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Playing our Part-- Innovations in thought and technology hint at our future. How can we find the best path forward? Larry Page & Q&A With: Larry Page CEO, Google Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman, Google
7 Dec 2011
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******* Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduces the Droid X - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR METACAFE CHANNEL! *******metacafe****/gamerlive - Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/GamerLiveTV
29 Jul 2010
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Monday, August 11, 2008 DoubleClick Powers NBC Olympics Online Ad Insertion......No Overlay Ads Permitted by the IOC For those of us who don't like to see overlay ads pop up or stream while watching video, you won't see any on the NBC Olympics coverage on MSN. That's a mandate from the International Olympic Committee, which keeps tight control of the way the Games are presented. Microsoft's Eric Schmidt is one of the key executives in the MSN/NBC Sports joint effort for online coverage of the Olympics in the United States. He came by the Beet.TV studios on Friday to fill us in on various technical and advertising-related topics around the Olympics. The ad formats are much like on television, with pre-roll ads and in-stream ads inserted between pauses in events. All the ad inventory is managed by Google's DoubleClick. This is the first insertion of DoubleClick ads into Silverlight, the new Microsoft rich-media platform. The agreement to integrate DoubleClick and Silverlight was announced just last week. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer *******
9 Feb 2009
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Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out and I give a quick overview. Plus, Google and Justin Bieber news!
1 Mar 2012
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Even the big guys in tech make big blunders some times. We count down the biggest.
23 Nov 2010
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Tollie, who lived his life as the fat kid and dealt with his self, inflicted circumstances in a self-destructive way, ballooned to over 500 pounds by the age of 24. The pothole entrenched first few chapters of Tollies life, are viewed by most people as nothing short of inspiring, as seen in various national publications. Tollie has taken all the experiences of his past and referenced them into empowering tools for his future. He has an absolute unshakable belief in himself and allows no limits in his life. Actor, Speaker, Visionary, Eccentric, there is no one word to describe Tollie. He is a man who feels incredibly blessed, and given his second chance, will not tolerate ever being just status quo. He will always push the envelope and does not allow limits to be placed on him. Tollie has taken his own personal style of leadership and creativity everywhere he goes. Always up for new and exciting challenges he has shown skills in many different business functions starting as early as 16. While living in Moscow Russia as a Student Ambassador he split his time between studies and working for A.O. Victoria Ltd. whose business included imports and investments Tollie embraced this challenge everyday and was exposed to a variety of business and Government leaders including a friendship with Vladimir N Lysenko the former Chairman of the Republic Party & President of the Institute of modern policy. Quickly gaining skills in International negotiating at a young age made Tollie set his sights for new challenges in the future. I always have felt that there is no obstacle or challenge that can not be solved as long as you can think outside the box and always try new ideas. Tollie has formed strong relationships in Russia and everywhere he travels. His Partner Sergey Okutin Deputy Minister of The Ministry of Taxation for Russia is a strong voice of Tollies talents and abilities. From the University of Oklahoma, Lyceum 320 Moscow Russia, Moscow State University, Center for International Studies and countless forums and seminars Tollie believes education is vital in a changing global society and education evolves everyday he strives to learn and debate new ideas day after day. Tollie speaks truth, his words can strike lightning, and his actions are his thunder. Why is there so much buzz around Tollie? Simply put, with Tollie you get 110% pure energy and focus, complete love empowered with laughter. And, hes only just begun!
"The Valley Girl Show" is a talk show featuring some of the biggest names in business, technology and THE WORLD including Ted Turner, MC Hammer, Elon Musk and Eric Schmidt to name a few.
16 Sep 2010
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* MEDIAVEST to shift some TV advertising to movie theaters. * JEFF ZUCKER isn't a fan of mobile TV. * NBC bumps up Quarterlife premiere. * QTRAX to launch free P2P music service with major label support. * BRIGHT HOUSE launches large Start Over service. * PLUS: The L Word, Lance Armstrong and more. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****.
28 Jan 2008
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1. Video Search Engine Blinkx Rolls Out Red Label Program, 2. Google Reaches Deal With Lions Gate For YouTube
17 Jul 2008
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Apple announced today that Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google is resigning from Apple's Board of Directors due to conflicting interests. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw on Saturday that my iPhone was shattered, so I've been thinking about which phones I might like to replace it with. The LG-BL40 is one option, which we've talked about a couple times on the Brief. Now there's a commercial that shows us the potential of the widescreen. Will you embed this video on GBTV and then link to it? ***********/watch?v=bvjBRLdyYo4 Nikon may be releasing the S1000pj Coolpix camera soon. It'll have a projector and sell for around $700. Toyota has built a humanoid robot that can run. The challenge they face, by working on his balance control, is getting him to walk and run smoothly on uneven ground. If you want a great looking Web site without spending loads of money or dealing directly with code, check out SquareSpace****. It's one of the easiest ways to get yourself, your business or a project online and my promo code GEEK will save you 12% when you sign up for an account.
4 Aug 2009
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*******savetheinternet**** Arianna Huffington asks Google CEO Eric Schmidt about the priorities for America's new "Chief Technology Officer" in the Obama administration.
18 Nov 2008
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Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, told reporters at a press conference he was reluctant to start developing software applications for consumers, and had resisted the eager Google founders' wishes for six years before Chrome saw the light of day. Did he have it right then? Should Google be focusing more on developing software, or defending its core business (search) from its competitors? We ask Ross Rubin from The NPD Group and Kevin Tofel from JKOnTheRun****. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jul 2009
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* GOOGLE comes out against Microsoft-Yahoo deal. * CABLEVISION to announce VOD-DVD hybrid service. * WGA and AMPTP make progress in talks. Deal seems close. * ESPN opens "360" walled garden to .edu and .mil domains. * NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC launches new genre-based broadband site. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****.
5 Feb 2008
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