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Elina Garanca talks about the launch of the Deutsche Grammophon webshop
26 Nov 2007
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New York is a state filled with millions of people. Even more astonishing than the number of people found in New York are the thousands of delicious restaurants. Come along as Elina goes through New York, taking you to all of the delicious restaurants and local hot spots to grab a bite to eat. You wont regret it. For more videos visit *******www.tvlesson****
18 Nov 2008
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Daemon Hillin, Elina Loukas ,‘Untitled Cyprus Project’ is an action-adventure in the vein of ‘Into the Blue’ and ‘The Deep’…Two American lifelong friends, escape from life to go sailing around the Mediterranean, but a chance encounter while docked in Cyprus they discover an old legend about a Nazi submarine that filled with treasure at the end of WWII and hand sunk off the coast of Cyprus. The two charm their way with 2 local girls and lure them into to helping navigate the island Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Feb 2010
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elina anaya,a wonderful actress; she left her armpit hairs to grow,i know you like to watch it
21 May 2009
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My Dental Hygienist, Elina Solomon RDH is a highly qualified and experienced hygienist. She performs gentle yet thorough dental scaling, cleaning and polishing of your teeth using the latest technology in periodontal diagnosis and treatment. She has been with the practice, for several years and works hard to teach and motivate our patients in proper oral hygiene and preventative care. In my practice, I feel it is most important to prevent dental disease and to diagnose problems when they are early and most easily treated. Dr. Simon Rosenberg has over 30 years experience and can rebuild a tooth or your entire smile. For more info visit the web site at: *******www.DrSimonRosenberg**** or call the office at 917-720-5689
21 May 2009
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I'm a big handbag lover and will always have one with me.
ELINA AG: Industriestrasse 51, 3175 Flamatt, SCHWEIZ Tel: +41-31-7411050 Email: Die ELINA AG führt elektrische Installationen aller Art aus. Ob einfache Lichtschalterinstallation oder komplexe Inbetriebnahme einer EDV-Anlage, hier können Sie sich einer fachgerechten Arbeitsleistung sicher sein.
2 Aug 2009
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Malaysian multi-instrumentalist Eizaz Azhar demonstrates a new line of instruments in this special video. This is an arrangement of the song "Suasana Hari Raya" (Celebration Day Atmosphere) and is a classic piece sung by the great Malaysian singers Anuar Zain and Elina. A popular song that talks about the Aidilfitri festival in Malaysia, it is arranged in a traditional Malay folk style called "keroncong", characterized by the 16th note guitar pattern that occurs on every 2nd and 4th beats. Eizaz can be found on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/eizaz.azhar Mama Treble Clef Studio would like to wish all our students, teachers, parents, friends, family and staff, a Happy Aidilfitri 2010. Have a pleasant celebration with your loved ones! Equipment used: Eizaz uses the Flagship Clarinet with PV250 Clarinet Pickup and custom barrel by the manufacturer Bass Poullath. The items are available at Mama Treble Clef Studio and are very limited in quantity. Bass Guitar: Austin 4-String Acoustic Guitar: Flagship Solid Body Clarinet: Flagship Bb Soprano Saxophone: Flagship Eb Alto Flute: Flagship Closed-hole C flute All instruments played by Eizaz Azhar Venue, facilities and instruments sponsored by Mama Treble Clef Studio and ER Studios Recorded in ER Studios. Camera & lighting by Ray Lee. Mixed, mastered and edited by Eizaz Azhar. Engineered by Eizaz Azhar. Arranged and performed by Eizaz Azhar. For best listening results play video on large external speakers or a good pair of headphones as laptop speakers are unable to reproduce many of the frequencies. Mama Treble Clef Studio & ER Studios are located at: Lot 3015, 3rd Floor, Endah Parade, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA Tel : +603-95432201 mamatrebleclefgmail**** erstudios.mygmail**** *******mamatreble.blogspot**** *******erstudios-malaysia.blogspot**** *******guitarempire99.blogspot****
8 Sep 2010
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Eli the best singer!!!!
19 Jun 2009
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vsi4ko se vrashta
29 Mar 2010
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06 01 88 76 16 - contactez-nous pour bénéficier de notre prestation et ainsi faire des rencontres sérieuses avec jeunes femmes célibataires et trouver ainsi peut-être l'amour à St. Petersburg, la ville des amoureux.
14 Aug 2010
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Elina and Kelly take you to all the awesome places in San Diego. They lead you to the popular locations like the Green Lamp District. You can find more of the Local Explorer at *******www.tvlesson****
27 Feb 2009
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Perheterapeutti Juhani Helin, 35 (Hannu-Pekka Björkman), ja yritysvalmentaja Tuula Helin, 34, (Elina Knihtilä) päättävät erota sulassa sovussa ja muuttaa asuntonsa myytyään eri osoitteisiin. Mutta kun Tuula kutsuu taloon syrjähypyn, Marcon (Ilkka Villi), päättää Juhani kostaa sen palkkaamalla stripparin, Ninan (Anna Easteden), näyttelemään uutta tyttöystävää ja savustamaan Tuulan pihalle. Seuraa tapahtumaketju, joka paljastaa rakkauden ja vihan vitsaukset. Juhani ja Tuula punovat mitä mielikuvituksellisempia, koomisempia ja kamalampia tapoja loukata ja syyllistää toisiaan avioliittonsa aikaisista virheistä ja vääryyksistä.
22 Aug 2009
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