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His starting was off and he screw up at the starting point but that was not all he had to worry about, he had bikes coming at him in high speed nearly escaping death.
5 Mar 2018
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Due to the poor condition and quality, the firefighters on the fire escape caused it to break down injuring the people on it and standing under it.
19 Mar 2018
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Cats are naturally agile and an expert in escaping from the dogs. This cat is no exception but a thug with swag, no dog can catch it.
21 Mar 2018
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I will not say the person recklessly crossing the street was saved by sheer luck; the credit mainly goes to the driver for being able to avoid any damage.
28 Feb 2018
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This biker had almost lost his life if the accident took place. It is his good fortune that despite being so close he was able to avoid such a collision.
12 Mar 2018
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How to escape from home to go to party
17 Mar 2018
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21 Feb 2018
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This video is a compilation of escaping near deaths and sure disasters. It's going to blow make you think what could have happened if they were late.
22 Feb 2018
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This dog is clever enough to be called bad as it escaped the house whenever it feels like regardless all the restriction. So the owner set up a camera to catch him in action.
27 Feb 2018
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This video shows exactly what happens in the making of need for speed or any movie which has fast cars in it. There is the driver who wants to show off his skills and one person from the crew who sometimes like this old man in the video, escape death by inches.
16 Mar 2018
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This video is a clip from the popular NBC Sitcom - Friends. In this video, Ross Geller finds out that his wife is a lesbian and returns to his friends. He tells them that he just wants to remain married to someone and at that exact moment, Rachel Green enters the coffee house wearing a Wedding Dress from her wedding which she just ran away from.
26 Feb 2018
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20 Feb 2018
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