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Find your inner peace towards your spiritual development and spiritual enlightment Speed up your spiritual growth with MessagesToGod****
23 Apr 2009
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*******www.export-manga**** *******blog.export-manga****/ Aikido Iwama Embukai (Hideo Hirosawa Shihan, O'sensei) His name is Hideo Hirosawa and he is the last pupil of the founder of aikido Ueshiba Morihei known as O'sensei (grand master). This 71 years old smiling gentleman, after 51 years of constant training has decided to publicize the aikido as his master conceived it in his posthumous years. He has been the only uchideshi (internal student) who has lived and care of the founder every day the last 3 years of his life. Very hard years with some very special training through which he had received direct all his master knowledge. "Being one with the universe and have a completely pure mind and soul to be able to convey a message of peace to the rest of humanity." That was the mission that the founder of aikido Ueshiba Morihei asked Hirosawa sensei before passing away. To do so Hirosawa sensei had to pilgrimage through the mountains of Iwama village (place of residence of both) and elsewhere for more than 17 years. Almost always living apart from the rest of normal people, day after day and almost 2 times on the brink of death due to stress and energy accumulated Hirosawa sensei succeeded. Finally he came to polish what his teacher had taught him, purifing the mind and spirit completely and reaching the heavenly enlightment or satori in the mountains. Although it sounds like a real movie adventure, this is the life of a man apparently normal that teach some of us here in Japan. That's the reason why we decided through export-manga to make known this message of peace and harmony with the universe left by O'sensei. A treasure that we want to keep in order that everybody can enjoy it and make this world a better place day by day. "Understanding the kokyu or universal breath and through it to connect with other people, manage the force of gravity and centrifugal and centripetal forces in our body so we can implement them, to guide our colleague kindly to where we want through the eyes and this sense of connection non physical and, ultimately, feeling within us a little universe that moves all the time". All these are some of the aspects studied in the aikido that Mr Hirosawa is making well-known. In the video Amir Garcia and Bernardino Todolí play as ukes for Hirosawa sensei in the annual embukai held in Iwama on the past October 19th of 2008.
30 Aug 2009
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Message in a Word MEANS EXPLORING SPECIFIC SUBJECT AND GETTING ENLIGHTMENT IN NUTSHELL AS WRITTEN ORACLE REVEALED DEITY. Words can heal or hurt, save or destroy. Words are so important that the Bible describes Jesus as The Word. Often we have tunnel vision and focus on what we think a word means, when God has so much more for us to see and understand. This book gives a different perspective on many common words, revealing the divinely inspired and inspiring message in the word.
22 Dec 2010
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Enlight of all the recent tragedies around the world as well as those in the past which we must never forget about, 11 year old Cierra Barrera has a message to everyone in the world..... all races and all ages! Artist: Cierra Barrera Song title: "Tomorrow's Not A Given"
19 Aug 2011
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