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'Petya' ransomware, a cyber attack which is being originated from Ukraine has shown an unprecedented level of sophistication, which authorities believe, mainly spread through a malicious update to a small Ukrainian tax software company. 'Petya' attacks the Master Boot Record (MBR). It first reboots the computers and then encrypts the hard drive’s file table (MFT), which renders the MBR inoperable. From this point forwards, it restricts access to the system by seizing information of file names, sizes, and location on the physical disk. Who Are We? G'SECURE LABS - A division of Gateway Group offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for BFSI, Enterprises, Online Portals, and SMEs Our Offerings • Database Security › VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT › VIRTUAL PATCHING FOR DATABASES › DATABASE ACTIVITY MONITORING • Agentless Data Security › PIXALERT DATA DISCOVERY › PIXALERT DATA CLASSIFICATION › ILLICIT IMAGE DETECTION AND MANAGEMENT › PIXALERT DATA DISCOVERY › PIXALERT DATA DISCOVERY • Agentless System Management › UNPRECEDENTED NETWORK CONTROL, OPTIMIZATION AND PERFORMANCE › CHANGE CONFIGURATION › LICENSE MANAGEMENT › MIGRATION • Firewall Management › Firewall analyzer › Firewall workflow • Advanced Threat Prevention › Target-specific sandboxing increases detection › Freeze the threat › Initiate fix
4 Aug 2017
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Why do you need a vpn for popcorn time? https://www. ivacy. com/blog/popcorn-time-vpn/ Popcorn Time is an online multi-platform, open source BitTorrent client that also encompasses a really smooth media player. It’s designed as a pirate’s alternative to Netflix, only instead of actually streaming unauthorized copies of films using BitTorrent, Popcorn Time uses sequential downloading and uploading to play films in its media player. By connecting yourself to a Popcorn Time VPN prior using Popcorn Time, you can protect yourself when streaming the latest TV shows and movies online. A Popcorn Time VPN will encrypt your internet activity making you untraceable, and allowing you to use Popcorn Time without fear of receiving a DMCA notice.
17 Aug 2017
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See how to Encrypt and Lock your USB Disk! Data added to the USB disk anytime after this process will automaticaly be encrypted. This is 100% safe and secure. Carry your data around safely. Even if your disk is stolen your data will not be accessible by anyone. Use a password and/or any normal file as a key to open your disk. This is amazing stuff.
4 Dec 2006
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Learn how to encrypt and secure your files in Windows XP and leave the hackers in dust! Simple, Easy and Fun...........!!
11 Dec 2006
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Want to send encrypted mail from any service provider like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail without any provider support for encryption or any additional required encryption software? This video tutorial will help you make 256BIT encrypted messages/files which you can send over the Internet without any one intercepting it. With 256Bit encryption a supercomputer will take years to break. I teach you a very simple, time saving and efficient method to encrypt your secrets which only you and the intended person can share!
29 Aug 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - PGP's "Whole Disc Encryption" sounds like a good idea. Everything is protected! But, what about the drawbacks of that? What about the fact that it's considered a 'feature'... one that can be disabled anytime a user chooses?
11 Nov 2007
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This shows how to use free software called Truecrypt to quickly and reliably secure your data with solid levels of encryption
23 Dec 2007
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This movie shows how to encrypt a file and how to decrypt it.
1 Apr 2008
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SecurStar GmbH is a German computer security company founded by Wilfried Hafner in 2001, from the fusion of ScramDisk Inc., Software Professionals Ltd., and Telstar Industries. SecurStar was primarily established owing to the special security needs of telephone companies such as Global Telecom, manufacturing industries such as Centurion Technologies, and state defense departments of several countries. With this fusion, SecurStar evolved into a leading IT-security company known for developing some of the best encryption software in the industry. Its major business activities are : · Development and production of cryptographic software/hardware for telephone and whole disk encryption, · Research and manufacturing of new IT-security systems (software and hardware based), · Consultancy in the field of data security, · Computer and network security, · Programming services
14 May 2008
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Ideal to encrypt USB-disks/sticks, secondary disks /partitions, CDs, DVDs, containers etc. DriveCrypt also allows to hide data in music files and create hidden containers/ partitions: By entering the correct password, the disks open, if however you are forced to reveal a password, you could reveal a pre-configured "fake" password and the disk will open showing fake, prepared information.
14 May 2011
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Ideal to encrypt an entire computer /notebook/ partition or just a single Hard drive. With DCPP the Hard drive (including the operating system) is encrypted 100%, therefore unauthorized person will not be able to see even temporary files, installs software etc. DriveCrypt also allows to create a hidden operating system: By entering the correct password, the disks are open, if however you are forced to reveal a password, you could reveal a pre-configured "fake" password and the disk will open showing fake, prepared information.
7 Mar 2009
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Phonecrypt is a new and innovative software solution for mobile phones providing for tap-proof and encrypted phone calls as well as SMS messages with other mobile phone users. This solution works with a 4096 bit RSA and 256 Bit AES military grade encryption, thus ensuring that business and private telephone conversations remain completely private and tap-proof.
26 May 2008
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This video features a demonstration of CMS ABS-Secure Encrypted Backup Solutions for laptops. More information on these unique backup systems can be found on our web site at: *******www.cmsproducts****/product_abs-secure.htm
30 May 2008
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In this video I will show you how to use Ardamax to create a remote instalation package, encrypt it, bind it to another program and send it.
22 Sep 2008
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This is a video tutorial that teaches how to install GPG4win and FireGPG on your computer in order to send and receive encrypted e-mail through gmail. It is very easy and quick way to send private messages.
27 Jun 2008
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