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In your entire life, you must not have seen a clock a like this. This amazing clock is sure to blow your mind with its extraordinary beauty and artistry.
10 Nov 2017
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I have never seen wolves so glad in my entire life. Wolves are not famous for their friendly nature but after they saw this woman, they were overjoyed with happiness.
23 Nov 2017
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22 Sep 2011
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You have TWO Hands, One to Help Yourself & the Other One to Help Someone Else Try to be a Rainbow in Someone's Cloud Do Not wait for People to be Kind, just Show them How
9 Dec 2016
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Kaley Cuoco shares some adorable snaps from her New Year's Eve wedding to Ryan Sweeting.
2 Jan 2014
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Everyone is saying how "brave" and "great" it is for this little girl to forgive the guy who accidentally shot her. It's more like stupid and ignorant, in my opinion. She has to spend her entire life in a wheel chair because of this loser, and he should never be forgiven. Just my take
22 Jan 2007
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What would you do if the man you looked up to and idolized your entire life turned out not to be quite what you thought he was? Would you still follow the path he had put before you, even if it meant taking the life of a trusted friend, or would you go against the life your father had lead and risk it all to save your friend and yourself?
17 May 2007
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me. my hot kicks. ps my entire life doesn't revolve around being gay or persian... i simply see them as KEY/BIG TIME factors supporting why i should be on the show. This is aside from the fact that i'm trying to avoid WORKING for a living.
25 May 2007
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Hi my name is Ryan Celestain and im one of the Co-Founders and Top Leaders of "Prodigy World Wide" 918-948-7117 We are a group of highly trained entrepreneurs capitalizing on the newest trends in communication, business, and internet marketing. We have been trained by the best and only work with the best. Im looking to personally mentor and coach bilingual and multilingual entrepreneurs in order to capitalize on the worlds first global communications company. Im going to personally teach you how to build a successful business and leverage Web 2.0 technology to generate free targeted leads and traffic to expand internationally But before I get into that let me tell you a little bit about myself... Growing up I was totally into sports I played basketball soccer and ran x country and track I now compete in road races and run marathons One of my long term goals is to compete in a triathlon But not just any triathlon I want to compete in the Ironman World Championships! I like working out Im really into personal development books I enjoy Traveling Dont tell anyone but im a video game junkie lol I had a lot of "brilliant" business ideas growing up ;) Here are a few A Grasshopper Farm A Turtle Farm (I love turtles) My Own Line of Video Games An Off Roading Go-cart/Paintball Center My Own Restaurant (I Love To Cook) My Own Hotel Chain As you can see the older I got the better the ideas HaHa Give me a break I was a kid lol I was introduced to the home based business industry when I was a freshman in college. That was a very curcial point in my life My entire life I had always wanted to be an architect So right out of high school I went off to OSU to major in architecture I soon realized that my "life long dream" was something I really wasn't passionate about That was a very low point in my life I didn't know what I was going to do or what I was going to be I was extremely drpressed And through my break down I had an amazing break through I discovered a door to brand new possibilities When I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki At that same time in life I was first introduced to the home based industry At that moment I realized my passion in life was to offer H.O.P.E. Helping Other People Excel Excel means to rise up and move beyond And thats exactly what I hae been doing ever since. In the last 4 years I have had massive success and massive failure I have always learned from my failures to turn them into successes And I have always remembered my successes in order to duplicatet them in the future. Because of this industry I have been able to Train with the industry leaders Top business consultants Top internet marketers Millionaires and even a Billionaire With their training I was able to take a city from a few associates to well over 500+ associates and over $200,000+ in volume in less than 30 days Through my successes I have been Asked to host international conference calls A guest speaker in meetings all over the country Offered leadership positions to various companies I have been able to work with countless leaders like yourself from all over the world and lead them to success as well I am now utilizing all of my experience training and knowledge To take a company global And I want to teach those who qualify how to do the same thing Im looking to work with success minded leaders who are Passionate Committed Motivated Ambitious Determined But most importantly If youre Hungry for success Youre not afraid of a challenge And youre ready to align yourself with successful leaders I am offering you a hand up to plug into my system I will give you exclusive training That you WONT get anywhere else And give you the opportunity to discover the true leadership potential that you have inside of you Be sure to call me so we can start the interview process 918-948-7117 Also im going to personally teach you the Secret to Massive Online Success and help you build a profitable international business. Be sure to check out the video below its called "The Proof" This has the success stories of average people like you and I that have reached their goals by using the systems we have in place. Also be sure to call me so I can start teaching you the secrets to Massive Online Success 918-948-7117 5linx scam 5linx globalinx 5linx wireless 5links telecommunications 5linx 5linx cell phones 5linx 5linx com 5linx scam 5linx andre maronian 5linx net globalinx 5linx 5linx member 5linx compensation plan 5linx mlm 5linx opportunity Success in 5linx 5linx home based business 5linx network marketing 5linx hbb 5linx multi level marketing 5linx products 5linx success 5linx top money earners 5linx leaders 5linx compensation 5linx success stories 5linx testimonials 5linx history The history of 5linx 5linx sales 5linx services 5linx international How to build my 5linx business How to have success in 5linx Is 5linx a scam Does 5linx work Is 5linx real 5linx Canada 5linx Europe The rebellion 5linx rebellion
2 Aug 2007
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This video will show the entire life of Jesus from his birth untilh is death. It is good to remind everybody esp christians that in our lifetime there is one person in the world worth emulating for.
2 Oct 2007
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More training from Day 3 - kicks and screams! They were supposed to headbutt too, but my daughter didn't want to hit her head on the instructor's helmet....BUT, the screaming, she is awesome at. That kid has screamed like that her entire life. The loud, piercing, cover your ears kinda screaming... Did I mention the biting? They covered biting too....
2 Oct 2007
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I bring a camera into a busy public restroom, and fart like there's no tomorrow. All real farts, all real people. It was one of the most embarrasing, yet liberating experiences of my entire life!
11 Nov 2007
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Discouraged? Here’s comfort, hope and daily encouragement for weight loss success. Use your favorite eating plan, or our free diet plan. MyWeightLossFriend is a REAL person: Carolyn Allen. She has struggled with compulsive eating her entire life. Since 1999 when she reached an appropriate weight after a life-time of yo-yo dieting, she has been sharing her simple, yet fun and effective, tips and techniques with literally thousands of friends through community weight loss and evening classes for various organizations (including Fairfax County Public Schools) in the Washington, D.C. area and online through her web site. Carolyn is a freelance writer and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. You can also read her weekly column (published each Monday) with Christian perspectives on healthy living on a major Christian website. Take advantage of this great offer “60 Seconds To Weight Loss Success” 3-Part Daily Inspiration System and Bonus Products Buy it now and you will receive : 1. The Book: 196 page weight loss book is jam-packed with 101 uplifting and powerful one-minute messages, including quotes, empowerment statements, tips and success stories galore. It’s the warmth and compassion of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” coupled with the charming practicality of “Hints from Heloise” with a touch of Erma Bombeck thrown in for fun and flavor. The second half of the book is actually a journal where you can record your goals and reflections on the messages. 2. The CD: Over 1 1/4 hours of soothing music with empowerments, stories, meditations and more. Friends who are using this marvel at how it can boost your mood and motivation. Use at home, in the car, while working at the computer, etc. Very motivational. 3. The Cards: 101 business-sized cards with the quotes and empowerments so you can literally “carry the thoughts” with you each day .... And Bonus Products! 4. A FREE 3-Month membership to MyWeightLossTeam****, and a permanent 30% discount after that! Create your own profile page for easy food journaling and calorie counting. Join with others in a “Biggest Loser” contest and have fun while you lose weight, make friends and find the support you need to succeed. 5. Say Bye-Bye to the Blues: The FREE 10 minute reports will be extended to a full year of one-minute messages that arrive 4-5 times each week. With seasonal thoughts, recipes, success stories, tips, links and constant cheer, you’re on your way each day! 6. Inspiration 101: Complete access to the site that started it all: Stories, tips, recipes, prayers and more for you to read, copy, print out and share with your weight loss buddies. 7. 7. FREE Report: How to Visualize, Affirm and Take Control of Your Life: Download this exciting book. Provides real tools for behavior modification.
17 Dec 2007
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This is a picture of the real Betty, a lady who spent almost her entire life traveling the carnival circuit with her husband and son in search of their fortune. For me, the true fortune was in knowing her and her family.
1 Jan 2008
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When Drifting an RX-7 Goes Strangely Wrong I've never drifted in my entire life, but I'm positive that wasn't supposed to happen.
7 Jan 2008
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a city in the middle of a storm and surrownded with the weirdest water I have seen in my hole entire life.
20 Feb 2008
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