a beginners guide to electric radiators, how to judge the efficiency and what choice in electric radiators are now available. Feature Radiators offers a huge range of models, sizes and finishes of electric radiators including traditional and contemporary radiators. We also offer a range of different levels of controls for electric radiators including smart controls to enable radiators to be controlled via PC, tablet or smartphone. For expert advice on electric radiators, please call our team on 01274 567789.
8 Feb 2017
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Businesses are now stepping ahead to automate HR management processes to improve business efficiency. An automation solution like VCA can help minimize the turnover ratio and add value to HR management processes. Employees have access to information regarding leaves, salary payments, tax deductions, performance review, job roles, peers, awards etc. With VCA automated HR management tool, managers can perform more efficiently and can get focus on other various business functions for strategizing and planning.
3 Jul 2017
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This will be the most efficient construction worker you will see today. What he does will surely amaze you and it's more like an adventure to him.
13 Jul 2017
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Antminer S9 is the most efficient Bitcoin Mining Hardware that is being used by most of the people in all over the world. It always gives efficient and profitable results. It comsume less power and it is very reliable also.
27 Jul 2017
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With this new technological twist, washing has become very easy and less time consuming. Presenting pressure washing method to do the job better and efficiently.
21 Nov 2017
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Tax Efficient Inventing (Tax Friendly Investing) | In Your Corner by Core Wealth Management
12 Dec 2017
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Business Intelligence platform driven by a “Connected Asset” ecosystem that maximizes Operational Efficiency from First to Last Mile.
21 Dec 2017
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E3 Power is dedicated to helping residents not only in Denver but in all cities in Colorado save energy by installing energy-efficient lighting and attic insulation on roofs. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your home or building to find the most affordable, cost-effective, and long-term solutions for your comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.
3 Feb 2018
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Effecient Dynamics describes all new BMW developments in the branches of drive trains, energy management and fuels.
12 Sep 2007
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Interview with Peter Vandeventer CEO of Synapsense, a company developing sensors to help keep data centers on the cool side. The ultimate applications of such sensors are fascinating to consider.
22 Jun 2008
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Community Gateway’s Call Center staff of six handles 1500 calls monthly. Incoming calls are automatically directed to the right person, staff use the network to see who available and direct inquiries accordingly. For more visit ***********/go/smb
20 Jun 2008
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