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Jean Renovation started as a vision from the creative mind of young Philadelphian by the name of John Jones in 2005. The ideal of taking old jeans that we no longer want and donating them to those who are less fortunate is nothing shy of divine intervention. John, as many of us do, realize how fortunate we are in this country and many other with an over-abundance of clothes, which we many times discard as waste. He also realized many of us have old jeans stuff away somewhere collecting dust, and taking up unnecessary space. Jeans that we will no longer wear or want. Why not donate those jeans to someone who will truly value them? Not only are you helping someone, but you're also helping to save our environment by eliminating the need for those discarded jeans to end up in a land-fill somewhere. is a strong supporter of the "Go-green" concept. Saving our environment is vital to our future. As John Jones asserts: "Global warming and unnecessary waste affect all of us, and future generations will look back and say; what were they thinking! My organization is a key contributor to saving our environment." "It's more bless to give than receive" as the good book says, and giving is a part of our human compassion for others. John commenced his vision by creating is a non-profit organization that provides jeans and other needed material to those that live here and in third world countries. Individuals who would truly appreciate such a small gesture of kindness. will also provide back-packs, school supplies and other material children in improvised environments here and across the globe. For give aways the Jean Renovation Organization family started with a need to help and make a change with teens, and children in the community and eventuality around the world giving back to those less fortunate, in a way they will never forget through love, education, gift giving and jean donation from people who care, as well as contributions from sponsors we can make a change and reach our goal, and remember to go green donate your old jeans. DONATE
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18 Dec 2017
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