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Review of the Colt Delta Elite By: Buster
21 May 2008
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28 May 2008
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31 May 2008
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12 Jun 2008
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13 Jun 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - I decided to do this review by actually recording the video with the new HP Elite Autofocus Webcam. This new product may be odd looking, but the quality is pretty good. The autofocus works without using any software at all. It just... works.
16 Jun 2008
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28 Jun 2008
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4 Oct 2008
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4 Jul 2008
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gamblerstelevision**** Hello MMA fans this is Dana Ward here with a quick hitter from Elite XC. Elite XC’s next CBS fight card “Unfinished Business” is scheduled for Saturday July 26th from the Stockton Arena in Stockton, California. The Main Event of this nationally televised event will feature Elite XC World Middleweight Champion Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler squaring off with Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith for Lawler’s title. This is a rematch of their exciting bout on CBS back on May 31st of this year. In their first encounter, Lawler landed an accidental finger to the eye of challenger Smith impairing his vision and forcing the stoppage. A no-contest was the official result, as the fight failed to go at least 3 of the scheduled 5 rounds. Had it gone a minimum of 3 rounds, the judge’s scorecards would have determined an outcome. Both Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith sport freestyle fighting techniques, meaning each fighter has a combination of styles they can apply during their fights. Both fighters have punching power and high knockout ratio’s in their victories. Lawler’s professional record is 15,4 and 1 in 20 professional fights with 12 wins by way of knockout. The challenger Scott Smith is a veteran with 17 professional fights and sports a record of 13 and 4 with 11 wins by KO. This is the second telecast for CBS, which saw great ratings with their initial entry into mixed martial arts. Over 6-and-a-half-million viewers tuned into the Kimbo Slice TKO victory over James Thompson, making it the most watched MMA fight in history. Heavyweight Kimbo Slice will appear on the third scheduled CBS Elite XC telecast and it’s set for later this year. Oddsmakers have listed the Champion Robbie Lawler as the minus 250 favorite with Scott Smith the underdog at plus 200. That will do it for now. This is Dana Ward reminding you that for Elite XC coverage with a little Vegas style, keep your browser aimed at GamblersTelevision****
8 Jul 2008
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Learn how to install Free SEO ELITE 4
9 Jul 2008
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10 Jul 2008
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At the Connecting Your World event in Berlin, Germany, HP announced its hardiest line of laptops yet. The HP Elite notebook PCs have been engineered to resist drops, scratches, spills, anything that comes its way. It also features a handy business card reader, and the HP Quicklook no-boot-required information display (not to be confused with Mac OSX's Quick Look) puts information right at your fingertips.
14 Jul 2008
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DONT DO THE STAMPS OFFER. they moved it to a B offer and it's only worth 24 points. so it's not worth it. OK. glad you can get a chance to get your free xbox360 elite! ok here's where to sign up here's the news report on it: good luck.! you might ask: why would they do this? too good to be true? NO! they make money off of referring people to their sites!
16 Jul 2008
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Keyword Spy Pro is way better than Keyword Elite to find good keywords for you business. Watch the tutorials on keyword research to find out how I managed to get 33,100 "money keywords" in a matter of seconds!
25 Jul 2008
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Me shooting my echo 1 g36c and my friend shooting his Kwc Delta Elite Colt Auto spring pistol. Also, i know my friend is stupid so plz don't post comments about him.
10 Nov 2008
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