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This is a tutorial video by Dave Garnish from Garnish School of Sound on how he sets up his clicks and ports page in Logic's environment for his music production courses
15 Mar 2010
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This is a tutorial video by Dave Garnish from Garnish School of Sound on how he sets up his clicks and ports layer in Logic's environment for his music production courses
16 Mar 2010
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This is a tutorial video by Dave Garnish from Garnish School of Sound on how he sets up his clicks and ports page in Logic's environment for his music production courses
15 Mar 2010
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CMO’s and marketers everywhere are under tremendous pressure to show impact and quantify budget spend. In this informative video, 6Connex CEO, Kevin Carbone, and Chief Technology Officer, Leon Papkoff, discuss how marketers are employing the user behavioral metrics and analytic measurement tools built into virtual environments to validate and improve ROI.
1 Apr 2010
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EX10 Extreme Environment Camera.
15 Apr 2010
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Get a sneak peek at the gritty environments of Batman Arkham Asylum.
13 May 2010
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Giselle Bundchen, super model, supports the United Nation's World Environment Day (WED). The date is June 5.
19 May 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – World Environment Day 2010: Research Articles on the Meat-free Solution. Episode: 1360, Air Date: 5 June 2010
26 Aug 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV****—United Nations Environment Program Report: Worldwide Diet Change is Necessary. Episode: 1405, Air Date: 20 July 201
27 Sep 2010
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*******www.TheUltimateGameOfLIfe**** Learn about the 9 Environments of you and The Ultimate Game of Life. Get your free 9 Environments videos now!
14 Dec 2010
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Environment & Water Coolers
24 Dec 2010
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Become familiar with the many deities and the environments where they reside in Okamiden.
17 Feb 2011
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Siroya Environ09999620966 Bellary Road Bangalore: Siroya Group proudly presents “Environ” which is spread across 9.5 acres of lush greenery in Bellary Road, Bangalore. In Siroya Environ Bangalore Project the homes are refreshingly sylvan, yet much urban. Environ ads value in its own remarkable way. Siroya Environ Project also provides the luxurious amenities with mystical landscape gardens where you can rejuvenat your mind and soul. More Details of this Project Please Visit: *******www.affinityconsultant****/property/bellary-road-bangalore-property/siroya-environ-bellary-road-bangalore/636.html Siroya Environ Project Location: Siroya Environ is located at Bellary Road, Bangalore, Karnataka. Siroya Environ Bangalore Property Rate Plan: Type: 2 BHK and 3 BHK (Apartments) Size: 1294 sq.ft to 1968 sq.ft Price: Ranging From 63 lacs to 94 lacs For Details Please buzz us at: 09999620966, 09999684955
12 Mar 2011
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Tägetlistrasse 35-39, 3072 Ostermundigen - Tele.: +41 31 9301818 - infosemadeni**** - *******www.semadeni**** Semadeni AG specializes in plastic raw materials. The company develops, manufactures and distributes products for science, the packaging and medical industries as well as for living environments. semadeni, row items, packaging, containers, plastic, ponds, nursing, gloves, goggles, laboratory, healthcare, medical industry, environment
29 Mar 2011
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BY KRISTEN BRODY ANCHOR JESSICA HORD You're watching multisource environment video news analysis from Newsy. Pot Smokers of America listen up! Your green pastime ain’t so green... or at least that’s what Evan Mills of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says. Mills recently released his findings on the subject. NPR reports Mills found indoor pot growth’s... “... electricity use is equivalent to that of two million average U.S. homes. [AND] It accounts for one percent of national electricity consumption.” Not to mention...“ joint represents two pounds of CO2 emissions, an amount equal to running a 100-watt light bulb for 17 hours with average U.S. electricity.” Colin Sullivan of Greenwire writes in The New York Times it’s not just electricity use we have to worry about. “Water consumption is also an issue when it comes to environmental impact, with each marijuana plant said to need between 3 and 5 gallons of water per day to grow to fruition.” Heavy stuff right? Not according to Nick Rosen at Off Grid … he says all of this debate is quote “nonsense”. “If he had done his homework he would have known that pot-growers rely heavily on solar and wind power for their energy....using this study to blame marijuana growers for being responsible of high CO2 emissions and, in the process, blaming pot, seems ridiculous.” Mr. Mills himself says the study wasn’t to judge pot users, or even offer the end all-cure all. He just wanted to inform users and get the conversation started. “The study is policy-relevant, but is not policy prescriptive... The opportunity to influence a constructive, climate-friendly response rests with all involved parties.” California is responsible for twenty percent of marijuana emissions in the United States. But Mills says his study isn’t just for the golden state to pay attention to... it’s for everyone. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for video news updates in your feed. Get more multisource environment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
19 Apr 2011
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Business Environments à Bruxelles est spécialiste du design des espaces de bureaux, project management, et fourniture de mobilier. Nous offrons une approche franche pour fournir une solution de travail à nos clients qui veulent apporter du changement à leur environnement de travail. Nous avons une équipe de personnes qui ont développé leur expérience en créant des environnements de travail attractifs. Nous offrons un point de contact unique qui fournit un prix contractuel fixe donc vous savez ce que vous aurez sans mauvaises surprises. Parce que nous n’utilisons pas le parcours des contractants multiples, nous pouvons limiter le temps d’exécution en étant très réactif et combiner le design et le lancement des travaux. Nous créons des espaces de travail flexibles adaptés à vos besoins, ce qui pourrait mettre en valeur votre image corporate et l'efficacité opérationnelle. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter.
22 Apr 2011
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