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WARNING: this will probably make no sense... to clear it up heres the basic plot - in the year 2012 tom bancroft has risen to worldwide celebrity status, but for being the worst actor on the planet. because of the horror this has caused for humanity a terminator has been sent back through time to stop tom from ever becoming an "actor" thus saving the future world from him. the worlds worst film gets a sequel :D (when available be sure to wathc in high quality) the film explains itself. if something doesnt make sense or looks wrong, we know that already its meant to be there. that or we didnt care and left it in... bear with the opening titles, its based on the t2 ones so are the same length, and will mean shorter ending credits in part 2, where everything will make more sense...ish for those who are wondering with zero hour being mentioned in the voiceover and on a "tv channel" the voiceover is actually referring to the film, not as a literal event in their world (where of course dark angel and fow control all the tv channels.... ITLL HAPPEN DAMMIT! :P) featuring the voice of competition winner agentaragorn! you to all the other entrants, you were all amazing, it was so hard to choose and it was a fair vote between me liam and tom. all your names will be in the credits of part 2 :) intro clips from The Roar part 1 - Watch Episode 3: Left in Dead Silence Departure - Zero - Hour - the Famous - Directors Cut - forget to check out our blog:
2 Dec 2008
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so many years ago i upped the trick of the first level. its around if you really look for it.. anyway.. heres the rest.. sorry lol :P trick was done once in each possible world. time chapter 0:26 (world 1-1) 0:46 (world 1-3) 1:11 (world 2-1) 1:29 (world 3-1) 1:50 (world 3-2) 2:08 (world 3-3) 2:35 (world 4-1) 3:25 (world 4-3) 3:42 (world 5-2) 4:18 (world 5-3) 4:35 (world 6-1) 5:20 (world 6-2) 5:45 (world 7-1) 5:58 (world 8-1) 6:22 (world 8-2) 6:51 (world 8-3) 7:12 tutorial intro 7:16 (off screen) ground stomp zone 7:45 (off screen) sky stomp zone 8:15 morphing 8:35 over the flagpole jump 9:02 end credits walking part was edited file over 1 gig! & boring. youll need patients cuz good portion is just walking the turtle till you get to flagpole & hopefully u don't choke!! Lol - sum clips are crappy cuz they were recorded at different times & methods. somethings weren't available yet. so yes i know so don't complain.
26 Oct 2009
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