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Swiss Cottage is a well-known play school in Gurgaon that offers the best learning atmosphere to the young kids who are small for elementary school but need some exposure to enhance their mind. Our aim is to provide required facilities which are required to build a prosperous future. We offer swimming pool facility, organize sports day for Kindergarten kids required for their universal development.
10 Apr 2018
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On March 9, 2018, forty-five volunteers from Karios-Solunus and their families came together to help North Texas Food Bank in its fight against hunger. The volunteers sorted and packed food for elementary school children as part of NTFB’s Backpack programme. The enthusiastic team of volunteers put together 4,526 meals! Watch their journey here VIDEO North Texas has a serious hunger problem, with one in every six people being food insecure. NTFB is on a mission to make North Texas healthy and hunger-free. To help them accomplish its mission, Kairos-Solunus has become the first corporation for the Indo-American Council (IAC) of the NTFB to set-up a recurring volunteer programme with NTFB. Moreover, the organization has also pledged a sum of $10,000 over three years to support NTFB’s fight against hunger in North Texas.
3 Apr 2018
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Wander Or Wonder? These are two completely different words, but sometimes students confuse them because of their similar spelling and pronunciation. Wander is a physical activity. It means to move around (usually walking) without a specific destination or purpose: On the first day of my trip, I spent a couple hours wandering around the city. We wandered through the park, looking at the flowers. Wonder is a mental activity. It means to feel curiosity, to want to know something. I wonder what happened to my friend from elementary school? We haven’t been in touch for years. Your wife is wondering what time you’ll be home – please give her a call. 2# wonder/wander Tired of ads? Upgrade to account with Professional package of service and never see ads again! Anonymous asks, "What is the difference between 'to wonder' and 'to wander'?" The basic difference that you have to remember is that "wondering" is about thought processes, and "wandering" is about distance. But there are some caveats to that, so read on! Let's consult the dictionary for the specifics. There are a few definitions for "wonder": Wonder (verb): 1. to think or speculate curiously. 2. to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel (often followed by 'at'). 3. to doubt. "What would anyone want with a blast-ended skrewt?" Harry wondered. Ron wondered at Hermione's ability to carry all those books. She was wonderfully strong. After yet another photo, Harry wonders if Colin Creevy will ever leave him alone. So, there are a few nuances to "wondering", but all of them are thoughtful sorts of things. By contrast, "wander" is generally about physically going somewhere: Wander (verb): 1. to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray. 2. to go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually; meander. Harry and Hermione spent months wandering the English countryside, searching for a solution to the Horcrux problem. "Don't wander off," Harry warned the others, "you never know
16 Feb 2018
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I had to go to speech therapy class in elementary school. I remember one exercise was i had to say 'raindrop' 100 times. Then the speech therapy turned into a reading comprehension class so that was fun.
4 Dec 2017
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Preschool has proven to prepare students for elementary school. It has been proven based on the skills that the child will learn in a preschool setting. During preschool, the child will learn how to socialize with other children and adults. They will learn to take directions from someone besides their parents and form friendships with other children their age. The influence of other children can help improve and strengthen your child’s learning, personality, willingness, and sense of self.
8 Sep 2017
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Keyboarding Online provides best keyboarding software for elementary schools, secondary schools, etc. It is #1 for online educational keyboarding instructions.
24 Aug 2017
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School Management Software is for elementary school who wants to build their business in education industry. Basically the website is worked on CMS tool. It is very easy to manage the website without any technical knowledge. You can easily drag and drop the section where you need to setup it. User can upload the school images, gallery, latest events, logo etc. Our Educational Software is minimal cost and easy to install with customization Exciting features you get with our php scripts • Security Features • Security Scanning • Firewall setting • Monitoring Features • IPv6 Compatible • Advance SEO Optimization • Rich snippets Do you want to develop a perfect educational portal system online? School ERP Software is developed with 100 percent source codes without any bugs. It comes with a complete economic package PHP Scripts mall has developed Educational Software with high flexibility to 5th generation application. By using our scripts the entire school can be managed relatively with multiple functionalities and also specifically our script supports multi-language, multiple user accounts, user friendly functions and fees management School Management Software helps you to easily access the school database from remote places. Now-a-days as everyone know that without software support is very hard to run any organization especially for education industries and that’s the reason we have fully developed School ERP Software. It supports all education industries not only limited to schools, so we are ready to do slight modification for colleges and universities too
5 Jul 2017
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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher and a mother of four children, all under the age of nine. Jennifer is a regular contributor to OutgrownMyStuff dot com, an online buy, sell, share and trade site designated for children's items. Within this VLOG, Jennifer seeks the knowledge to share with other parents on how a child should brush their teeth. Jennifer engages Dr Nathaniel Podilsky a Dentist and educator in oral health that provides the answers needed. 1.) Jennifer asks Dr N. Poldisky DDS., how should a child brush their teeth? 2.) Jennifer asks Dr N. Poldisky DDS., when should a child first visit a dentist, and how can parents prepare their child for their visit? 3.) Jennifer asks Dr N. Poldisky DDS., is there a difference between electric and manual toothbrushes, and is it dangerous to swallow fluoride? 4.) Jennifer asks Dr N. Poldisky DDS., how many times should a child brush their teeth and what kind of toothpaste should a child use?
21 Jun 2017
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Hi there! My 10 year old nephew (he’s a 4th grader at the Kinkaid School) recently had his most anticipated school event…the Talent Show! So he just sent me the link to what he did for the talent show, and I was floored! I could not believe how creative and funny it was. Nothing like the boring talent shows when I was in elementary school. I love how he involved his teachers. (In the first scene he used a husband/wife team, both teachers at his school.) The music teacher stole the show. I can’t get out of my head Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise song from Dangerous Minds movie with Michelle Pfeiffer. Love the lyrics he wrote for the school music teacher. Catchy, funny, and imaginative! Anyways, I just had to share the video link. You will totally find it hilarious and creative. And there are really funny bloopers at the end. Happy summer! Check out this hilarious, creative, 4th grade talent show video! You must watch it! Love how the video involved teachers. Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise song from Dangerous Minds movie with Michelle Pfeiffer is priceless. Love the new lyrics written for the school music teacher. Catchy, funny, and imaginative!
16 Jun 2017
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Jeff Fisher on What Makes A Great Day Care Website Hi, Jeff Fisher here with Local Child Care Marketing. Tonight I want to discuss what makes a great daycare website. I've got an example here of what we consider a really nice little website that gets the message out but allows the people to get what they need as quickly as possible. You have about seven seconds before they're going to leave the page. So you want to have your phone number up here. You want to make sure that's clearly visible. Understand that they come over here to the left hand side. The eye moves down a little bit then they start reading from left to right. So we want to make sure your top benefits are listed here. And there we want some kind of video. We call this "Professor Puppet" video about the slideshow. Something that conveys the message of what we've said over here. So we have not only words but we have visuals to back that up. We put in an 'Events and Updates' page, you can also call it blog. You want to talk 'About Us', you want the 'Programs' listed in a drop-down menu here so that they simply can be reviewed and clicked on. You need about three hundred and fifty words on each of those individual pages. 'Parent Testimonials', you want to get both written and in video and get them up on the site. Simple 'Contact Us' form works really well. Ten factors to consider when choosing a childcare or daycare. So what we do is, as a part of our package, is we offer to create a simple little handout that you can use for tours, you can use it at local elementary school fairs and most important, people who put it in their name and email and they can get the report. You also want to put this image here of your building. We find that as a way that reduces stress especially for parents that are new to town. And then a little button here that allows you to click to get driving directions. Continuing down to this sidebar, we want to have again our blog, events and updates available so they can ge
8 Jun 2017
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20 Apr 2017
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3 Feb 2017
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