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13 Mar 2008
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New Technique May Protect The Female Egg During The Freezing Process A growing number of women are now having their first babies well into their thirties and even in their forties. There are several reasons for waiting to start a family. Women who wait usually have more financial security, more emotional maturity and more time to commit to their marriages and their careers before focusing their energy on children. Unfortunately, it's a biological reality that the female egg becomes less viable over time – unlike male sperm. The egg cell is also much harder to freeze because it contains a lot of water that can crystallize during the freezing process. Now, a company called ViaCell is testing a new technique that is designed to protect the egg during freezing. The multiple site clinical trial is expected to enroll approximately three hundred healthy women, age twenty-one to thirty-five, who are currently seeking fertility treatment to demonstrate births from previously frozen eggs. Currently, there is not an FDA approved product for egg freezing. The study is expected to be completed in 2009, and if the results are positive, it may give women more options when planning their families. Produced for ViaCell, Inc
25 Mar 2007
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IVF treatment in India is medically safe and is available at a less cost at Delhi and Mumbai with comfortable medical tourism. If you are not able to concieve a child due to common infertilty disorders then IVF treatment can provide you benefit get a successful pregnancy. Get IVF treatment in India by the best kind of doctors and medical staff and the surgery cost in India is really affordable to the pocket of all. IVF treatment or In vitro fertilisation is a process in which the female egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb, in vitro also called petri dish. Get your IVF treatment in India wth the best kind of medical rehabilitation facilities. IVF treatment or in vitro fertilization is a major treatment in infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. The process involves hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing ova (eggs) from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid medium. The fertilised egg (zygote) is then transferred to the patient's uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy. The first "test tube baby", Louise Brown, was born in 1978. Foreign patients are getting high quality medical care facilities for their IVF treatment in India at a less cost by reputed infertility treatment experts of Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. Medical tourism in India provides the best kind of health rehabilitation facilities to foreign patients that provides them the benefit of providing low cost medical treatment in India from experienced doctors and a trained medical staff. The recovery period after the procedure of IVF treatment is assisted by the best kind of caring and amiable medical staff. All you need is to have faith and quality in the quality of Indian healthcare system. Get more details of IVF treatment in India at *******www.indianmedguru**** or mail your queries at contactindianmedguru****
2 May 2009
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ICSI treatment in India by most qualified medical experts of Mumbai and Chennai with all medically modern healthcare facilities is being provided at a very less cost offered to International as well as Indian patients. Patients are being provided with the facilities JCI certified infertility surgeons of India having vast experience of performing numerous numbers of successful surgeries in all the major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. ICSI treatment in India also commonly known as IVF- (In-Vitro-Fertilisation) is saved for a few exceptions conducted according to hormonal stimulation of ovaries. The aim of the hormonal therapy is to let several follicles on both ovaries grow up and to extract several egg cells able to fertilisation. The phase known as "down-regulation" prepares the body for stimulation by suppressing bodily hormone production or excretion. This so-called "down-regulation" can be regulated either through oral medication or daily subcutaneous injections, the advantage being heightened external control. India is one of the best options for the abroad patient who desire to have child but with medically modern healthcare facilities in low cost options. The payment modes for the patients are also made easy as payments for the surgery could be made via credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers etc and foreign currency exchange counters in the hospital itself. Patients will also offered with a holiday vacation tour at various marvelous and beautiful tourist destinations of India arranged by the medical tourism in India at an affordable price offered to complete your medical tourism experience along the ICSI treatment in India in India. For more details on ICSI treatment in India visit us at *******www.indianmedguru**** and you can mail us at contactindianmedguru****
29 May 2009
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(Image source: Wired) BY EMILY SPAIN You're watching multisource health/science news analysis from Newsy. Researchers might have a cure in the works for infertility in women. Scientists say they found ovary stem cells they can convert into unfertilized human eggs. WBAL has the details of the experiment. “Similar experiments in mice show transplanting the egg cells into the ovaries of infertile females produced healthy offspring. Scientists believe the same is possible in humans and are exploring the possibility of human stem cell banks.” Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital used a cell-sorting machine to find reproductive cells from the ovaries of mice and then did the same with donated human ovaries. According to the New York Times, the experiment on human ovaries had positive results. “The egg cells, when injected into mice, generated follicles, the ovarian structure in which eggs are formed, as well as mature eggs, some of which had a single set of chromosomes, a signature of eggs and sperm.” The BBC talked to one doctor who called the results of the experiment "extremely significant" and "a potentially landmark piece of research.” The outlet quoted him saying: "If this research is confirmed it may overturn one of the great asymmetries of reproductive biology - that a woman's reproductive pool of gametes may be renewable, just like a man's." Other researchers aren’t so sure. Some question if egg-producing cells actually exist in ovaries. Director of the Center for Reproductive Sciences at the University of California plays devil’s advocate to the research. Discovery News has his thoughts: “I would like to see better characterization of this very small pool of cells that may be present in the ovary...’ [He] noted that some properties of the egg-producing cells described in this study do not match descriptions from previous studies.” According to The New York Times, doctors say cells grown in labs often develop abnormalities. And even if the research is confirmed, use of them in fertility treatments is still years away. Transcript by Newsy.
28 Feb 2012
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Buy Menopause Remedies ************/watch?v=MqXz2bSVtBw Many people define menopause as the “change of life” Woman’s ovary stop producing egg cells The estrogen level in the body will drop The menstrual cycle alters as well Women encounter different experience and symptoms as they enter menopausal stage Symptoms are uncomfortable that their lifestyle is greatly affected On the other hand, you can also buy natural treatments when coping with menopause Soy Flaxseed Black Cohosh Vitamin E Cold Drinks Yoga, or Aerobics Taking dietary or herbal supplements may have side effects or harmful drug interactions Consult your doctor first To learn more: Visit us www.buymenopauseremedies**** ************/watch?v=MqXz2bSVtBw
22 Nov 2013
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Radiation injury is damage to tissues caused by exposure to ionizing radiation. Large doses of ionizing radiation can cause acute illness by reducing the production of blood cells and damaging the digestive tract. A very large dose of ionizing radiation can also damage the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system), brain, and skin. Radiation injury due to large and very large doses is referred to as a tissue reaction. The dose needed to cause visible tissue injury varies with tissue type. Ionizing radiation can increase the risk of cancer. Radiation exposure of sperm and egg cells carries little increased risk of genetic defects in offspring. Doctors remove as much external and internal (material that is inhaled or ingested) radioactive material as possible and treat symptoms and complications of radiation injury. In general, ionizing radiation refers to high-energy electromagnetic waves (x-rays and gamma rays) and particles (alpha particles, beta particles, and neutrons) that are capable of stripping electrons from atoms (ionization). Ionization changes the chemistry of affected atoms and any molecules containing those atoms. By changing molecules in the highly ordered environment of the cell, ionizing radiation can disrupt and damage cells. Cellular damage can cause illness, increase the risk of developing cancer, or both.
20 Sep 2017
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