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Please subcribe and share! THE WINNER IS ERIC CARTMAN! Who wins? This is ONLY the song from lady gaga! Tumbs up if u think cartman is better. tumbs down if u like justin more!
16 Apr 2013
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Please read the warning and please pause the video if u need time to read cause i dont own anything but this is by far the best video ive seen of the voice of eric cartman....This video may be removed from youtube for copyright issues SO ONCE AGAIN I DONT OWN ANYTHING!! BTW THESE VOICES ARE FROM THE HUMAN CENTIPAD EPISODE
4 May 2013
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If you like then please share ↑ Giggity Giggity Peter Griffin plays Battlefield 3 Stewie Griffin plays Battlefield 3 GLaDOS plays MW3 The Celeb Gamer Series Like the Celeb Gamer on Facebook Follow on Twitter!/jayuzumi Thanks for watching Eric Cartman plays Black Ops Song is Machinehead by BUSH
18 Jul 2013
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1:18 Eric Cartman ''you like fu*k asian ladies'' Gold Cash
1 Sep 2013
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Here i am again with another video This time it's a video with Eric Cartman Singing Poker Face(Poke Her Face should be better title of the song:P)
8 Nov 2013
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Ok, so we havn't really seen a whole episode of South Park, but we thought this part was so funny so we just had to do it! Mr. Garrison - Matilda Kyle- Matilda Eric - Emmy
21 Dec 2008
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Want more? Watch the extended/alternate/deleted ending of The List episode here: NOTE: As any South Park fans would know, I do not own South Park. Its the 2 great guys by the name of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who owns South Park. From the South Park episode: The Passion of the Jew (Season 8: Episode 4) I've uploaded this as I couldn't find any English version up in youtube... Well ENJOY! PS: For you curious South Park fans who wanna know what they are saying, here are the words and translation! Es ist Zeit für ausrotten! Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten. Es ist Zeit für Reich!! [If there are any mistakes, let me know!] It is a time for exterminate! We must exterminate the Jews. It is a time for Reich!! [NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE! If anyone took any offense for this... Please stop watching South Park...]
6 Jan 2009
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Doodoo doot doo, dadadadada daa, ya da dadaa Doodoo doot doo, dadada daa, heydy heydy heydy, how's it goin', guys?
4 May 2009
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Cartman has to sing O'Holy Night correctly otherwiser he gets an electric shock. For those he keep asking "what episode is this from"? its From Mr Hankeys Christmas classics(season 3) but as a DVD EXTRA
7 Feb 2010
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All the best Best Cartman Songs
8 May 2010
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Cartman's behavior to teachers...
13 Mar 2011
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From the movie: "BASEketball"
16 Mar 2011
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eric carman cantando poker face silesgusto comenten Que carman es todo un idolo
19 Jul 2011
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"Le Petit Tourette" Season 11 Episode 8
8 Nov 2011
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Cartman may be bicurious, but he's definitely gay for Kyle. You know, in a hateful kind of way. Disclaimer: This video is only intended to promote the cartoon South Park, I do not make any profit from this and do not intend any copyright infringement.
19 Mar 2012
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I watched some South Park episodes and saw this clip and I just had to upload it! Season 9, episode 2 "Die hippie, die" Full episode link: Enjoi...
29 Aug 2012
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