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Transcript by Newsy BY ALYSSA CAVERLEY You're watching multisource entertainment news from Newsy In a much talked about interview with Barbara Walters - nothing is off-limits for Oprah. The latest released clips have tongues wagging and the media talking. Once and for all Oprah says she is not a lesbian. Here’s what she says about those particular rumors and why they are so frustrating. “I’m not lesbian. I’m not even kind of lesbian. And the reason why it irritates me is because it means that somebody must think I’m lying. That’s number one. Number two – why would you want to hide it? That is not the way I run my life.” (ABC) Walters appeared on Good Morning America to talk about that interview – she says Oprah didn’t hold back. “A wonderful interview with Oprah. Probably the most personal I’ve seen her so or done with her. She talks to a lot of people, but she doesn’t usually talk about herself.” E! Online says sometimes you just have to laugh about it - pointing out Oprah and Gayle themselves aren’t against talking about the rumors. “Remember how Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King were riffing about being lesbians during their camp out. It was just a joke, people.” But TMZ - perhaps a little callously - jokes about the lesbian rumors – telling other entertainment shows to stop spreading lies. “No lesbian vibes between Gayle and Oprah. So other TV shows, stop making it look like there are. Like this ‘that is hot’…’I love thighs rubbing together’… ‘Whoa it’s in my crotch right now’… ‘where is the city bath’. Shame on you Entertainment Tonight.” And Perez Hilton praises the Queen of Daytime for her candid answer and the way she handles the rumors. “Well-said… And we agree! You’re very lucky to have such a close friend on whom you can rely! Not enough people do!” The entire interview with Walters will air Thursday night right before Walters’ Most Fascinating People special. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
10 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY ERIK SHUTE You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy A&E’s viewers agreed on Sunday night -- “the Hoff” is becoming a hassle. The network pulled the plug on the reality TV series after only one night and two episodes. The explanation? It just didn’t have the ratings. E! News sees this as a missed opportunity. HASSELHOFF: “That’s kind of what my new show is about. You know, it’s like - the Hasselhoffs. I want people to tune because then they’ll get to know who I really am.” ANCHOR: “Hoff we hardly got to know you! (FLASH) You’d have thought ‘larger-than-life’ David Hasselhoff had plenty of drama to fuel a reality show, but the weekly peek inside this single dad’s world is no more.” New York Magazine’s Vulture breaks down the bad rap. “718,000 people watched the first episode, and 505,000 the second. (As a point of comparison, A&E's Storage Wars debuted to 2 million viewers; more people probably saw The Hasselhoffs inspired/creepy promo ad).” A Boston Herald blog defends the show - comparing it to the ranks of top notch celebreality shows. It asks, “Did A&E even give it a chance?” “Really, A&E? What have you got better to air? Another ‘Hoarders’ marathon? OK, the ratings were terrible - but I don’t recall ‘The Kardashians’ debuting to sparkling numbers." While David had the star-power to back the show’s hype, ABC caught up with the Hasselhoffs and discovered the viewers might have missed the point. The Knight Rider himself admits he wanted to see the 10 episode series follow his daughters’ blossoming music career. ANCHOR: “You two have formed a band?” HAYLEY: “We’re a girl group called Bella Vida” DAVID: “That was the concept of the show was to follow their journey, from the very beginning to now they’ve signed with the Pussy Cat Dolls and so they’re on their way and it took 10 solid episodes.” Adding to the Hoff’s reality TV follies, he left his position as a judge on the popular reality hit America’s Got Talent to be the first star voted off of the last season of Dancing with Stars. Hoff’s publicists told Radar Online he’s calling an end to “celebreality”, and taking his acting in a “more quiet” direction. “‘He is on stage for opening night in London for Captain Hook, that’s what we’re worried about.’ He is appearing in a pantomime version of Peter Pan...” Even though they are off the small screen in the states, should A&E think about releasing the series in Germany? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy.
15 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY ZHENG HWUANG CHIA You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy OMG. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are ovuh! The prom king and queen of Disney -- the so-called “Brangelina of tweens” -- met on the set of “High School Musical” in 2005 and dated for five years before calling it quits -- a day before Vanessa’s 22nd birthday. Ouch. GossipCop reports: “A source tells us the longtime relationship ‘ran its course’ and calls the split ‘amicable.’ In fact, our insider stresses, ‘They’re still friends.’” While High School Musical fans cry over the unexpected breakup, some apparently saw it coming. “Ok, we totally knew their young love couldn’t last. After all, they were mere zygotes when they fell in love. So it's no great surprise that now that Efron is 23 and Hudgens is (just barely) 22, they are both ready to experience life outside the Disney-dating sphere.” (YourTango) Outside Disney-dating sphere? Is that a warning hazard for a third-party alert? Nah, there wasn’t any third party involved. Maybe there were some tears here and there, but there was reportedly no drama, at all. SNTV explains further. “It’s nothing dramatic. There is no third party involved. Well, one friend has claimed that the relationship has simply run its course. They are young and hot, and are two of Hollywood’s most in-demand, up and coming stars, we are sure none of them would have any problem bouncing back.” Is Hollywood really capable of producing drama-less breakups? Associated Content says puh-leaze. “Efron once hinted in an interview that he would not get married until he was 40 years old, and then thought, well... maybe 30. ... It's very viable that the ‘High School’ sweethearts broke apart because Efron wasn't quite ready to put a ring on it.” Well, they were definitely a successful Disney certified production. No wonder E! Online Love Guru, Marc Malkin foresees some patch up taking place. “I would not be surprised if one day to find out that, Zac and Vanessa are back together they have been through a lot, they have been together a long time, And, like I’ve said, they are very much in love. So right now, they remain friends. What the future holds for Zac and Vanessa? We shall see.” So, what do you think? Is this High School romance just out to recess? Guess we shall see... Get multisource video news analysis from Newsy
16 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY MALLORY PERRYMAN You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy RICK STENGEL (Time Magazine Managing Editor): “TIME Magazine’s person of the year for 2010 is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the CEO of Facebook.” (NBC) Status update! Mark Zuckerberg is…person of the year. Like? Or is now a good time to invent the dislike button? Some in the media say Zuck deserves it- others say- Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange- was robbed. Assange was named runner-up. TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel says, the men are two sides of the same coin. RICK STENGEL (TIME Magazine Managing Editor): “They both say ‘Hey, we want transparency and openness.’ But what Assange is doing is he wants transparency to bring down institutions, to bring down governments, to level them. Zuckerberg wants transparency and openness to bring people together. Two different visions.” But Computerworld’s Richi Jennings calls that comparison quote “blissful ignorance” and points out – Assange was the overwhelming winner of TIME’s online poll, where people- not editors-picked the winner. “…what's the point of asking for votes, if you're going to go ahead and choose an unpopular choice? And why Zuckerberg in 2010? It's hardly a move demonstrating insight or foresight. Last year, or 2008, perhaps…” So what’s changed for Zuck this year? For one thing- Facebook now has nearly 600 million users. If it were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. But 2010 wasn’t all blue skies and butterflies for the tech giant. The Social Network hit theaters in October- a pretty successful movie that painted a not-so-pretty picture of Zuck. PaidContent’s David Kaplan points out another 2010 change- Zuckerberg got a lot less awkward. “More than anything else, this ...shows off how much more polished and media savvy the Facebook founder has become … (though favorable coverage can make anyone look good, of course).” So Facebook was a big deal in 2010. But so was Wikileaks. Was TIME just playing it safe with Zuckerberg? CNN’s Don Lemon speculates: Assange may have been the riskier choice- but- remember this? Behold…the 1938 person of the year…Adolf Hitler. And lest we forget…1939’s winner: Joseph Stalin. TIME’s Lev Grossman admits- it’s true- Person of the Year is not a prize. LEV GROSSMAN (Tech Writer, TIME): “This is our best attempt to figure out who changed the world the most this year, who changed people’s lives the most this year, for better or for worse.” Finally- a ZDNet blogger points out- TIME’s top choices have a long history of ticking people off. “…ranting about Time’s Person of the Year is an annual ritual. In some respects, Zuckerberg taking the... crown is almost the same as when Time gave ‘You’ the crown in 2006.” Yeah, that one was interesting. Besides Assange, the Tea Party, the Chilean miners, and Hamid Karzai round out the runners up list. To take a look at all of TIME’s “people who mattered”, visit *******www.time****/time/specials/packages/completelist/0,29569,2036683,00.html Get multisource news analysis from Newsy****
16 Dec 2010
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16 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY PAUL ROLFE You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Neil Diamond and Alice Cooper lead this year’s group of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. MSNBC has the chosen five -- and says people are upset about who was left out. “Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Dr. John my personal favorite, and Darlene Love will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year... So, I’ve got a discussion going about this on scoopblog and people are incensed that Bon Jovi got left off. They’re saying maybe Kiss should have been inducted instead. A lot of discussion there.” The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation nominating committee picks 15 performers for the ballot. The bands Kiss and Rush top this year’s list of notables that weren’t even among the 15 nominees. CNN has more on the rules for being selected. “According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, artists, they become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. That’s a long time. And they must also have made significant music contributions. So the nominees are then voted on by a panel of about 500 music experts and the artists with the most votes guess what -- they get inducted.” Entertainment Weekly gives its top three reasons Bon Jovi, who was a nominee, should have been inducted. “[First] Um, have you heard ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ ?... [Second,] The fact that this was a look for a while. If that’s not Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy, I don’t know what is... [And] They were just named the [number one] worldwide touring act of 2010 by Billboard.” While some were upset that their faves didn’t make it, the artists who made the cut had all been eligible for more than 10 years. Neil Diamond spoke to the BBC about his almost 20-year wait. “I kind of figured they'd get around to me at some point... I'm glad they did it before I'm dead.” Other artists nominated, but not inducted include J. Geils Band, Donna Summer, and LL Cool J. Let us know in our comments section who you think should be next into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
17 Dec 2010
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18 Jan 2011
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Prepare yourselves. The end of days must be near. Regis Philbin -- daytime’s everlasting gabber– is saying goodbye. Here’s the announcement and Kelly’s response. PHILBIN: “I don’t want to alarm anybody, but I have to tell you this because it’s going to happen and the station needs to know and Gelman needs to know and we all need to know. This will be my last year on this show.” RIPA: “It is been a pleasure and a privilege and a dream come true and I wish I could do something to make you change your mind.” The titan of morning talk will turn 80 this year. But even so, HLN says – this was unexpected. “It was surprising. Co-host Kelly Ripa got choked up—as you can imagine—talking about what a dream come true it was to work with Regis. He simply said it was time, but he doesn’t know when his last day will be.” Reege joins the ranks of other aging celebs looking for a break -- or a pick up game of bridge? Here’s The View’s take. BEHAR: “Regis is retiring, Betty White I was reading is cutting back – she’s saying she feels…--but Hugh Hefner is picking out engagement rings. I mean, what does this say about older people? (More power to him!)” Alright, now that we’ve said 60 seconds of goodbyes – let’s get down to business. Who will replace Philbin? CNN questions – is it even possible? HAMMER: “Can the show go on? I love Kelly. Kelly’s fantastic—she’s terrific. But it’s always been his show. It’s called LIVE! With Regis and – of course Kathie Gifford was there for a number of years as well. Kelly just fit right in and she’s amazing. But the question is…who can they get to fill seat that will make people want to stick around and stay with the formula?” Meanwhile, NBC’s Kathie Lee – who spent 15 years in the chair next to Reege – dishes on what’s happening behind the scenes. GIFFORD: “I tell you what’s happening right at this very moment—about 50 guys are calling their agents right now saying, ‘I want that job!” (Cause that’s the show.) That’s the way it goes. And it will have a whole new life hopefully, but it will never be the same. There’s only one Reege.” Kathie Lee threw out Jeff Probst as a potential replacement. But the San Francisco Chronicle has a few others in mind, including…. “…Kelly Ripa's husband, Mark Consuelos, Neil Patrick Harris and Anderson Cooper have been regular fill-ins, over the years…” Finding a replacement is expected to take a several months. So do you think the show will go on? Or is LIVE! dead without the hardest working man in TV? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
20 Jan 2011
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Hollywood’s man of the hour – became persona non grata at the Golden Globe Awards. Ricky Gervais used his hosting gig to blast tinsel town’s biggest names – and bloated egos. Here’s a clip of the funny man’s most talked about zinger – courtesy of NBC. GERVAIS: “Also not nominated – I Love You Phillip Morris, starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor—two heterosexual actors pretending to be gay. So the complete opposite of some famous scientologists. (Crowd reacts)” GERVAIS: “My lawyers helped me with the wording of that joke.” Gervais said he was going for the gusto. Apparently that meant going for the jugular. Reviews are mixed, with the LA Times saying…. “The opposite of dull and deferential is not snotty and abusive.” But New York Magazine defends, with… “How much more boring would the Golden Globes have been without Gervais? So, so much more boring!” Right now Ricky’s probably hoping – there really is no such thing as bad publicity. Or was this all planned? MSNBC takes a look. GEIST: “He promised he was going to hold nothing back – going after people in the room. He lived up to it. It was awkward at times. Not a lot of laughter. Some cringing. Maybe people not allowed to laugh because of his targets – many of them their friends sitting at nearby tables.” Not all of Hollywood’s incensed at the roasting. Regis and Kelly got a kick out of Ricky’s wicked humor. PHILBIN: “He’s very, very funny, but I thought – I was hanging onto my chair.” RIPA: “I said, it’s the first time I’ve watched an awards show at home and I had to excuse myself to put deodorant on. I was sweating! (That nervous, huh?) The sweat was just pouring out of me!” And some stars even fought back – at the microphone. CNN has that – and a rumor of Gervais getting the boot….mid-show. GERVAIS: “Many of you in this room probably know him best from such facilities as The Betty Ford Clinic and Los Angeles County Jail. Please welcome Robert Downey, Jr.” DOWNEY: “Aside from the fact that it’s been hugely mean spirited and with mildly sinister undertones, I’d say the vibe of the show is pretty good so far, wouldn’t you?” HAMMER: “When Ricky was off camera for awhile during the show – it felt like an hour or more – rumors started flying on Twitter that he’d actually been fired…yanked from the show in the middle of it. He wasn’t.” Turns out – the Hollywood Foreign Press really was upset. PopEater says – the Globe’s organizers won’t be inviting the Brit back. "For sure any movie he makes he can forget about getting nominated. He humiliated the organization last night and went too far with several celebrities whose representatives have already called to complain." Several reps for offended celebs have already contacted the Hollywood Foreign Press. So, what’s your take? Did they get what they paid for? Or did Gervais take it too far? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
21 Jan 2011
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY ALYSSA CARTEE You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy MTV, you’ve got yourself a situation. Coming off of a huge controversy with the racy teen drama, Skins, the network’s most popular show, Jersey Shore is stirring new outrage. The show, long unpopular with Italian American groups, is ready for a fourth season and the cast is heading to Italy. Maybe a little more ‘Godfather’ and a little less “Girls Gone Wild.” (Video: Fox News) UNICO was the first Italian American group to call for a boycott of the show. Its president spoke with TMZ about the upcoming trip to Italy. "People used to go to the circus to see the freak show-- that is what this will be. It will not only hurt Italians but all Americans. … their outrageous, reprehensible behavior will make us look like buffoons and bimbos.” Not everyone thinks the cast going abroad is a bad idea. It may boost its record 9 million viewers and might have the cast trade their Cuervo for the Colosseum. MEGAN ALEXANDER, Inside Edition Correspondent: “As someone who has been to Italy, the people are so charming. The Italian language is absolutely gorgeous. I’m telling ya I hope that the culture rubs off on the Jersey Shore because they could really use it.” (HLN) Maybe all of the fist pumping will take the focus off Prime Minister Berlusconi’s teen smooshing scandal. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell even jokes -- moving the show could be positive for Italy’s reputation. “Andrea, what are the diplomatic implications as it pertains to our relationship with Italy?” ANDREA MITCHELL: “I think it might actually improve relations considering what’s happening in Italy with the Prime Minister Berlusconi in trouble for what was her name? The Ruby Sweetheart? The Ruby Sweetheart prostitution scandal. So Snooki would raise the level.” The President of another Italian American group tells Fox News it’s time to get over the location and start squashing the “guido” stereotype. “Whether filmed in Italy or on the moon, the characters of ‘Jersey Shore’ do not reflect a realistic image of the Italian American Community. … ‘Entertainment’ is in the eye of the beholder.” An MTV spokesperson said the network is excited about the new location and “can’t wait to see what erupts as a result.” Watch multisource video news analysis from Newsy
28 Jan 2011
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BY MAURICE SCARBOROUGH You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Films most beloved bald guy is ready to find a new home... The 2011 Academy Award nominations are in and Hollywood is already buzzing about who will take home film’s most coveted award. Among this year’s front-runners, “The King’s Speech” - taking in a whopping 12 nominations, including Best Picture. Fans of “The Social Network” will “like” the Facebook biopic’s 8 nominations - also including a best picture nod. Both films came out of the gates ahead of the pack at previous award shows leaving some to wonder if this will be a two horse race? (ABC) “In the leading, the shows that lead up to the Oscars, do we get when we’re filling out our cards for lets say an informal pool. Does that give us a hint as to what the Oscars will do necessarily or no?” “You have to think it does give you a hint, but remember a lot of those are critics. We don’t really know what the Academy thinks yet, and that’s what makes this moment so surprising.” As the Huffington Post points out - among this year’s usual suspects, were some surprise nominations. “The biggest surprise of the ... nominations was the love shown to two films... True Grit and Winter's Bone...Winter's Bone, a … film that earned ravishing critical response but barely caused a ripple outside of the arthouse circuit is the bigger surprise... True Grit is less of a surprise... [I]t's a damn good movie.” Another surprise - Christopher Nolan’s Best Director snub. Despite a Best Picture nomination, a writer for New York Magazine seems to think the Academy has no love for one of Hollywood’s top-dogs. “Maybe the Academy isn't as enamored of Christopher Nolan as we thought? Sure, Inception scored a Best Picture nomination, yet Nolan couldn't score a Best Director nod... Sorry, Chris: Your Oscar hopes were just a dream.” Movies tend to be about people who live under extraordinary circumstances, but as an analyst on CNN points out - some of this year’s nominees are leaving out the extras. “You’ll notice that a lot of actresses and supporting actresses, the big roles this year, have been mothers - In ‘The Kids are Alright’, I think Melissa Leo in ‘The Fighter’, we seem to be thinking about motherhood a lot at the moment in our movies, and the nominees are that. On the male side, a lot of the nominees are playing real characters.” Another observation from the nomination post show... this year’s awards aren’t just for the film snobs. (Livestream) “David seems like it’s gonna be a very, I hate to dumb it down, but a very fun Oscars because you have young actors, you have a lot of movies that the public has really seen and embraced this year, a lot of high grossing films that are going to be celebrated. That’s right, and I think that even the movies that weren’t the big summer blockbusters people are really connecting to. A lot of people have seen Black Swan and The Kings Speech, so I think a lot of people are going to be finding that they have movies to root for at this year’s Oscars.” So what do you think about the 2011 Academy Award Nominations? More snubs or more surprises? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
28 Jan 2011
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY ZHENG HWUANG CHIA Watch multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy The Razzies are back celebrating Tinseltown’s worst films. Topping the list -- sparkly vampires and buff werewolves. London’s Telegraph has the bucketfull of lemons. “But the real dark horse of the award this year, and a joint leader with a whopping 9 nominations is ‘Twilight Eclipse’. A favorite with the fans but a baffling bore for many others.” “Worst picture, worst actress, and not one but two worst actors, for both Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. We know - it hurts too much to even say it.” (Splash News) Kristen Stewart gets a notorious nod as well. Green Celebrity chalks the actresses’ nomination up to envy. “They were jealous that Kristen Stewart gets to make out with two very handsome young men.” and advised “The totally peeved star celebs from Twilight should ALL give the collective finger to the people who nominated her.” Think the Razzies are too tough on Twilight? Razzie’s founder speaks on behalf of those who are not ‘Twi-hards’ in SkyNews. He says - “We just don’t get it.” “The other one that we are going to get a lot of angry e-mails about: Twilight Sage Eclipse, which is the third film in the series about the teenage girl that has to choose between a werewolf and a vampire as her boyfriend in high school. You know people with that dilemma don’t you” The roster of critics who’s collective vote leads to Razzie snubs -- consists of roughly 600 public voters. One judge saying... “[Twilight] is nominated in all categories with the exception of Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3-D, which it was not eligible for.” (NewsLite) But ‘Twi-hard’ fans point out, these judges have to pony up -- just to pan the flick. The haters don’t seem to realize -- there’s no such thing as bad pub. “[The nomination] will bring more publicity ... people are curious about just what makes a movie horrible.” “If you go to vote on the Razzie’s site, you must become a member which will cost you at minimum $35. Twilight is an easy target to get the hits the Razzies need.” All that aside, an anchor from Clevver TV asks, “Is Eclipse really that bad?” “A ton of twi-fans have said over and over again that Eclipse was their favorite flick in the series so far. Even the haters say that. Does Eclipse really deserve to be named the worst movie of 2010? “ Razzie winners will be announced on February 26 - the day before the Oscars. So, should the sun set on the Twilight series? Or, is it only getting better after such dark reviews? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
29 Jan 2011
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