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Know about all India news and all that happened in the world of Indian politics, sports, Lifestyle and entertainment news. Latest on Adelaide test news, Australian open, Gas pipeline news, Harbhajan's appeal and other India news.
27 Jan 2008
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Know about all India news from Indian films, sports, entertainment news and lifestyle news and other India news about Surajkund craft fair , Chinese food and Hrithik Roshan, india news News India
1 Feb 2008
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Know about all India news from politics, sports news, entertainment news and other India news. Also, latest bird flu news, twenty20 news, Interpol news and kidney racket news.
1 Feb 2008
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Know about all India news and political news, entertainment news, lifestyle and sports news. Know about Arjun Singh and the Delhi World Book fair news.
29 May 2008
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Know about all India news from politics, entertainment news and other India news.Know about Advani's Jabalpur meet, Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, mumbai taxi union strike, ICC Elite Panel Umpires and 53rd Filmfare Awards.
7 Feb 2008
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9 Feb 2008
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Know India news from politics, sports and entertainment news from india. Know about Doctor Amit Kumar's remand and CBI custody in new Delhi, the commonwealth cricket triangular series match at Melbourne, re opening of jammu and kashmir highway and shah rukh khan at Berlim film festival
11 Feb 2008
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Know India news from politics, sports and entertainment news from india. Know about Doctor Amit Kumar's remand and CBI custody in new Delhi, the commonwealth cricket triangular series match at Melbourne, re opening of jammu and kashmir highway and shah rukh khan at Berlim film festival.
11 Feb 2008
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Know all India news from politics, sports and entertainment news. Know about Maharashtra violence by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena workers, Commonwealth bank series and sri Lanka's win in the match against India, India-Russian forum and Akola sex racket news. And other India news.
13 Feb 2008
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Know all india news from politics, sports and entertainment news and other India news. Know about Pappu Yadav's life sentence, taslima's visa extension, valentines day and anti-valentine drive by bal thackeray, john gloster's quitting the physio post and other India news.
3 Mar 2008
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Check Out www.getthedaily**** - Your daily Entertainment News Source. Entertainment: Today in entertainment, the writer's strike is OFFICIALLY OVER! plus controversory over the 2008 olympics and star wars returns to the big screen! Hi everyone! i'm Andrea rene for get the daily**** and you're watchign the entertainment update. Its over! Its really over! After 100 days of talk show reruns, missing episodes of favorite sitcoms, and SNL free Saturdays, the Writer's guild of America voted yesterday to lift their strike on Hollywood. It was the worst labor dispute in Tinsel Town in over 2 decades, and it isn't completely finished yet. THe members of the WGA still need to vote on the tentative contract that would give writers payments for their work streamed online plus they'll get double rates for film and tv work sold as internet downloads. And it will also extend the contract for content made specifically for the web. Many writers will be returning to work today, expect to see familiar spots on late night talk shows and daytime ones as well, but as previously reported, your favorite dramas and sitcoms won't be back until April. Academy award winning director Steven Spielberg has stepped down from his artistic advisor position for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Bejing. The legendary director of "Schindler's List" said the reason for his withdrawal is because he does not support China's policy on Darfur, a region of Sudan. China has long been accused of aiding rebels efforts to keep peacekeepers out of the war ravaged region, where thousands of civilians are being murdered or driven from their homes. Many activists are calling for China to step up to the plate and make some changes in their Sudan policies before they try to play host for the Olympics, one of the world's greatest venues for peace. So far China has given no intentions of changing their policy, and have even said they will not submit to foreign pressure. Star Wars fan listen up! Creator George Lucas has previously said there will be no more stars wars films, but he LIED! The iconic series will hit the big screen again this summer, but it will be a little different this time. Lucas has announced he will release an animated film called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," as a precursor the new animated series set to debut this fall. Lucas said he felt like there was a lot of the story left to tell, and he wanted to do that through the art of animation. If you want to learn more about the new series and the film, you can check out web only documentaries on starwars****. For get the daily****, I'm Andrea Rene. Thanks for watching the entertainment update.
14 Feb 2008
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Know all india news from politics, sports and entertainment news and news from Best of the Booker Prize, arundhati roy and salman rushdie, Pakistan Cricket Board, Raj Thackeray, Peter MacKay, increase in number of Supreme Court judges and other India news.
21 Feb 2008
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MetaNetwork Media is the premiere broadcasting and interactive media company with the purpose to provide quality news and entertainment to residents and visitors of the metaverse community through the development, production and marketing of entertainment, news and information within Second Life and the rest of the metaverse. MetaNetwork Media will deliver programming via an innovative distribution network in Second Life, on the company's Web site and via other Web 2.0 platforms. Visit corporate Web site at www . metanetworkmedia . com Visit MNM News site at www . metanetworknews . tv
25 Feb 2008
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Entertainment News from getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News. Today in entertainment, I'll tell you about how Jessica Simpson is coming back, plus Amy Winehouse, entrepreneur? And what the DEA wants to know about Heath Ledger. Hi everyone, welcome to get the daily**** your online source for news. I'm Andrea Rene and I've got your entertainment update. America's sweetheart Jessica Simpson has decided to donate her time to a worthy cause by entertaining US troops! Yes the blonde hottie will fly to Kuwait to perform a concert for military members stationed there. She is currently working on her new country album, but decided to take a short break to show her support for the troops and her country. Someone better tell her not to forget her burqua! Bad girl Amy Winehouse will become the latest celebrity to creaee her own empire, beginning with a clothing and makeup line. Known for her signature eyeliner look, Winehouse is in talks to create her own eyeliner brand, plus who could forget about hairspray? She must use a can a day on that beehive! Winehouse's lines are also expected to include headscarves, and it wouldn't be complete without a perfume. Do you think she'll call it Rehab? Earlier this month, actor Heath Ledger's death was declared an accidental overdose, yet the Drug Enforcement Agency has begun a probe into how he acquired the six prescriptions pills found in his autospy report. The DEA wants to stress they are not looking into his death, but where he got the prescriptions, and if it was legal. So far they have discovered some of the pills came from a doctor in California and some from a doctor in Texas. Further investigation is needed to determine if Ledger was specifically seeking these drugs or if they were wrongfully prescribed to him. I'll have more details on that when they become available. You just heard the entertainment update from me, Andrea Rene and where'd you find it? At get the daily****.
1 Mar 2008
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Entertainment News From Get The Daily**** - Your Online Source For News.
11 Mar 2008
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Tara Gipson from Entertainment News 2 U was at the Semi-Pro premiere. Check our highlights from the evening. For more Entertainment News 2 U go to our video blog at: *******entertainmentnews2u.blogspot****
13 Mar 2008
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