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Rare, never seen before outtakes of Korn performing Live at the Epicenter club in LA
9 Jun 2015
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October 19, 2009 - IAM local 1400 members at Voith Hydro Plant (IAM District 98) in Pennsylvania are playing a major role in the Green Jobs movement.
31 Oct 2009
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20 Mar 2010
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Download your copy from here(Limited Time Only) *******www.mediafire****/?a3v6aqgtvg99o73 Just having fun with the game, don't take this video too seriously. As well for any "copying" or "too similar" comments I have seen previously, please take a look at my channel and my older videos before sprouting this claim (I have been using the text on screen and humurous music edits since the beta of BF3, long before this huge increase of popularity with these type of videos). I take pride in being original and having my own style, I dont plan on changing my style because a few people are unable to do a little fact finding.
15 Apr 2013
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Download your copy from here(Limited Time Only) *******www.mediafire****/?a3v6aqgtvg99o73 The Battlefield 3 Key Generator v4.5 lets you generate free Premium keys redeemable on Xbox 360, PS3 and Origin. Origin is EA's new digital playground, similar to Steam. At the moment we have around 99% of Working Keys available in our Keygen, and we do our best to keep updating it constantly. The generator automatically checks for updates upon start up so you have always working keys! Please Rate and Comment the Video, if you have Questions, feel free to ask me! This Video complies with YouTubes TOS. I do not own nor do i claim to own Microsoft. Microsoft owns all of Microsoft. This is for educational purposes only! What do you with it is up to you!
17 Apr 2013
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Download your copy from here(Limited Time Only) *******www.mediafire****/?a3v6aqgtvg99o73 The Battlefield 3 Key Generator v4.5 lets you generate free Premium keys redeemable on Xbox 360, PS3 and Origin. Origin is EA's new digital playground, similar to Steam. At the moment we have around 99% of Working Keys available in our Keygen, and we do our best to keep updating it constantly. The generator automatically checks for updates upon start up so you have always working keys! Please Rate and Comment the Video, if you have Questions, feel free to ask me! This Video complies with YouTubes TOS. I do not own nor do i claim to own Microsoft. Microsoft owns all of Microsoft. This is for educational purposes only! What do you with it is up to you!
17 Apr 2013
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The Pakistan earthquake (also known as the South Asia earthquake) of 2005 was a major earthquake whose epicenter was the Northern Pakistan 7 the Pakistan-administered disputed region of Kashmir.The earthquake occurred at 08:50:38 Pakistan Standard Time (03:50:38 UTC) on October 8, 2005. It registered a minimum magnitude of 7.6 on the moment magnitude scale making it a major earthquake similar in intensity to the 1935 Quetta earthquake, the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake, and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. As of 8 November, the Pakistani government's official death toll was 73,276, while officials say nearly 1,400 people died in Indian-administered Kashmir and three people in Afghanistan.
25 Oct 2006
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Here's a typical example of a supposed 'UFO landing in the woods'. Its very similar to the GUARDIAN footage. Just because the two left light sources light up the woods and there's a blinking indiscriminate light, there is no reason to suggest that this is an 'outworldy' spacecraft. You wanna know what it really is? Two epicenters of a forest fire up in Dionysus mountain in Athens and a truck from the local F.D.!
17 Dec 2006
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The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was a major earthquake that struck San Francisco and the coast of northern California at 5:12 A.M. on Wednesday, April 18, 1906. The most widely accepted estimate for the magnitude of the earthquake is a moment magnitude (Mw) of 7.8; however, other values have been proposed from 7.7 to as high as 8.3.[1] The mainshock epicenter occurred offshore about 2 miles (3 km) from the city, near Mussel Rock. It ruptured along the San Andreas Fault both northward and southward for a total length of 296 miles (477 km).[2] Shaking was felt from Oregon to Los Angeles, and inland as far as central Nevada. The earthquake and resulting fire is remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States. The toll from the earthquake and resulting fire represents the greatest loss of life from a natural disaster in California's history. *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/1906_San_Francisco_earthquake
21 Apr 2007
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Shani Rigsbee (Shani), is currently at the red-hot epicenter of a rising power pack of new young American stars that are equally fluent on stage and screen, in acting and music. Her song, “El Llamar de Pasión - Call of the Wild” is featured in the Paul Haggis ACADEMY AWARD WINNER for Best Picture, Crash, starring Sandra Bullock and Don Cheadle,
28 Feb 2008
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Hey everyone! I’m Neil Garcia your host for wehopediatv**** your online video guide to being Gay in LA, and the West Hollywood lifestyle. On this edition of Wehopedia I’ll be discussing West Hollywood which is also referred to as WeHo or BoysTown. The total residential population of West Hollywood is just over 37,000; however, the nighttime and weekend population swells to between 80,000 and 100,000, with a high of up to 500,000 during major events such as Halloween or the Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade. Weho covers 1.9 square miles with the epicenter being Santa Monica Boulevard. Santa Monica Blvd is home to all the best Gay bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, and shops. In Weho gay or bisexual men account for 41% of the population making it home to arguably the largest gay community in the united states. Now for some Weho history. In the 60s, a club called Ciro's held the first gay dance nights on Sundays, known as "Tea Dances" [or "T-Dances"]. Men dancing together was illegal, but as with the casinos and speakeasies that had gone before, the laws were not strictly enforced. This tolerance led to more gay clubs after Ciro's closed, as well as the end of the anti-gay laws that prohibited dancing between two persons of the same gender in Los Angeles County. The building that Ciro's occupied is now the home of The Comedy Store. I hope you enjoyed learning a little Weho history and make sure to click on our other editions to get the down low on gay hangouts and gay terminology. Thanks for watching WEHOPEDIATV****, I’m Neil Garcia see you in Weho!
3 Mar 2008
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Tracy Peterson presents a look at some of the happenings during the Olympic torch relay in San Francisco. While they did not see the torch, there was plenty to see at the epicenter of protests and chaos.
13 Apr 2008
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Learn More About Gay Lifestyle and Everything About Castro St. www.castropedia**** The castro once know as “little scandanavia” and Eureka Valley has transformed into one of the most thriving and vibrant gay communities in the United States. Find out the history and the current culture of the Castro coming up next on Castropedia**** Hi I’m Neil Garcia with Castropedia**** your video guide to being gay in San Francisco and the Castro lifestyle. The Castro, previously known as Eureka Valley, with over 40% of the population being gay, lesbian or bisexual is the epicenter of the gay community in San Francisco. The Castro surrounds the business district lining Castro street from Market street to 19th street. The neighborhood now known as the Castro was born in 1887 when the Market Street Cable Railway built a line linking Eureka Valley to downtown. Castro Street was named for José Castro, leader of the Mexican opposition to U.S. rule in California in the 19th century, and also governor of Alta California from 1835-1836. According to Morgan Spurlock, who filmed "Straight Man in a Gay World", a 2005 episode of his documentary TV series 30 Days in the Castro, the U.S. military offloaded thousands of gay servicemen in San Francisco during World War II after they were discharged for being homosexuals. Many settled in the Castro, and this began the influx of homosexuals to the Castro neighborhood. The Castro came of age as a gay center following the controversial Summer of Love in the neighboring Haight Ashbury district in 1967. The gathering brought tens of thousands of middle-class youth from all over the United States. The neighborhood, previously known as Eureka Valley, became known as the Castro, after the landmark theatre took the name. By 1975, Harvey Milk had opened a camera store there, and began political involvement as a gay activist, further contributing to the notion of the Castro as a gay destination. The thriving gay culture in the 70’s was coined as "Castro Clone," a mode of dress and appearance -- tight denim pants, black combat boots, tight T-shirt, and usually coupled with a mustache or full beard. The nickname "Clone Canyon" was also given for the stretch of Castro Street between 18th and Market Streets. There were numerous famous watering holes in the area, contributing to the gay nightlife, including the Corner Grocery Bar, the Norse Cove, the Pendulum, the Midnight Sun, Twin Peaks, and the Elephant Walk I’m Neil Garcia for Castropedia**** and I’ll see you in the Castro!
9 Feb 2009
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Hi, I'm Liesel Hlista and today we are going to leave all the other tourists behind as we east to London's East End. Once known for its jellied eel, cockney slang, dock workers, and immigrants, the East End was decimated by Nazi's bombs during the Second World War. Never a region to say die, the area was built up anew and has transformed itself into a unique blend of a new wave of immigrants, new development and hipster artsy types who choose to call the place home. Any trip east should start at Brick Lane. Less than a mile away from the Tower of London, Brick Lane has served as the first British home for many an immigrant and today is home to many Bangladeshis. You can buy fruit and fabrics from street vendors or just enjoy the sights and smells. Brick Lane's walls also serve as the canvas for some of the world's most best graffiti artists. It was also a location on a Killer's video as well as being a setting in Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses'. What do Dickens , Conrad, and the creators of the hit film '28 Weeks Later' have in common? They all were intrigued enough by the Docklands to set some of their work there. The Docklands is a section of the East End that has seen blazing development in the last 20 years, eschewing warehouses for commercial towers, luxury flats and upscale shopping. Canary Wharf is the epicenter of this growth and houses Canary Wharf Tower, the tallest building in all of England. The Wharf also provides world-class shopping in the form of a beautiful shopping mall and waterfront shops. Loads of new developments are in the works, so stay tuned. The East End is also home to some of London's best clubs and a great entre into the scene is 93 Feet East. A converted brewery, it features everything you'd expect from a major club, including some of the hottest acts from around the world, and more. On weekends you can swing by early for barbeque in their outdoor courtyard. They also host a variety of media events including film screenings, music launches, and literary events. 93 Feet East also accept band submissions, so if you're feeling lucky send your demo in, details at 93feeteast******. So you know, the East End can get hairy in certain in locales, so like you would do anywhere, mind your surroundings. I'm Liesel Hlista for travelwishtv. Take a look at our other videos for everything you need to know about London and other exciting destinations around the world.
23 Apr 2008
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SHOP ONLINE AT- WWW.YOKAMI.COM Sichuan University student takes video at 2:29pm in dorm. The 2008 Sichuan earthquake shook Wenchuan County, Sichuan province of the People's Republic of China at 14:28:04 local time (06:28:04 GMT). It had a magnitude of 7.8 Mw according to the State Seismological Bureau of China and United States Geological Survey. The earthquake was felt as far away as Beijing and Shanghai, where office buildings swayed with the impact and Vietnam capital Hanoi.The closest major city from the earthquake's epicenter is Chengdu. The epicenter was at 31.084°N, 103.267°E, in Wenchuan County, Ngawa Prefecture, 90 km northwest of Chengdu, Sichuan, China, with its main tremor so far occurring at 14:28:04 local time (06:28:04 am GMT) on Monday 12 May 2008. Early reports of the earthquake's Richter scale magnitude ranged from 7.6 to 8.0. Five major aftershocks ranging in magnitude from 4.0 to 6.0 were recorded within two hours of the main tremor. Office workers in Chengdu reported a "continuous shaking for about two or three minutes", with many people rushing outside.
13 May 2008
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China Quake Death Toll Rises to Nearly 10,000 Death toll in China earthquake rises to nearly 10,000 while untold numbers remain trapped A powerful earthquake toppled buildings, schools and chemical plants Monday in central China, killing about 10,000 people and trapping untold numbers in mounds of concrete, steel and earth in the country's worst quake in three decades. The 7.9-magnitude quake devastated a region of small cities and towns set amid steep hills north of Sichuan's provincial capital of Chengdu. Striking in midafternoon, it emptied office buildings across the country in Beijing and could be felt as far away as Vietnam. As Tuesday dawned, rescuers were frantically searching for more survivors, but rain was compounding the difficulty. Premier Wen Jiabao, who flew to the region, said rain was forecast for the next several days. Snippets from state media and photos posted on the Internet underscored the immense scale of the devastation. In the town of Juyuan, south of the epicenter, a three-story high school collapsed, burying as many as 900 students and killing at least 50, the official Xinhua news agency said. Photos showed people using cranes, mechanical hoists and their hands to remove slabs of concrete and steel. Buried teenagers struggled to break free from the rubble, "while others were crying out for help," Xinhua said. Families waited in the rain near the wreckage as rescuers wrote the names of the dead on a blackboard, Xinhua said. Parents of the dead students built makeshift religious altars at the site, resting the corpses on any available piece of plywood or cardboard, and burning paper money and incense in a traditional honor for their child in the afterlife, according to NPR's Melissa Block. The earthquake hit one of the last homes of the giant panda at the Wolong Nature Reserve and panda breeding center, in Wenchuan county, which remained out of contact, Xinhua said. In Chengdu, it crashed telephone networks and hours later left parts of the city of 10 million in darkness. "We can't get to sleep. We're afraid of the earthquake. We're afraid of all the shaking," said 52-year-old factory worker Huang Ju, who took her ailing, elderly mother out of the Jinjiang District People's Hospital. Outside, Huang sat in a wheelchair wrapped in blankets while her mother, who was ill, slept in a hospital bed next to her. The overall death toll increased to about 10,000, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday. It said nearly 10,000 people died in central China's Sichuan province alone and 300 others in three other provinces and the mega-city of Chongqing.
21 May 2008
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