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The clip Other Characters' First Day In College from Pledge This! (2006) with William Heins, Kerri Kenney It's so good. Kristen? Gloria. Hi. What are you doing here? Surprise! Mr. Haas. Oh, hey, Gloria. Hi. How are you? Nice to see you. Whoo! How are you doing? I'm great. What is this? Well, I ran into Gloria's mom a while back, and she mentioned... she was coming to South Beach, so I made a few phone calls... and we arranged for you two to live together. Bingo! Wow, thanks, dad. Yeah, unexpected. Full of surprises. Well, I know what good friends you two are. Were. Like, in the ninth grade. You two get reacquainted... I'll go get the rest of the bags, okay? Sure. I'll be right back. Are you sure this is what you really want? I don't understand why you have to live in the dorms... when we live in Coral Gables. Oh, you don't understand. 'Cause I don't understand why you had to park your car... in someone else's garage. And by car, I mean cock. Mommy, what's a- It's a rooster, honey. Kathy, what do you want me to say? I keep telling you I'm sorry. Yeah, you're sorry all right- a sorry excuse for a husband. Kids, mommy's going away to college. And you know why? Daddy decided to sleep with some little tramp from his office! Well, see you Thanksgiving. Bye, kids. Bye. Love you. Hey, football, huh? Anybody up for a gangbang? Kathy, Jesus Christ! Victoria. Baby Dick, I missed you so much. Not as much as I missed you, my little English muffin.
2 Dec 2011
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This has got to be one of my favorite episodes that season. Helena & Dylan, getting some...tea. That must be some damn good tea! Some yummy English tea. I'll need an English muffin with that. lol i'll stop! All copyrighted video materials belong to The Showtime Network & The L Word Creators
22 Oct 2012
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Chef Jason Hill of *******www.CookingSessions**** shares his favorite breakfast sandwich recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips." There's no need to buy a breakfast sandwich maker, or pick up a Subway breakfast sandwich or McDonalds breakfast sandwich anymore. You can do this yourself! We promise it's really simple! Although there are many types of breakfast sandwich recipes, Jason's favorite is an egg breakfast sandwich made with California sourdough bread, turkey bacon, thin sliced deli cheese, and plenty of hot sauce. (We like Tapatio, Cholula, Texas Champagne and Marie Sharp's Habanero Hot Sauce.) Instead of turkey bacon, you can use regular pork bacon or sausage for your meat filling. If you want to make something over the top, use a donut or waffle as the bread instead of sourdough, or try English muffins and croissants. Be sure to have your pan on medium-high heat so the cheese can melt thoroughly, and the crust can get a nice crusty golden brown. We hope you enjoy this easy egg sandwich! For the full recipe, log on to *******www.CookingSessions****
6 Feb 2013
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Vsauce2 Twitter: ******* **** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS **** Fortune Cookie Origins *******www.snopes****/food/origins/fortune.asp *******www.fancyfortunecookies****/Articles.asp?ID=148 English Muffin Origins *******thomasbreads****/About-Thomas/Heritage.aspx *******www.thenibble****/reviews/main/breadstuffs/english-muffin-history.asp Russian Dressing ***********/newspapers?nid=1320&dat=19850807&id=y-gTAAAAIBAJ&sjid=XQYEAAAAIBAJ&pg=6875,2646898 *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Russian_dressing French Dip *******www.snopes****/food/origins/frenchdip.asp *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/French_dip_sandwich German Chocolate *******www.snopes****/business/names/cake.asp *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/German_chocolate_cake Doritos Invented At Disneyland *******blogs.ocweekly****/stickaforkinit/2012/01/doritos_disneyland.php Apple Pie History *******whatscookingamerica****/History/PieHistory/ApplePie.htm *************************************************************** Vsauce Links Secret Vsauce Forum: *******vsauce.vanillaforums****/ T-Shirts: *******www.districtlines****/vsauce Facebook: ******* Twitter: ******* Vsauce: ***********/Vsauce Vsauce2: ***********/Vsauce2 Vsauce3: ***********/Vsauce3 WEsauce: ***********/WEsauce
22 Aug 2013
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