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******* Can anything new be said in a romantic comedy? Do Jason Segel and Emily Blunt make a believable couple? I’m Keith Kelly. Find out next in my review of “The Five-Year Engagement”. When a movie is promoted by the tagline “from the producers of Bridesmaids”-you know you’re probably in for a good, sometimes raunchy ride. You get a bit of that, plus some unexpected surprises, twists and turns in “The Five-Year Engagement”. The title gives you a fair idea of what to expect-even if you haven’t seen the trailers. Starring the big puppy dog of a man Jason Segel, and the beautiful Emily Blunt, we meet a couple that seems perfect for each other-even though Violet is enormously attractive and Tom is, well, Jason Segel . Most romantic comedies take their sweet time getting couples together. It’s not a spoiler to reveal that Tom and Violet get engaged within the first five minutes of the film. But what helps make this movie enjoyable is how they shake up the “boy meets girl” formula. Just when you think you’ve got the plot figured out-it takes a delightful right turn-just like real life sometimes does. And that’s the point of this film. If you ever think you’ve got a handle on life, you’re eventually going to be surprised, sometimes disappointed, and find that relationships are always a “work in progress”. Marriage, and life in general, is more about the journey than the destination. Sometimes you’ve got to grab hold of things right now, instead of waiting for the right moment. The solid chemistry between the two leads goes a long way in carrying this film. You’ve got to like and care for the couple in a romantic comedy for the movie to succeed. But I don’t want you to think that “The Five-Year Engagement” is nothing but a sap fest. Even though there is a lot of sweetness in this film, there are also many laugh out loud moments-some gross, some silly-many of them thanks to the superb supporting cast, including Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation, Chris Parnell from SNL, and Brian Posehn-a strange looking dude whose name probably doesn’t register, but his face will. Lots of good little character bits everywhere you look. It’s not a all fun and laughs-there are some serious relationship moments, but never so many that he film bogs down. It’s a great date movie-especially if you’ve been with your sweetie for a long time-enough wacky stuff for the guys, enough sunsets and long walks for the gals. My quibbles are one too many bare ass shot of Jason Segel, a plot that could use a tiny bit of tightening, and a little too convenient, wrapped up ending. With all that in mind, I give “The Five-Year Engagement”, directed by Nicholas Stoller, and co-written by Stoller and Jason Segel, a grade of “B”. I’m Keith Kelly. Are you an entrepreneur, or business leader that would like to connect more with your audience, sell more product, or motivate your employees? Let Keith Kelly, Business Story Coach of Innovative Communications give you a hand telling YOUR story in a short film. For more info, go to: *******
1 May 2012
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Catherine Reitman reviews "The Five-Year Engagement" & "The Pirates! Band of Misfits."
28 Apr 2012
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Composer/thereminist Pekkanini plays his own tune "Cool Theremin" This is what reviewers at Garageband**** say about "Cool Theremin": "This mix would be ideal in a dark film noir alien love scene! I don't think this sounds like anything I've ever heard, which is of course fantastic so 100% for originality. The musicianship inherent to this mix is fantastic and this shines in the melodies and the harmonies present in the vibraphone (mallet) and analog synth solo. Just fantastic. Consequently the mood is highly emotive and engaging!" Reviewed by: almselectronica from Wellington, New Zealand "It's all going very quiet here. I like the violin-like sound that is going all directions. This is really special and joyful, making you feel good. Humoristic as well to me, but I don't know if it was meant like that. Around 1:20 a piano is coming in, violins and a horn who is moving to all directions as well. There are percussions on the background. The lead violin has got something chinese as well. I just like all of it here. It's quiet, moody, funny and I think it will never get boring. I hear classical, Chinese and Jazzy influences. Fantastic." Reviewed by: Alexander Port from Lier, Belgium
8 Feb 2009
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