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Escape 2 Earth begins when Matt and Will two crop circle photographers team up with a computer expert and discover ominous messages hidden in the circles. Earth;s destruction is imminent. A secret alien organization helps mankind as it struggles to abandon Earth but another devious race of aliens lead by the evil Rotart attempt to thwart their escape? Matt, Will, and Art are reluctantly drawn into an adventure that will unlock the mysteries of Stonehenge, the White Pyramid of China, the Mayan calendar, and the Great Sphinx in a scramble to help save the human race. This epic quest for Earth's survival takes you from the powdery pink morning skies on the planet Lazon to the subterranean cities under planet Vada and the Whistling forest. The battle between good and evil that began long ago in a far off galaxy is now being played out with the survival of mankind at stake. This sci-fi story is laced with a touch of telepathy, deception, and a murder or two. Discover the hidden alien base deep in the dark murky depths of the Marinas Trench. Watch as the aliens prepare to celebrate at the Festival of Life. Who will survive the race to escape this doomed planet? It is anybody's guess. Downloadable this novel worldwide (English only) at eBooks About Everything!
8 Jan 2007
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One-fifth of New Jerseys seminal hardcore punk band, The Dillinger Escape Plan, is powered by a vegan diet. Check out our interview with bassist Liam Wilson.
8 Jan 2007
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Breaking News, Saddam has escaped
6 Jan 2007
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Andrew Basso,International Escape Artist,try to escape in 75 seconds from a box filled with explosive!!! "He is only 21 and we can consider him "One of the youngest and most successful escape artist in the world"
31 Jan 2007
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Tv News about the first escape performance of Andrew Basso!Chained and locked in a steel box,dived in the night in the dark water of a cold lake...
27 Jan 2007
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Andrew Basso,International Escape Artist,special guest at the Music Event Festiwalshow with his Escape from a regulation Posey Straitjacket
28 Jan 2007
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WATCH the most Awesome Turtle Escape from his tank and explore the great outdoors! COOL.
3 Feb 2007
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Video about car escape. Very fun ending.
15 Feb 2007
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Tom and I doing a dueling strait-jacket escape live at a benefit for the American Red Cross. The winner gets the coke... the loser... well the loser gets.... well, just watch it to find out!
22 Feb 2007
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Leslie Nielson is back to his old tricks and this time hes saving a womans life and trying to escape from some bad guy's in a convent.
5 Apr 2007
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Collin McKinney and his cousin singing The Sweet Escape.
22 Apr 2007
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This man attempts an incredibly daring escape. The key word here is attempts.
2 May 2007
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