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13 Nov 2009
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The clip changing-witness-statements from JFK (1991) with Kevin Costner, Jo Anderson. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Everything was just frozen. Like people weren't breathing. Like you were looking at a picture. Except for one man. I saw this one man running from the corner of the Book Depository... the parking lot. It was about 11:00 a. m. I was driving on Elm Street toward the underpass in a rented car. A light-blue Valiant. I'll never forget that day. There was a lot of traffic... ...and I stopped alongside a green pickup truck. It was very noticeable because it had one wheel up on the curb. When I saw the gun, I thought... ..."The Secret Service is not very secret. " The next morning, I went to the FBI office. They showed me some pictures. And I picked out three pictures that looked like the truck's driver. That's the man. You mean you identified Jack Ruby on Saturday? That's right. The day before he shot Oswald? That's right. When I saw him on TV, I was shocked. I said to my family, "That's the man I saw in the truck. " You weren't so sure in your statement to the Commission. What about these others? You said one might be him? They look a bit like him, but I'm sure this is the man. It was him I chased up the grassy knoll. I thought maybe our guys had shot back and got one of them. I got to the parking lot. All I saw were the railroad workers and Dallas' finest. - Secret Service. Come with us. - No! Find the shooter! I want your pictures. Son of a bitch! He put a hurt on me, but good. They must've seen everything because they knew what we had done all day. I wasn't hard to find, wearing that red raincoat. - How many shots did you hear? - Four to six.
3 Feb 2013
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The clip changing-witness-statements-part-2 from JFK (1991) with Kevin Costner, Jo Anderson. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Impossible! You heard echoes! We have three bullets and three shots that came from the Book Depository. - That's all we'll say. - No, sir. I saw a man shooting from behind that fence. What are you going to do? - You go out there and get him! - That's taken care of! You only heard three shots, and don't discuss this with anyone. No one. Understand? Which is strange 'cause it's less than 20 minutes after the assassination. Get her out of here. I knew something was crooked as a dog's hind leg. When I read my testimony in the Warren Report... was a total fabrication. That's what bothers me, Mr. Garrison. They've altered my statements. This one says: "Mercer couldn't identify any photograph as being the man she observed... "... slouched over the wheel of the green truck. " Not true. I recognized him and I told them so. Take your time. I'm sure. And the sheriff's report... This is really strange. See that notarized signature? That's not mine. There wasn't any notary present during my questioning. Mrs. Mercer, as a former FBI man...'s difficult to accept this.
3 Feb 2013
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