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Well, that was unexpected. Watch this fish eats another almost equal sized fish in whole. That what we call 'fishing'!
7 Aug 2017
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Even if they say men and women are equal, there comes the difference in the case of common sense. This video of this dumb woman at the gas station will show you the real difference.
8 Aug 2017
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When it comes to drug tests, not all drug test kits are made equal. There is an extremely modern level of innovation that goes into manufacturing a drug testing kit.
19 Jul 2017
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Muscle pain is a type of pain that is easy to attain but equally tough to detain. This is because muscles in our body take quite long time to heal. Buy Pain O Soma 350 mg, generic Carisoprodol 350 mg to treat muscle pain from our online drug portal - Best247Chemist
21 Jul 2017
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USA management is running a scheduling changes program in order to provide every member of aquatic team a fair and equal opportunity to share their responsibility. In order to provide hassle-free aquatic management services, every team member has to follow the set rules about scheduling changes.
28 Jul 2017
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Probably the most important question a person has about radiation is what exposure to it will do to them. It is an invisible, odorless energy that has a lot of mystery about it, so fears and speculation tend to be pretty common. In the wake of events such as Fukushima, additionally, media coverage tends to present a lot of factual information, but without some of the context that would help make it clearer to the viewer. HOW IS RADIATION EXPOSURE MEASURED? Radiation exposure is measured primarily in Rem (in the US) and the Sievert (SI unit), and is a measure of the radioactive dose absorbed relative to its possible health effects on the body. This is called the “equivalent dose,” and is weighted to account for the fact that the same amount of time in an alpha radiation field, for example, would have different long-term effects as the same time in a gamma field of equal strength. Rem is broken down further into millirem (mrem) and microrem (µrem), which are the levels that are going to usually be talked about. Another common usage is in talking about dose rate, given in rem/hr or mrem/hr, which is a useful measurement of the field strength in an area, designating how quickly someone will reach a given dose level. ACUTE VS. CRONIC EXPOSURE A big factor in determining the effects of radiation exposure is whether it is “acute” or “chronic.” Acute exposure is a dose of radiation received all at once. Examples include doses involved in cancer therapy. The immediate concern with acute exposure would be Acute Radiation Syndrome, which would occur at about 150 to 350 rem whole body exposure. As a reference point, a chest CT scan, which is one of the highest-dose “common” sources of exposure, delivers about 1 rem of dose.
2 Aug 2017
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15 Aug 2017
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MBCN's sports coordinator, Rohit Manchanda shares the sports achievements of our talented students. MBCN students also became the torch-bearers of the Equal Opportunity Marathon in support of Equal Opportunity for the specially-abled organized by Volunteer4India."
17 Aug 2017
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I will show you how to show any number equals zero! just simple algebra. Note all b are not six's they are B's.
17 Feb 2008
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every number 1 though 100 equals 3! come look!!
10 Apr 2007
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Police Equals
29 Jun 2007
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ice cream equally important
17 Sep 2007
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Fathers And Son Fight On Equal Terms
4 Nov 2007
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