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I was bored so I made this. Please rate & comment. No bad comments please!
31 Jul 2010
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FOLLOW ANGRY BIRDS 3D ON FACEBOOK ☺ : *******www.facebook****/FunVideoTV See a 3D Animation of the ANGRY BIRDS and SONIC fighting the PIGs. This Video features the "Pulse (George Ellinas remix)" by George_Ellinas *******ccmixter****/files/George_Ellinas/14073 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: *******creativecommons****/licenses/by/3.0/
11 Oct 2011
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See the latest DEATH BATTLE! episodes here - *******www.screwattack****/user/death-battle/videos Have a suggestion? Let us know on our ScrewAttack wall - *******www.screwattack****/user/death-battle Episode 19 - Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man! The greatest mad geniuses of mechanized villainy command their vast armies of robotic warriors in an all-out war!
27 Nov 2012
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Cutscene 22 in the Cream chapter of Sonic Battle. Do the Eggman! Swing your arms from side to side! Come on, it's time to go do the Eggman! Take one step, and then again! Let's do the Eggman, all together now! You got it! It's the Eggman! Do the Eggman! Swing your arms from side to side! Come on, it's time to go do the Eggman! Take one step, and then again! Let's do the Eggman, all together now! Come on now, juuuust liiiiike thaaaaat!
25 Apr 2009
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Rouge must infiltrate Eggman's base to recover a chaos emerald and steal all his data in his main computer, but little did Rouge know that a bigger adventure was about to come. The first episode is here! Please rate and comment because the future of the series depends on you!
15 Dec 2008
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Sonic and Tails are chilln, then someone comes and tells them the president needs them. So Sonic and Tails go. 2 find out its Robotnik(Eggman). Sonic has to shut off the robot generator or the Entire planet will Blow up. "BETER HURRY". ...
25 Apr 2009
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my Subscription BumbleX likes to make videos called Godzilla,s Nonsense well I made one with sound from sonic x Godzilla monsters belong to TOHO sound belongs to sonic x witch is made from 4kids tv and sega monster who have roles in this video sonic-godzilla 90s tails-King Ghidorah knuckles-Megalon amy-Mothra cream and cheese-Megaguirus cosmo-Biollante Chris Thorndyke- Jet Jaguar eggman-space godzilla Bocoe-Moguera robot monkey -mechagodzilla and I have made Godzilla's Nonsense my version episode 2 type in this website link to see it ***********/watch?v=Em0lnNgdcM8&feature=channe
8 Sep 2009
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Watch high resolution, full-length episodes for FREE exclusively at *******www.4KidsTV**** anytime! Tanaka and Chris use a paddleboat to reach Prison Island. Amy frees Sonic from an underwater jail. Eggman tries to steal Emeralds for the Eclipse Cannon. Rouge gets locked in a vault with a timed bomb, which concludes in a fiery blast. Shadow leaves the island by beaming to Space Colony Ark with Chris, whom he thinks looks like Maria.
19 Sep 2009
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28 Oct 2009
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Part 2/3 Mrwest- WestSociety Production. (This is a semi-different acting-take on Sonic, it may take you some time to get used to the sound of his voice as it is different then the works of both Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith (Also Jaleel White) I commend my Sonic actor for trying a different sound for Sonic and I hope you guys will agree with me. Enjoy!) *THE PLOT* After the events of Sonic Heroes we rejoin Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Knuckles as they face off against new challenges. Some of which are quite familiar to them and others that are just downright nasty! One day our heroes are seen celebrating Sonic's birthday, but this happy occasion quickly turns to darkness, literally, as shadowy figures start taking root in the blue skies of the beautiful planet, all cause by one man, a poacher by the name of Mikal Bene. A human with a hatred for animals and a thirst for power. Can he be stopped? Find out in the Radioplay! *CAST*(In order of appearance) Mrwest16(Self Cast)- Gunner # 1, Gunner # 4, Extra Gunmen, Shadowy figures, Mikal Bene Pokejedservo- Gunner # 2, Dr. Eggman (Ivo Robotnik),Bocoe AyaProtectsTheToothPaste- Gunner # 3, Bokkun, Cheese JohnnyIO- Redd, Decoe, Knuckles Scarlotte- Amy Rose SweetSourSauce- Cream Tinker-Jet- Tails jackskellinghog- Sonic the Hedgehog *MUSIC* "Live and Learn" "Solaris Phase 1" "Eggman's Theme" from Sonic Adventure 2 "Sweet Dreams" lyrical version of the Sonic 2 ending "Joker Theme" by Hans Zimmer *SOUND EFFECTS* soundsnap**** DBZ Sounds Pack (Unknown Giver) DBZ sounds - PACK 1 -Cheska ?????? Sonic-R Sound Effects Mixing- Mrwest16 Written - Mrwest16
29 Oct 2009
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About her: Name: Amber Species: Hedgefox Age: 12 Likes: lots of things Hates: Dr. Fatman (eggman) Main color: Brown Eye color: brown Chothes: change Shoes: change Gender:... girl Any more questions? ask. Amber the hedgefox is my FC!
5 Nov 2009
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Well, I received a couple of requests at one point to record the bosses of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, so a couple nights ago I went ahead, loaded up All Bosses mode, and recorded. I've divided the video up into three pieces so it'd fit on YouTube nicely, and conveniently enough, two lovely points to divide the video were after the Hero Bosses and after the Dark Bosses.The bosses of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle... are like a black eye on the game, as they reveal just how frustrating certain annoying aspects of the game can be. These include... horrid camera angles getting you killed (Sonic vs Shadow at Green Forest is a big offender here), the light-dash throwing off what you were trying to do because almost everything is controlled by the B button (any Sonic or Shadow boss).Some of the bosses are just annoying in concept too, like the Knuckles vs Rouge fight. It would've been fine if they didn't go floating up into the small platforms. I realize Knuckles and Rouge spend all their levels hunting things, but did their battle have to include hunting for each other when the camera loses all control? The hit detection is also questionable on that battle.There was a time where I found Tails vs Eggman on the ARK the hardest fight in the game... I eventually learned a strategy that worked out nicely, but it's really the only way to avoid getting beaten up badly.One thing I'm curious about is if it's possible to kill King Boom Boo without hitting the hourglass more than once. I've come within half a second of performing it a few times, but I can never seen to go fast enough... three hits is easy to pull off, but I really wonder if four is possible. The boss is a really slow fight, especially for those who have no idea what they're doing against him.Some of my strategies are sloppy, some work quite nicely, feel free to learn from the ones you like, and I hope you...Enjoy!~EDIT: This appears to be my first video to reach 10,000 views. Thanks everyone!~ Hope you've all liked the video.EDIT2: ...and now over 100,000 views?! Yikes... I did not think this would be so popular.
22 Mar 2010
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A shortened version of General Patton's speech to the Third Army. The sound clip was taken from the movie "Patton." This was done for my English 213 class. Credits Flickr Images Aaron Michael Brown beastandbean Ron Obvious Ramperto Tyom ladybugbkt bravesfan1810 chet stentiford Parsons138 danny.hammontree Flavio Cruvinel docman gunnisal the bbp Mr Andrew Murray Hammed Saber viciousscissors hrlittlephotos eggman Google Images www.thepeoplehistory**** www.will-harris**** knobblies.googlepages**** www.wwiiimpressions**** www.jayfisher**** www.dumbestdummies**** forums.facepunchstudios******** *******www.fortunecity****/meltingpot/justin/ Frank Scherschel George Silk Margaret Bourke-White Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon II Livingway Church Eliot Elisofon Music General's March - USAF Heritage of America Band Pensive Patton, End Titles - Jerry Goldsmith
16 Jun 2010
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READ DESC FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right, this didn't take me too long but I love the end result. Please put down feedback, while rating and subscribing. :) Hope You Enjoy Story: Many of Sonic and Shadow's enemies come back to fight so they go in super form. They use so much power they both end up falling from space back to Earth but very far away from each other. They wake up and have an unexpected urge to kill. First Shadow blows up Eggman's base and almost all his robots, Sonic kills Knuckles and then Cosmo about 30 seconds later. Shadow then kills Eggman but Rouge sees this. While Sonic is still blowing up cities, Shadow tricks Rouge into walking right to a robot's trap and they kill her. Now Sonic and Shadow both decide they want to destroy the Earth. Shadow then encounters Silver, Silver realises that SHadow has been killing people, Silver tries to stop him but he gets killed. Shadow travels through a portal but sees Dark sonic. They fight, then go super, fight again and end up destroying the world together as they wanted to. But with them on it... I OWN NOTHING! Saw theme belongs to makers of the saw theme and saw. All the sonic games and Sonic x belong to Sega and Sonic Team.
5 Jul 2010
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If there was Super Smash Bros. Nintendo VS. Sega All Stars game for the Wii. List of the playable fighters: From Nintendo: Mario Pikachu Kirby Link Samus Aran Yoshi Fox McCloud Donkey Kong Bowser Peach Ice Climbers Zelda/Sheik Wario Meta Knight Zero Suit Samus Pit Jirachi Ike Pokemon Trainer Diddy Kong Lucas King Dedede Pikmin & Olimar Zant From Sega: Sonic the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prower Knuckles the Echidna Amy Rose Shadow the Hedgehog Cream the Rabbit Akira Yuki Pai Chan Billy Hatcher Nights Beat ChuChu Kapu-Kapu AiAi Ulala Amitie Zombie Axel the Crazy Taxi Driver Mephiles the Dark Chao Dr. Eggman Amigo Omochao FoNewm Black Doom
5 Jul 2010
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Videogame Trailers Sega has release a new Wii trailer for Sonic Colors showing off the non-stop action as Sonic, with the new Color Powers, navigates through mountains of Dr. Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park.
13 Aug 2010
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