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1:41 It’s amazing — the performance and capacity of EON-X LiPo packs with over 100 cycles is virtually indistinguishable from a brand-new pack! Choose from 7.4 and 11.1V EON-X Lite packs with 25C discharge rates, and EON-X packs with 30C rates and capacities up to 5000mAh. All are built with top-quality cells, superior cell matching, and a cutting-edge assembly process that pays off in spectacular, long-lasting performance.
15 Oct 2009
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A fan based music video of Corjan's song, The Bond Code, based on the book of the same name by Philip Gardiner. See and for more information. Music by Corjan. Video by Philip Gardiner James Bond, 007 is copyright to MGM and EON Productions. This is a fan based production not for profit.
10 Nov 2009
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Godrej and Boyce has roped in Bollywood actress Preity Zinta as brand ambassador for the appliances division.Though Preity will promote Godrej's entire appliance range, the major thrust will be on the EON line. Actress Preity Zinta has been roped in to provide youthful essence in line with the new positioning strategy. They are now going to break a new Rs 10-crore campaign with Preity Zinta, which has been created for the refrigerator range.
5 Jan 2010
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With the recent crisis engulfing MGM.. The Bond producers EON Productions recently confirmed that activity on the next 007 movie starting Daniel Craig has been 'indefinitely postponed'. I find this terrible news after Casino Royale & Quantum Of Solace.. which jointly are two of my favourites films ever.. I see this as two parts of an eventual trilogy of classic Bonds.
6 May 2010
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Noah meets Azmuth, Creator of the Omnitrix. ALIENS USED Grey Matter Rath Chromastone Eon
2 Jun 2010
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Noah meets Albedo. NOAH'S ALIENS Swampfire Upgrade Buzzshock Echo Echo Grey Matter Diamondhead Chromastone Eon Rath ALBEDO'S ALIENS Diamondhead Rath Upchuck Swampfire Jetray Alien X
2 Jun 2010
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After doing a disappearing act from Bollywood for quite some time, the dimple beauty Preity Zinta who is also the co-owner of King XI Punjab team of IPL, was recently seen launching Godrej's eon's new range of appliances.
6 Aug 2010
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Notre société, le cabinet EON DARTHENAY, est implantée sur la magnifique côte du TREGOR GOELO en Côtes d’Armor. Nos agences sont implantées sur deux sites : PAIMPOL et ST BRIEUC Que vous soyez un particulier, une association, un professionnel ou une PME…Notre équipe de 10 professionnels entourés de David DARTHENAY, et Rémy EON, vos Agents généraux, sont à votre disposition pour vous recevoir et vous proposer les produits du Groupe MMA ! L’offre d’un grand groupe, les MMA, des assurances COMPETITIVES et INNOVANTES, l’engagement et le professionnalisme de nos équipes, s’ajoutent à la PROXIMITE que vous recherchez. Rdv sur
20 Aug 2010
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Transcript by Newsy BY UNA LU You're watching multisource health news analysis Is sharing human breast milk a good idea? Groups dedicated to sharing and using donated breast milk are fast-growing on Facebook. But U.S. and Canadian officials are raising a red flag over the practice. CTV reports the health authorities ‘concerns. “TheCanadian Pediatric Society wants to see a milk bank in every province, but it must be patronized breast milk and mothers will have to be screened just like we screen blood donors. Recently Health Canada has issue advising parents not to get any donated breast milk via internet because no one could guarantee its safe.” What’s the potential risk? EmaxHealth details the FDA’s statement. “These risks include exposure to infectious diseases, including HIV, to chemical contaminants, such as some illegal drugs, and to a limited number of prescription drugs that might be in the human milk” Calling the warnings unnecessary, breast milk-share advocate Emma Kwasnica tells Toronto Sun, there’s nothing to worry about. “Women have been wet nursing each other's babies for eons…Women don't want to be feeding their babies powder infant formula, and they want help so we're working together as mothers.” Advocates say, in some cases, babies have no time to waste. A mom who has nursing problem tells the Toronto Star, the risk is worth taking. “It’s a risk, but I made that choice. Sometimes we (receiver and donor) just have to stick together, despite the critics or the controversy it might cause.” Question is - could milk banks meet the demand? According to Vancouver Sun, Canada has only one milk bank and the U.S. doesn’t have many more. The Chicago Tribune says: “Just 10 milk banks are operating in the U.S., and demand far outstrips supply. Premature infants are especially in need of donated breast milk” The FDA plans to release documents related to breast milk donations and banking. So what do you think? Got -- breast milk? And if you don’t -- wanna share? Get more multisource video newsy analysis from Newsy
3 Dec 2010
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dog hates fart on
9 May 2011
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motocross water plane on
10 May 2011
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Go to the website and check the details Pandan Indah Shop Apartment for Sale. Pandan Indah Shop Apartment is located at Jalan Pandan 1/23, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. The Property opposite behind 100 meter to the Store Supermarket at (MidPoint Shopping Complex). Pandan Indah area is governed by Kuala Lumpur Municipality. The Pandan Indah Shop Apartment place is very convenient for living. The Property near access to the amenities like Public, CIMB, Hong Leong, EON bank, 7 eleven, Steven Corner, bugis Restaurant, 88 restaurant and etc.
13 May 2011
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jordan flies again on
13 May 2011
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monday mornings on
14 May 2011
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27 May 2011
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16:07 – Dazzling Dances of India (In Hindi). Episode: 1649, Air Date: 21 March 2011. Today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms will be presented in Hindi, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Halo graceful viewers, and welcome to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms on Supreme Master Television. On today’s episode, we are delighted to present a few traditional dances from the beautiful country of India. One of the most ancient civilizations on the globe, her rich artistic heritage has evolved during more than 8,000 years of continuous cultural development. This is reflected in the many forms of performance arts. Every year, countless regional as well as national festivals showcase hundreds of folk dances, many of which have roots traceable to a particular part of the country. Our first dance is Garba, performed during the 9-day Navarātrī festival, which honors fertility and the divine origin of humanity. The colorfully dressed dancers, both males and females, are arranged in a circle surrounding a figure of a god or goddess, which has been placed in a central space or in a well-designed perforated earthen pot called Garbo. The dancers’ circle represents the recurring cycle of birth and death. The many forms of this are displayed as a kaleidoscopic pattern shown by the dancers, symbolizing the ever-changing nature of the physical world, with only God at the center being eternal. Originating in the Gujarat region of India, Garba is a very lively dance with performers clapping or joining their palms after each move. In addition to India, Garba has also become very popular in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Dholcholam is a drum dance popular in the northeastern state of Manipur. It is a mesmerizing performance by individual or group dancers at the Holi carnival every spring when, according to folk tradition, people sprinkle each other with colored powder or water to celebrate Mother’s love. Dressed in vibrant costumes, Dholcholam dancers may carry various types of drums depending on the occasion, swaying their supple bodies and limbs gently like flowers in the spring breeze. At times, the drummer may perform acrobatic feats as the drumbeat goes faster and faster, leading the all-percussion ensemble. Next, please enjoy a fantastic Dholcholam performance. The eastern Indian state of Orissa is known for its Odissi – one of the 6 classical Indian dance forms. Accompanied by traditional Indian instruments, the artists display beautiful poses and hand gestures in slow graceful movements. Throughout the centuries, Odissi has received enthusiastic royal patronage. It was also practiced as a prayer ritual by women who took care of Indian temples. The following is a short presentation of this classical dance. Kathak was the name for the nomadic poets of ancient northern India who traveled around telling scriptural stories, accompanying themselves by choreographed movements. During over 1600 years of evolution, this dance absorbed many forms of folk arts from different origins. These included the devotional ritual of the Bhakti religious movement, the straight leg dance style of Persian dancers, and the spinning movement of the mystic swirling dervishes. The addition of ankle bells also occurred during the development of Kathak. Let’s take a look at this ingenious blend of styles. Although different in pace and strength, in many ways Kagalumba is quite similar to the Spanish dance Flamenco. This includes maintaining a straight vertical axis of the body, swirling movements, and elegant footwork. The Romanis are known for their wonderful talent and self expression. Nowadays, the remaining Romanis in India continue the time-honored artistic traditions of their ancestors. Our next show is Kagalumba, a Rajasthan Romani folk dance with enchanting vocal and instrumental accompaniments. Among the India folk ballets, perhaps the one that requires the most skill is the Stick Dance. Developed from a martial art in the northeastern state of Manipur, Stick Dance can be performed in solo or in group. The dancer, often dressed in a spirited martial art outfit, uses two sticks, one in each hand, to control a centrally tapered wand to prevent it from falling on the ground. While doing so, the dancer increases the difficulty of the stunt according to the accelerating rhythms of the drum and cymbals, while the audience admire in disbelief. Meaning “beauty,” Lavani has been a popular folk dance of Maharashtra state for centuries. It is performed by charming women wearing nine-yard long saris and ankle bells to the exultant beat of the traditional Indian drum dholak. In some cases, the dancers also sing along with the rhythm. The dance enjoyed its peak popularity during the Peshwai Dynasty in Pune, when it became the favorite of the royal court. Common themes include a variety of subjects related to religion, social life, and romance. Now, please enjoy a beautiful performance of Lavani. Our last Indian folk dance presentation today is Bhangra. It is a community dance developed in 1400 or earlier by Punjabi Sikh farmers to celebrate the harvest season on the village grounds. During the festivity, men and women wearing colorful traditional dresses sing Punjabi folk songs and play a number of musical instruments, including various kinds of drums and flutes. Currently, Bhangra dance and music are also an integral part of weddings, Indian New Year celebrations, and other jubilant occasions. As our society becomes increasingly global, Bhangra has extended to many parts of the world including the entire South Asia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The rhythms and dance styles have also been combined with other genres such as hip-hop and reggae. Today we have seen eight folk dances of India, each with a unique origin and elegance. India’s rich artistic heritage has evolved for thousands of years, adding immeasurable beauty and upliftment to our world. May the spiritual Indian people, many of whom follow a plant-based lifestyle, continue to thrive, gracing a sustainable planet for eons to come, with all God’s blessings Precious viewers, thank you for watching today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Up next on Supreme Master Television is Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, following Noteworthy News. May all world citizens realize their noble and compassionate God nature.
25 May 2011
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