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Saison 2011-2012 : Cours :"Escrime de Spectacle" et "Acrobatie - Cascade" Alexis DIENNA Contact : Web : *******escrimecascade.centerblog****/ Photos : *******www.myspace****/escrime.cascade/photos . . . . . Mots clefs: escrime,escrima,escrime artistique,et,ancienne,de,spectacle,theatrale,comedie,comedien,comedian,acteur,a­­ctor,cascade,cascadeur,stunt,stuntmen,stuntman, alexis dienna,cine,cinema,tv,tele,television,theatre,actions,reactions,chutes,bretteur,­­bretteuse,artistic,and,theatrical,fencing,fencer,art,arts, escrimeur,escrimeuse,tireur,chevalier,chevalerie,roi,feodal,feodale,feodaux,bouc­­lier,lance,hallebarde,batarde,hache,hast,martial,martiaux, estramaçon,pilori,magie,magicien,magique,feodalite,ordalie,jugement de dieux,lice,campement,guerrier,pietaille,banquet,pouvoir,entrainement, sort,tournoi,joute,cote de maille,casque,heaume,blason,baniere,templiers,saladin,cimeterre,gladiateurs,pyro­­technie,effets speciaux,repetition, drapeau,rondache,paysan,gueux,gueuse,reglage,theatrale,combattant,flash,explosio­­n,saut,roue,flip,backflip,acrobate,acrobatie,acrobatique, villageois,villageoise,pouilleux,pouilleuse,chatelain,seigneur,templier,templier­­s,seigneurie,attaque,defense,humour,numero,sketch, heretique,ensorcellement,ensorcelle,envoute,envoutement,divertissement,europe,fr­­ance,picardie,oise,senlis,initiations,preparation, cours,stage,stages,creation,demonstration,scenique,rue,du,interpretation,moderne­­,parkour,performances,performeur,performers,performing, entertainment,manifestations,festivals,prestation,presentations,soiree,evenement­­ielle,evenementiel,gala,coordination,corporel, representation,sport,sports,extreme,ancienne,scène,antique,cape et epee,grand siecle,animations,loisirs,event,guerriers,heroic,fantazy,mythologie mythologique,sword,troupe,femme,homme d'arme,medievale,renaissance,grand siecle,quinte,prime,seconde,tierce,septime,quarte,coup,poing,pied,contre, empire,epoque,intemporel,fantastique,futuriste,timeless,fantastic,spectacle,hist­­oric,historique,historical,faires,reenactment,divertissements,cultures, culturel,culturelle,culturelles,services,assaut,parade,riposte,estoc,fente,coup droit,barbe noire,cyrano,scaramouche,milady,mousquetaires,cardinal, musketeers,marquis,compagnie,patrimoine,chateau,domaine,marquise,mignon,valet,pi­­rate,flibustier,flibustière,d'artagnan,zorro,robin des bois,petit jean, don quichotte,halloween,jeux,role,roméo,tybalt,le cid,jack sparow,Barbosa,will turner,elisabeth swan,fleuret,foil,sabre,saber,epee,rapiere,rapier, dague,dagger,main gauche,sabre laser,light saber,jedi,sith,cote obscur,la force,star wars,cimeterre,katana,sai,matraque telescopique,coaching,fleaux, glaive,filet,couteau,arme blanche,canne,scene d'action,mouvement d'ensemble,mouvement collectif,encadrement,groupe,entreprise,collectivite,createur, particuliers,courtoisie,baiser volé,kiss stolen,romantic,romantisme,romantique,feu,feux,fire,pistolet,tir,impact,impacte,­­impactes,incentive,murder party, torche humaine,duel,combat,combattant,bagarre,bataille,battle,street,fight,fighter,fun,­­show
17 Feb 2012
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Check *******www.ikaef**** for upcoming events, seminars and camps - IKAEF SUMMERCAMP 2010: 18. - 25. July 2010 ******* & ******* Thanks to Ray Dionaldo, Jeff Espinous, Krishna Godhania, Sunny Graff, Charles Goossens & all the other Guros. Styles: CINCO TERO ESCRIMA (Association of Cinco Tero Escrima / ACTE), DOCE PARES (Doce Pares GM Cacoy System), DUMOG (Filipino Dumog Asssociation), INAYAN ESKRIMA (Inayan Martial Arts Association / IMAA), KALI SIKARAN (International Kali Sikaran Association / IKSA) Special thanks to Timo Krumme (Video Production), Julia Pattis, Holger Huitenga and Jeff Espinous (IKAEF Organisation)! Summercamp 2010 - pe part of it!
28 Sep 2010
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www.bagyo****. Guro Carlito Bonjoc had a holiday get together in Stockton with many of the top Escrimadors. This clip is from that night in December
3 Jan 2009
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experimenting with double stick vs shinai
30 Sep 2011
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One of the fights of our 13. Sparrings Meeting. Another attempt to further develop the skills for thos weapon pairing. Jaques l'eau froi and RickiRKR checked it out first time. éau
16 May 2013
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Si-hing Angel Samaniego de Blumenau treinando seu aluno Pablo H. Vargas de 7 anos !! Wing Tsun,WingTsun,Wing Chun,WingChun,Ving Tsun,VingTsun,WingTzun,Wing Tzun,VingTchun,Ving Tchun,WengChun,Weng Chun,VingChun,Ving Chun,Dragos WT,HWTO,IWTA,EEWTO,EWTO,PWTS,WTEO,EBMAS, CWTO,IRKA,IKWTS,ABWT,IUEWT,WC,VC,VT,Kamp fkunst,Kampfsport,Selbstverteidigung,Sam oobrona,AutoDéfense,sport walki,autodifesa,di combattimento,defensa personal,la autodefensa,art of fighting,art of combat,arts martiaux,sport de combat,самозащита,самооборона,Defesa Pessoal, Vale, Tudo, belem, belém, pará, dragões, k1, mma, jiu, thai, Grappling, Sparring, UFC, Pride, MA, Kung Fu, Bruce Lee, Punch, Kick, Fight, KungFu, Escrima, Kali, Arnis, 詠春, 刨花蓮詠春, 永春白鶴, 刨花蓮詠春小念頭, 周家螳螂, 陳家溝太極 趙堡太極推手, 江志強詠春六點半棍, 功夫閣
17 Aug 2008
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A real how-to beginner's beginning guide to knife throwing using small Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwing Knives from United Cutlery. Knife throwing has been known in circles of self-defense, martial arts, ninja, samurai, combat, the circus, carnival tricks, and people just sick of their knives. This is an instructional video meant to give an idea of what to expect for people thinking or wanting to take up knife throwing. Professional knife throwers would probably be bored to death with this video since this one is for true beginners like myself. I have found that knife throwing is an excellent form of exercise -- a definite plus to consider for those thinking about taking up the activity. I would liken the physical consistency goals to be more like bowling or free throws in basketball rather than darts. BE CAREFUL!!! Wood is a lot tougher than skin so make sure everyone is a safe distance away -- at least well behind the thrower. I guess cardboard more closely resembles skin and when I threw into cardboard almost every throw stuck with devastating effect (i.e. the blade penetrates to the hilt)! Keep in mind that martial arts and self defense techniques and tactics should never be used in offense. It is a lesson preached and practiced by masters ranging from Bruce Lee, the monks of Kung Fu, and modern day fighting and defense instructors in the fields of Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Escrima, and others.
27 Sep 2008
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The 2nd demo from the G.O.D package . ENJOY.... BLfootageyahoo**** Bruce Lee rare footage clips sparring demo DVD martial arts enter the dragon game of death jeet kune do jkd 1 inch punch demonstrations long beach longbeach 1964 1967 dan inosanto taky kimura golden harvest HK tv show 1971 big boss fist of fury brandon lee chuck norris combat fight fights demonstration sparring intercepting fist unseen never before seen green hornet chinese gung fu kali escrima nunchaku wing chun rapid fire taky kimura little dragon Etd dragon flag unicorn fist
22 Dec 2009
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Sifu Salih Avci german sports channel show Avci Wing Tsun Avci Escrima fight
9 Mar 2010
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REAL STREET FIGHT - STREET VIOLENCE Part 1 Igor Grujic , instructor *******www.sokocombatsystem**** Techniques performed by Mladen, Milos, Miljan, Pavle, Milos Soko Combat System is consist of Wing Chun , Ninjutsu , Russian Systema , Krav Maga , Filipino Kali Escrima ,Brasilian Jiu Jitsu , Real aikido , Tai Chi Chuan ... Grujic is Ninjutsu Shidoshi - Black belt instructor , Wing Chun - Level 1 Provisional master grade ( at Grand Master Wiliam Cheung ) , MALUCO folding knife instructor , tactical hand gun level 1 , obstructed entry diver , nitrox diver , oxygen rebreather system diver ... and lot more on this site : *******www.sokocombatsystem**** :) Self Defence Martial Arts
1 Jul 2011
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Batman Arkham City, Nightwing (Richard John "Dick" Grayson) in action on the Wayne Manor Challenge Map. Batman Arkham City Playlist - ***********/playlist?list=PLA240D900F373A51F NIGHTWING DLC features Manor Armory, Main Hall & alternate Batman Animated Series (New Adventures) Skin! Bundle cost is 560 MS or 6.99 for PSN. Robin gameplay with commentary - ***********/watch?v=gY3ekcMyp78 Nightwing DLC Review! Nightwing plays similar to Catwoman and Robin. Dick is more an acrobat in his combat techniques, so free flow combat is easier. He is also fast like Catwoman. While he doesn't have a lot of gadgets like tim, Dick manages to send shock waves to his foes. He does this by using tazers at the end of his escrima sticks. He has no glide ability though and only 1 additional skin. Unlike the other characters, he has the ability to use darts to knock out his prey, using an FPS mode, that was pretty cool. Also like with Robin he is mute, which is a shame cause it would be nice to hear his witty one liners. All in all Nightwing rules you should DL him. Add me if you want - *******www.facebook****/knightwing01 *******twitter****/KwingReviews
18 Apr 2013
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