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One More Time? Yes indeed, one more time it is. House don Richard Grey follows up Life Goes On with yet another anthemic club stomper. You know the hook, let this baby rip, sit back and watch the eruption. Solid keys and pounding drums, a combination that this label stalwart demands and delivers. Kick starting the summer three months early this is will still be smashing it at Christmas. The opening track on Morillos Subliminal Sessions compilation that drops this summer, this is a red hot, bonafide bullet. Mark Brown, one half of MYNC project and Juan Kidd join forces to let off a barrage of beats and horns that fuse for a monumental groove. Joined by Kristin Cummings on vox duties this has got Pacha Ibiza written all over it. House, Drum and Bass, Electro, Breaks, pacha, subliminal, records, music, ibiza, new york, progressive, Miami, dance, mtv, erick, morrillo, Louis, vega, vip, celebrity, sex, hot, tracks, reality, tv Subliminal is the respected and influential Dance music imprint responsible for bringing cross-over dance hits and underground records to DJs around the world. After a short period on ice, the label has returned, stronger than ever and armed with a whole host of new tracks and artists. Interests: All in all this is a release that will please all lovers of quality house music. As Erick professes; “The tracks featured on this mix will be the tracks I will be playing throughout my set this summer. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this mix”. As seen on Yahoo Movies, Google Video, Youtube, Internet Music Channels, MTV, MSN Free Video, Google Vids, Nokia Free Video and Movie Service, Facebook Music Channels, facebook Groups and Twitter following Video.
6 Mar 2011
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Rob's Music Dealers Featured Artist of the Week - 08.17 - Erick Macek
3 Oct 2009
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Erick Fajardo, vocero de Manfred Reyes, candidato derechista a la presidencia de Bolivia, rechazó la denuncia del ministro de gobierno, Alfredo Rada, sobre la presunta fuga de su representado una vez concluidos los comicios. TeleSUR
6 Dec 2009
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CARAVANSARY Composer by Kitaro Arrangements by Milton Isejima Performances: Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Flute, Synth Brass & Mixer by Milton Isejima Electric Bass by Erick Isejima Date: 01/01/2012 City: Sao Paulo Country: Brazil
18 Jan 2010
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Director: Erick Zonca, Cast: Élodie Bouchez, Natacha Régnier. For more information on this film and other great films, please visit me at *******www.squidoo****/Top100ForeignFilms
17 Mar 2010
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David Gtronic - Intoxication (Original Underground Mix) Coming To Beatport May 4th 2010 With Remixes From Smoke n Pipe, Alex Luna, Fabiano Bion, Toolfreak, and Erick Hernandez On Fly Records
5 May 2010
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David Gtronic - Intoxication (Original Underground Mix) Coming To Beatport May 4th 2010 With Remixes From Smoke n Pipe, Alex Luna, Fabiano Bion, Toolfreak, and Erick Hernandez On Fly Records
5 May 2010
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*******www.80millionmoviesfree**** Devil (2010) directed by Drew Dowdle, John Erick Dowdle horror story of few who stuck on elevator finding deadly evil with them. Cast Chris Messina, Geoffrey Arend, Bojana Novakovic released 17 September 2010
19 Aug 2010
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13 Jours en France Composer by Francis Lai Arrangements by Milton Isejima & Erick Isejima Performances: Drums, Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Violin, Violoncello, Strings, Trumpet by Milton Isejima City: São Paulo Country: Brazil Thanks to my son Erick Isejima for their help in arrangement. NOTE: "13 Jours en France" or "13 Dni W Grenoble" or "Challenge In Snow" is a Claude Lelouch film of 1968. Documentary on The Olympic Games in Grenoble. Directed by François Reichenbach. Song written by Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai. Interpreted by Pierre Barouh & Nicole Croisille. The 1968 Winter Olympics, officially known as the X Olympic Winter Games, were celebrated in 1968 Grenoble, France and opened on February 6. Thirty-seven countries participated. Norway won the most medals, the first time a country other than the USSR had done so since the USSR first entered the Winter Games in 1956. A surprisingly nice new recording from Francis Lai -- the French soundtrack kind of the 60s, thanks to his work for A Man & A Woman and Live For Life -- and an artist we always love in just about any format! The set features new recordings of some of Lai's best soundtrack themes -- some of which rose to big fame on the international scene, others of which are lesser-known gems from his long history working with director Claude Lelouch! The recordings are contemporary, but the presentation is wonderful -- mostly played by a small group of sensitive musicians, with relatively classic instrumentation -- none of the too-modern touches that were sometimes used in recordings of this nature by Lai in the 70s or 80s
1 Sep 2010
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With online advertising revenues at record highs and all eyes on online video as the key growth driver for the sector throughout 2011, the future looks bright as we prepare for the New Year. So what’s in store? Here are Metacafe CEO Erick Hachenburg's top-five predictions for online video advertising in 2011.
17 Dec 2010
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Africa Composer by Toto Arrangements by Milton Isejima Musicians Drums & Percussion: Clayton Perez de Lima Bass: Erick Massaya H. Isejima Pan Flute, Shamisen, Strings, Trumpet, Trombone & Guitar: Milton Isejima City: Sao Paulo Country: Brazil NOTE: "Africa" is a song by rock band Toto. The song was included on their 1982 album Toto IV, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 1983 and number three on the UK Singles Chart the same month. The song was written by the band's keyboardist David Paich and drummer Jeff Porcaro. David Paich sings both verses of the song while Bobby Kimball sings lead briefly during the chorus and at the end. Steve Lukather, Bobby and Paich all sing backup as well. One of Toto's most recognisable songs, "Africa" was almost omitted from the Toto IV record prior to its release. Having spent a great amount of time producing it, the band became so tired of the song that they didn't want it on the album. The song itself was very different from anything the band had done before, and some members felt that it didn't sound like Toto. "I didn't think it was very good," said Steve Lukather (Classic Rock Revisited, 2003). "That tells you what can happen when we pick our own singles!" David Paich, who co-wrote the song with Jeff Porcaro, said that it "could have been the beginning of a solo project [for me] because it was so different. I thought I'd save it...[because] world music wasn't around then."
14 Jan 2011
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KOKONI SACHI ARI Japanese traditional song Arrangements & Performances: Milton Isejima Mixer & Audio Mastering: Milton Isejima Musicians: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Strings, Harmonica, Trumpet: Milton Isejima Drums & Percussion: Clayton Perez de Lima Bass: Erick Isejima City: Sao Paulo Country: Brazil
31 May 2011
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