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8 Aug 2010
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Este peque es un angelito caido del cielo.
8 Sep 2010
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Circaribe Show Hotel: Occidental Gramd Aruba Location: Isla de Aruba
18 Nov 2010
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My ode to the rain in LA, which has caused Cali to go into a state of emergency. Hopefully, the rain lets up soon. :) Download the song here: *******soundcloud****/erichmusic/raininginla More info: *******RichMusicRecords**** *******eRichMusic****
22 Dec 2010
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12 Jan 2011
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15 Nov 2017
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California Highway Patrol officer Erick Manny had a portion of Interstate 5, over the Grapevine, renamed for him. He was killed during a high speed pursuit. The suspect was never caught.
22 Nov 2007
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Inspired by daises to compose a short musical piece. Music by Erick Giovany. Directed and recorded by Erick Giovany.
21 Jun 2008
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******* Getting covered on TechCrunch, the hugely influential blog about technology, media and innovation, which is among the most desired and toughest media outlooks to crack, has just gotten much easier with its new video upload page for company pitches. OK, sure, it's not like an interview with Michael Arrington, but the the video pitches are uploaded to the site where they are indexed and maximized for search. For companies who are already in the CrunchBase, a database of companies, the video becomes part of a multimedia folder. On Monday, Kelsey and I visited with Erick Schonfeld, the Manhattan-based co-editor of TechCrunch. Erick has been working on the pitch platform for the site which went live last month. There is not a big barrier to getting videos uploaded to the site, Erick tells me. Just as long as they follow the guidelines and are not spam. The clips are maximum 60 seconds in length and need to be uploaded to YouTube. We are not sure who will watch the pitch and what will be the direct result. We don't think that investors will respond with funding to a public pitch. However, TechCrunch has enormous search optimization, gallons of "Google juices" -- so putting up a video will be key to getting your message or executive widely discoverable. Sounds like too good to pass up. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
3 Jul 2008
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George Thomas interviews Erick Stakelbeak
1 Feb 2009
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Poker After Dark Season 2 episode 26 2/5 - Erick Lindgren Howard Lederer Daniel Negreanu Michael Mizrachi Gus Hansen Tuan Le Poker After Dark Season 2 episode 26 2/5
20 Sep 2008
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******* We are producing a live show of our online video industry summit on Tuesday, October 28 from 9-noon EDT, from the msnbc**** digital cafe at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, headquarters of NBC. CNET News**** Dan Farber and TechCrunch co-editor Erick Schonfeld will join me in moderating in-depth discussions on technology, monetization and the changing role of video in journalism and entertainment. Charlie Tillinghast, president and publisher of msnbc**** is hosting us. Among the thirty participants are senior executives from AOL, Akamai, Adap.TV, BigThink,, Brightcove, Blinkx, CondeNet, CNN, e-Marketer, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, HowCast, Kyte, msnbc****, Microsoft, Mogulus, MySpace, NextNewNetworks, the Newsmarket, The Deal, Truveo, TurnHere, The Washington Post, Yahoo!, YouTube and others. We are streaming the video on our channel on Mogulus. You can watch it live or later on demand. If you want to grab the embed code to stream on your blog or site, please do. You will find the code on our Mogulus page. Also, we will be publishing numerous segments from the conference and one-on-one interviews with participants over the next several weeks. Yesterday in Madison Park, I spoke with Kelsey about the conference and developments at Beet.TV. I've posted our chat above. It is all very exciting! Although we can't physically accommodate you at the event, we invite you to watch right here on Beet.TV. There is no charge or registration. I hope you will join us and hope you find it informative. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer A Note about Our Show: The webcast is being produced by Beet.TV and streamed on Mogulus. It is not being produced by msnbc**** or NBC. So, it should work fine -- but it wont be, ah, super slick.
4 Oct 2009
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