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THE method to be a EMO ! by Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi
27 Jul 2008
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Google's Street View cameras are a voyeur's dream, emo culture is under threat, and we check out a redonk car mod for Batman-crazy fans. Today also begind the 7 Days Without Plastic project, and the FU of the Week is served by Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret, a website where people mail in their secrets on anonymous postcards. For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
15 Aug 2008
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created by harwin, harren, harkean... a compilation of emo pics...enjoy the movie and the para sau yan...
13 Oct 2008
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mostly for emo's because of the way this slide is most people won't like this but IF YOU HATE EMO FEELINGS(FEELING WORTHLESS AND STUFF LIKE THAT)DON'T WATCH!!!!!!!! NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED
23 Aug 2008
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Uhh.. i felt emo and heartbroken. enjoy, i guess?
23 Jan 2010
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The Dirty Hearts perform Action Figure live at Emo's for "Pigs" Cd Release July 26th 2008, Austin, TX.
26 Aug 2008
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The Boxing Lesson play their song Lower at Emos in Austin,TX on August 27,2008. Video by Ryan from The Loyalty Firm. Get more music, tour dates, videos and cooking recipes at www.myspace****/theboxinglesson
29 Aug 2008
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A guide on how to be the best emo ever.
13 Oct 2008
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The more he bakes, the more he weeps. He's an EMO chef! DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK MP3: more I look into this soup The more my heart it yearns for you The more I chop this Artichoke The more I wish to give up hope The more I grill this juicy steak The more I think of my mistakes The more I toast this seedless bun The more I wonder what have I done? A table spoon of sadness A dash of discontent Sprinkle on some memories That you'll never forget Two cups of anger And an ounce of regret Mix it all together It's The Sensitive Chef! The more I feed the human race The more I need your warm embrace The more I use this rolling pin The more I wish to touch your skin The more I bake this chocolate cake The more I want to kiss your face The more I grate this Cheddar cheese The more I fall on to my knees I'm a sensitive chef, I cry when I bake I'm a sensitive chef, with tears on my steak I'm a sensitive chef, with my pots and pans I'm a sensitive chef, and no-one understands. Performed by Daveyboyz and Edited by Edward Frizzelle by Michael Aranda and Daveyboyz
16 Apr 2009
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See a funny talk between an Emo end SmarterChild. Rated by me: My whorst vid ever!!
21 Jan 2009
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anti emo
24 Dec 2008
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Öztürk Emo olursa... böyle olur Gariban emolar, ezikler, zavallılar :(
31 Dec 2008
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Emo'lara hazırlanmış mükemmel bi diss
22 Jan 2009
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listen in stereo, it is surround sound: I made this video to thank all my friends and subscribers for your support *gives big hug to everyone* alright moving on...I noticed how all piano players have posted their own version of here's my version of Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D , but this one is in B flat with a little twist, Something you haven't seen before this is me doing some DJ mixing with this graduation song...I bring you, Canon Emo Version :) all piano harmony parts are played by me, the backing I wrote as a piano trio score graduation theme, I recorded multiple tracks on cubasesx, however I couldn't fit all 3 of my playings on camera screen at once and in the end I just left some screens out of the video...i'm still new to mixing so take it easy on me, I could use any constructive advice you can throw at me :D so don't hesitate!! thank you!! reference: Voice in the background belongs to Terry C, All rights reserved short MV clips from Terry C's song from Tudou**** Full piano backing trio arranged and written by me based on Vitamin C's Friends Forever and Terry C's canon pop remixes Enjoy :) oh and btw in case everybody is wondering why i always wear sunglasses, its cause when i film i have super bright lights all around me and its blinding...but anyways, enjoy the Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon Canon!!!! please feel free to subscribe if you like my vids :) thank you
27 Jul 2009
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Visit online store at *******www.mylittlehalo.bigcartel**** for the latest in emo, punk, gothic and alternative fashion by My Little Halo. Alternative dresses, hoodies, tees, skirts, bags, belts and loads more cute accessories.
30 Jan 2009
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adoreable emo haircuts and hair styles take a look
21 Jan 2009
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