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Granny Gets Four-Year-Old To Shoplift Sky's Sara Merchant reports on how store detectives in Pennsylvania got something of a surprise when they spotted a four-year-old shoplifting - egged on by her grandmother.
12 Oct 2007
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En skole i Norge eller Sverige har indspillet denne utrolige sang og den er efterfølgende blevet animeret, jeg ligger og triller rundt på gulvet af grin hver gang eg ser den, så jeg ville lige dele den :)
23 Oct 2007
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Music and video Industriel, spychédélique, artistic and experimental by Sweeny Title: Colors The principle of color additive synthesis seeks to rebuild for a human eye, the equivalent (appearance) of any color visible by adding, according to well-chosen proportions, lights from three sources monochromatic (eg spots), whose wavelengths are chosen once and for all to respond best to this objective.
3 Nov 2007
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Watch the Team EG girls in action at the 2007 DigitalLife event in New York City.
28 Nov 2007
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This is a really fascinating story and the story self has as many supporters as it has debunkers. In 1989, a man named Robert Scott Lazar contacted the Las Vegas television station (KLAS) and claimed that he had been working as a physicist on the government's most highly classified project, Galileo, which involves back engineering alien technology. The research took place at a hidden base there, referred to as S4. S4 is located ca. 16 km south of the famous Area 51, by the Papoose lake. He stated that the craft he was shown displayed technology that was hundreds of years in advance of us. Since going out public and telling the story he had has his life threatened and he has been shot at. The television journalist George Knapp was interested in the story and started searching for more information. Here started the investigation problems. The S4 base is in a restricted area, it is impossible for anyone outside of the government to directly visit the place and confirm or deny Lazar's story. Bob Lazar's background has been difficult to verify. His hospital birth records, college transcripts and employment records, including those of his employment with Los Alamos National Laboratories and through EG&G had been erased. Lazar claimed to have worked at the Los Almos National Laboratories, but no record was of his employment there was found. Hovewer his name appear in an old telephone directory of Los Alamos scientists. An article in a July, 1982 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor, which shows a picture of Bob by a jet car and refers to his employment as a scientist with Los Alamos, is also hard to explain. There are also Los Alamos employees who told KLAS TV's George Knapp they remember Bob Lazar. Bob Lazar worked between December 1988 and April 1989 in at the zone S-4. During this period, he would have had admission to very private information. He had seen documents and autopsy of aliens corpses. The main purpose of his work was to 'reverse engineering' alien flying saucers. Lazar observed nine different kinds of saucers parked in the hanger. Bob Lazar would have worked on a flying saucer with a diameter of 9-12 m. It had a console and the seats were small, almost made as for children. He was told that the aliens came from from the fourth planet of the binary stellar system Zeta Reticuli 2. Lazar told in an interview that the alien craft fly by amplifying gravity waves. According to Lazar the saucer was moved by a reactor placed on the floor. As fuel, the saucer would have an element with atomic number 115, a ore which cannot be synthesized on the earth. The element is also the source of the gravity-A wave which is amplified for space/time distortion and travel.This kind of propulsion would allow to make the flying saucers invisible and the discs do not need to travel in a linear mode. That meens they can cover huge distance in very little time. In our physics speed is defined as a distance divided by time. These discs operate by warping time itself and space itself. They break Einstein's famous rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. For those who believe Bob Lazar, is his evidence supporting his claims is considerable. Lazar comes across as a very credible individual with a solid background in physics, electrical engineering, and propulsion systems. He is able to provide a great amount of detail in describing of his employment, the base, his co-workers, and the alien craft itself that would be difficult to fabricate. If the claims of Robert Lazar are true, it represents one of the most secret and bizarre, operations of the United States government.
28 Nov 2007
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Expeditions,Rocket scientists and making jokes in space eg.aliens -
6 Dec 2007
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a simple party trick you can learn in a few seconds to amaze your friends - have a metal ring (eg. wedding or engagement ring, travel up an inclined rubber band)
2 Jan 2008
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Do you want to chat with others or do you want to send text Immediately eg: ) like this text to your friends or Relative Here is the way.... type url.. just type username: & Password: Need not to be Register.
23 Apr 2009
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Towel to chicken, Use a small towel, Eg... dish towel or hand towel. Use it as a trick to win money, bet someone you could turn a towel into a chicken.
30 Jan 2008
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Yeah, it's long. #1 requested tutorial on my page is how to make your own site though. I guess it beats those "learn html in 24 hours" books in any case. See the freehosts below on how to put your page online. w3 html and css HTML/CSS Layout Examples cheat sheet Cheat sheet that standardizes html Images as backgrounds webhosts to upload your custom pages to. Color You can indicate color by using RGB mode too. eg. #336699 is a nice blue google likes to use. It stands for 33 red, 66 green, and 99 blue in hexadecimal. Here's a RGB color picker cost money, like $10 a year usually or less. I'm not going to endorse any registrars. CSS rounded corners the look when printing (media) Popular Pages Validator Validator decent text editors forums Forums about "Lorem Ipsum" often seen on template pages Transparency IE filter:alpha(opacity=50); Firefox -moz-opacity:0.5; kde based browsers -khtml-opacity: 0.5; Safari opacity: 0.5; %%programming
8 Aug 2008
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29 Feb 2008
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Everyday questions. Diabolical answers. EG's menu tips for the perfect dinner party. Perfectly evil.
2 Mar 2008
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EG offers tips on all aspects of starting a business, from minion wages to death ray tax breaks. Everyday questions. Diabolical answers.
5 Mar 2008
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World Famous Robert Summa is known to be a talented ranter & general over-reactor... but that begs the question... why does he sometimes say things that seem to have little or nothing to do with what is being talked about on the show? In this short clip, the EG crew decided to hire a secondary documentary film crew to attempt to capture where & how Summa creates his madness.
6 Mar 2008
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EG sits down with Todd Slepian, North American Re-Publishing Producer for the upcoming Atari title, Alone in the Dark 5, to find out what makes this next evolution in the Alone in the Dark series so awesome.
6 Mar 2008
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EG interviews Sam Bass (Lead Designer) & Jim Vessella (Lead Producer) during a visit to EALA to spill the beans about the new Command and Conquer 3 expansion, Kane's Wrath. Featuring new units, sub-factions, modes, and a single-player that crosses several timelines in the C&C universe, this game is heating up to be one of the most interesting expansions for any RTS to date. For more visit!
6 Mar 2008
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