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Download this song: ******* Click to tweet this vid-ee-oh! *******clicktotweet****/d0UB1 Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is the Epic Rap Battles of History. Cast Nice Peter: ***********/nicepeterToo EpicLLOYD: 
***********/epiclloyd Epic Wolf: *******youtube****/GreenScreenAnimals and starring KassemG, as KassemG. ***********/KassemG
 Written by: Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins, Greg Owen with special dis lines by Aaron Krebs and Derrick "Baby Astronaut" DeMaio Beat Produced by Allrounda Productions *******youtube****/allroundacinema *******www.allrounda**** *******www.soundclick****/heatupbeats Audio mixed by: Rafael Serrano 

Directed by Dave McCary:
Assistant Director: Patrick McIntyre
 Edited by Sean Barrett and Nice Peter:
*******youtube****/seanbarrett Behind the Scenes edited by: Marc Chester
 Director of Photography: Jon Na
 *******youtube****/jonnamean Art and Costumes by: Mary Gutfleisch *******youtube****/marydoodles Assistant Art Director: Natalia Fedner Makeup and Hair: Ceciley Jenkins *******youtube****/Ceciley Produced by Mickey Meyer for Maker Studios, Venice, CA.
 Production Coordinator: Atul Singh Production Assistants: Chris Miller & Jose Mendoza Okay, I think that's everybody. and you. see you soon, - nice peter
19 Nov 2011
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2 Apr 2011
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2 Apr 2011
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3 Apr 2011
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4 Apr 2011
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12 Jan 2017
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12 Jan 2017
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31 Jan 2017
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FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/officialgalaksi The biggest and most popular videos of 2012, mashed together into one big track! Can you spot every video and sound used? Basically, I wanted to see if I could take snippets of sounds from various youtube videos, and create a whole track out of them! For a list of videos/sounds I used, see the rest of the description. YOUTUBE: ***********/galaksimusic MORE MUSIC: *******www.soundcloud****/galaksi Sounds/Videos Used: PSY - Gangnam Style: Karmin - Sleigh Bells: Dubstep Violin: Shane Dawson - Superluv: DMX - Rudolph: Charlieissocoollike - Saturn: Tobuscus - Password Rant: CollegeHumor End Ident (Both Versions) ijustine - iPhone 5 Unboxing: Jenna Marbles - I Hate Being a Grownup Epic Rap Battles of History - Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney: Excited Train Guy: Greatest Freakout Ever 21: Felix Baumgartner Stratos Jump Credit for each video used goes to their respective owners/creators. Music Written and Produced by Galaksi. Category Entertainment License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)
8 Jan 2013
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Peter Shukoff, AKA Nice Peter, from the show Epic Rap Battles of History accepts the award for Best Online Musician at the 2013 Streamys presented by Lance Bass and the Fine Brothers (Ben & Rafi Fine). Peter Shukoff thanks Kassem G, Jay Karl, Lloyd, the people who watch the videos.
18 Feb 2013
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Tweet this vi-dee-oh! *******clicktotweet****/fLN86 Download this song: ******* Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is the 3rd installment of the Epic Rap Battles of History. This video could not have been possible without the support of my subscribers, and without the help of several other talented people. Special thanks to them, and to you. Crew: Beat Produced By: MrFlamez ***********/hitmansbest Directed and Edited by: Dave McCary ***********/goodneighborstuff Director of Photography: Jon Na ***********/jonnafilms First Assistant Editor: Mike Schroeder ***********/thewarpzone Special Effects by: Geoff Yano Starring: Abe Lincoln: Nice Peter Chuck Norris: Lloyd Ahlquist Next Epic Rap Battle is coming in a few weeks. I make lots of funny songs, and a vlog every monday, you are welcome to hang out here until then. see you soon, -nice peter
4 Jan 2011
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Click to tweet this Vid-ee-oh! *******clicktotweet****/rZjCd Download this song: ******* Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. I make these videos every month, and I make a new picture song out of random funny pictures every week. Special thanks to the producers at 20dollarbeats****, for their excellent beats. you can check out the instrumental for this song, it's called Dr Doom, at: *******www.20dollarbeats**** vlog channel: ***********/nicepetertoo *******www.twitter****/nicepeter *******www.facebook****/nicepeter Lloyd Ahlquist as John McCain: ***********/lloydahlquist Lisa Nova as Sarah Palin: ***********/lisanova thanks for watching homies, see you soon. -nice peter
17 Feb 2011
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Click to Tweet This Vid-ee-oh! *******clicktotweet****/4c151 Share on Facebook: ******* Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. We make a new one of these every month, and I make a new picture song every Monday. Thanks to all the rap-battle fans who helped get this video on the front page of youtube, we pulled it off and the free download of this song will be coming soon. BRAND NEW TSHIRTS: "My Name is Kim Jong, I Got a License to Il" *******www.districtlines****/nicepeter We really, actually, honestly do get these battle ideas from your suggestions, so please keep them coming. The beat was created by the very talented producers at: *******www.20dollarbeats**** They have great music, check them out. Credits: created by Nice Peter and Lloyd Ahlquist written by Nice Peter, Lloyd Ahlquist, and Timothy DelaGhetto directed and edited by Dave McCary of Good Neighbor ***********/goodneighborstuff Beat Production by: 20DollarBeats**** Song Title: Born to be a Ball Playa available at www.20DollarBeats**** starring: Timothy Delaghetto as Kim Jong-il ***********/timothydelaghetto2 Nice Peter as Hulk Hogan ***********/nicepeterToo Lloyd Ahlquist as Macho Man ***********/lloydahlquist director of photography: Jon Na director of epicness: Mike Schroeder assistant editor: Brandon Perna produced by: Nikki Fancy Maker Studios subscribe to youtube****/nicepeter for more epic raps and picture songs. see you soon :) -np *******www.facebook****/nicepeter *******www.twitter****/nicepeter
18 Feb 2011
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Click to Tweet this Video: *******clicktotweet****/Srbe4 Download this song: ******* Download this beat: ******* Subscribe to Alex Farnham!! (Justin Bieber) ***********/damitsgood808 Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. We make two of these every month, so keep your suggestions coming. I couldn't make these without you, and without the help of many wonderful and talented people. Special thanks to Ceciley Jenkins and her incredible makeup skills: ***********/ceciley Production Coordinator: Aaron Zaragoza PA: Amy Brown Audio Engineer: Dante Cimadamore Awesome old broken piano provided by: Collins Piano Service, Santa Monica, CA *******www.CollinsPianoService**** Custom Beat Produced by Taylor Lipari ***********/user/taylorlipari tweet him say hi: *******twitter****/ttaylorr I hang out here: ***********/nicepeterToo *******www.facebook****/nicepeter *******www.twitter****/nicepeter This rap was recorded using a Shure Sm7 microphone, Logic, and Protools. see you soon, -nice peter
7 Mar 2011
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Download this song: ******* Tweet this Vid-ee-oh: *******clicktotweet****/TpUg9 Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. We make two of these every month, the next one will be released on April 13, and it marks the triumphant return of Lloyd Ahlquist to the ERB arena (Hitler, Chuck Norris) Your suggestions make these videos possible, so keep them coming. Special thanks to all the cast and crew: Directed by: Dave McCary ***********/david Albert Einstein: MC Mr Napkins (aka Zach Sherwyn) ***********/MCMrNapkins Carl Sagan: Lloyd Ahlquist ***********/lloydahlquist Beat Produced by: DJ Naydee & Julian B Track title: The Funeral *******www.beatsplanet**** Director of Photography: Jon Na ***********/jonnamean Assistant Editor: Brandon Perna Special Effects and General Epicness: Blake O'Neal Behind the Scenes: Mike Schroeder ***********/thewarpzone Additional writing and research by: Dante Cimadamore, Phil Haney, Joe Felice Props and costumes: Mary Gutfleisch (yup, the same Mary) Produced by Nikki Fancy for Maker Studios. I hang out here: ***********/nicepeterToo *******www.twitter****/nicepeter *******www.facebook****/nicepeter see you soon, -nice peter
1 Apr 2011
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download this song: ******* click to tweet this vid-ee-oh! *******clicktotweet****/700m7 brand new Epic Rap Battles of History tshirts here: *******districtlines****/nicepeter Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is an Epic Rap Battle of History. I make these videos as often as I can, and they could not be possible without many very talented people, and your very talented suggestions. I make vlogs and songs and here: *******youtube****/nicepeterToo Lloyd makes videos here: *******youtube****/epiclloyd say hi! Dave makes videos here: *******youtube****/goodneighborstuff say hey! Jon Na makes videos here: *******youtube****/JonNaMean he's not in the mood to talk right now. special guest super stars: the jesus - Dante Cimadamore *******youtube****/GiveMeMotion a jesus - Aaron Zaragoza Jesus - Kurt music recorded by nice peter and dante cimadamore at venkman studios, los angeles I tweet here: *******twitter****/nicepeter I Facebook here: *******facebook****/nicepeter produced by Nikki Fancy, for Maker Studios. Venice, CA. see you soon, - nice peter
23 Apr 2011
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